Chapter 105

Because of the principles behind My words, and because of the manner in which I work, people deny Me; this is the purpose behind My speaking for so long (this is directed at all the descendants of the great red dragon). This is the wise method of My work; it is My judgment of the great red dragon. This is My strategy, and not a single person can fully understand it. At every turning point—that is, at every transitional phase of My management plan—some people must be cast out; they are cast out according to the sequence of My work. This, and this only, is the way in which My entire management plan works. After I have thrown out, one by one, the people I want to cast out, I then begin the next step of My work. However, this is the final casting out (and this means within the churches in China), and it is also the time when the greatest number of people will have been cast out, during a transitional phase, since the creation of the world. Throughout history, every time people have been cast out, there has been a portion left over to render service for later work. However, this time is not the same as previous times; it is clean and efficient. This is the most critical and the most comprehensive of all times. Even though most people, after reading My words, try to force doubt from their minds, they ultimately cannot overcome it and, in the end, they fall in their struggles. This is not up to them to decide, because those whom I have predestined cannot escape and those whom I have not predestined I can only scorn. The only people I love are those whom I look favorably upon; otherwise, not a single person may freely leave and enter My kingdom. This is My iron rod, and only this is the powerful testimony and full manifestation of carrying out My administrative decrees. This certainly is not a matter of merely being spirited. Why have I said that Satan has been powerless against the fall? At first it had strength, but it is in My hands; if I ask it to lie down, it must lie down, and if I ask it to rise to render service for Me, it must rise and render service for Me, and do so well. It is not that Satan is willing to do this; it is that My iron rod rules Satan, and only in this way is it convinced in heart and in word. My administrative decrees govern it, and I have My might, so Satan cannot but be utterly convinced; it must be trodden down beneath My footstool, without a trace of resistance. In the past, when it was rendering service for My sons, Satan was audacious in the extreme, and willfully bullied them, hoping thereby to shame Me and claiming that I was incapable. How blind! I will trample you to death! Go ahead; I dare you to be savage once more! I dare you to treat My sons with cold indifference again! The more honest people are, and the more they listen to My words and submit to Me, the more you bully and isolate them (here I am referring to your gathering your accomplices to form a faction). Now your days of savagery are at an end, and bit by bit, I am settling accounts with you; I will not let you get away with even one iota of what you have done. Now it is not you—Satan—that have taken power; rather, I have taken that power back, and the time to call My sons to deal with you has come. You must be obedient, and not resist in the slightest. No matter how well-behaved you have been when before Me in the past, that will not help you today. If you are not one of those whom I love, then I do not want you. One too many is unacceptable; it must be the number that I have predetermined, and one fewer than that is even worse. Satan—do not be disruptive! Can it be that I am not clear within My own heart about whom I love and whom I hate? Do I need you to remind Me? Could Satan give birth to My sons? All are absurd! All are wretched! I will thoroughly and completely discard all. Not even a single one is wanted; all must get out! The six-thousand-year management plan is at an end, My work is done, and I must clear away this horde of beasts and brutes!

Those who believe My words and carry them out must be those whom I love; I will not abandon a single one of them, and I will not let a single one go. So, those who are the firstborn sons need not worry. Since it is bestowed by Me, no one can take it away, and I am bound to bestow it upon those whom I bless. Those of whom I approved (prior to the creation of the world), I bless (today). This is the way in which I work, and it is also the main principle behind each clause of My administrative decrees, and no one can change it; not one more word can be added, nor one more sentence, nor even a single word or sentence omitted. In the past I often said that My person appears to you. What, then, is My “person,” and how does it appear? Does this simply refer to the person that I am? Does it simply mean every sentence that I say? These two aspects, while indispensable, only make up a small part; that is, they do not comprise a complete explanation of My person. My person includes My fleshly self, My words, and also My deeds, but the most exact explanation is that My firstborn sons and I are My person. That is to say, a group of corporate Christian men, who reign and hold power, are My person. Hence, each of the firstborn sons is indispensable and is a part of My person, and therefore, I emphasize that the number of people can be neither one too many (thus bringing humiliation to My name), nor, even more crucially, one too few (thus being unable to fully manifest Me). Moreover, I emphasize over and over that the firstborn sons are My dearest, My treasures, and the crystallization of My six-thousand-year management plan; only they can embody My perfect and full manifestation. I Myself can only be a full manifestation of My person; only together with the firstborn sons can I Myself be said to be a perfect and full manifestation. Thus, I place strict demands on My firstborn sons, without overlooking a thing, and over and over I cut down and kill all those apart from My firstborn sons; this is the root of all that I have said, and is the ultimate goal of all that I have said. Moreover, time and again, I emphasize that they must be people who have been approved of by Me, whom I have personally chosen since the creation of the world. How, then, may the word “appear” be explained? Is it about the time when one enters into the spiritual realm? Most people believe that it is the time My fleshly self was anointed, or the time at which they saw My fleshly self, but all of this is false; it is not even close. “Appear,” according to its original meaning, is by no means difficult to understand, but to understand it according to My intention is much harder. It can be said thusly: When I made mankind, I was putting My caliber into this group of people whom I loved, and this group of people was My person. To put it another way, My person had already appeared by then. It is not that My person appeared after this name was received; rather, it was that it appeared after I predestined this group of people, because they contained My caliber (their nature does not change, and they are still a part of My person). Thus, My person, from the time of the creation of the world until the present day, has always appeared. Most people believe the notion that My fleshly self is My person, which is absolutely not so; that idea just originates in their thoughts and notions. If My fleshly self alone were My person, then that would not be enough to put Satan to shame. It could not glorify My name, and it would in fact have a counter-effect, thus bringing shame to My name, and become a mark of Satan’s shaming of My name throughout the ages. I am the wise God Himself, and I would never do such a foolish thing.

My work must have results and, moreover, I must speak words with methods; all My words and utterances are spoken along with My Spirit, and I speak according to all that My Spirit does. Therefore, all should, through My words, feel My Spirit, see what it is that My Spirit is doing; they should see what it is exactly that I want to do, they should see based on My words the method in which I work, and see what the principles of My entire management plan are. I watch the entire picture of the universe: Every person, every event, and every place all fall under My command. There are none who dare to violate My plan; all advance step by step in the order I have prescribed. This is My might; this is where the wisdom of managing My entire plan lies. No one can fully understand or speak clearly; all is done personally by Me, and controlled by Me alone.

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