Chapter 106

Those who do not know My words, those who do not know My normal humanity, and those who defy My divinity shall all be demolished into nothingness. No one shall be exempt from this, and all must pass muster in this aspect, for it is My administrative decree, and this is the most serious one to put into practice. Those who do not know My words are the ones who have listened to things I have clearly pointed out yet still have no knowledge of them; in other words, they are people who do not have spiritual understanding (as I have not created a human faculty for that, I do not demand much of them; I merely require that they listen to My words and can put them into practice). Those are not people of My house, nor are they of the same type as Me; they belong to Satan’s realm. I therefore do not want a single one of these people who do not have spiritual understanding. Before, you thought I had gone too far, but by now you should understand. How could beasts possibly converse with God? Would that not be absurd? People who do not know My normal humanity are those who use their own notions to measure what I do in My humanity. Rather than submit, they, with their eyes of flesh, come to nitpick with Me. Perhaps the words I have spoken have been in vain? I have said that My normal humanity is an indispensable part of Me, the complete God Himself, and that this is the proper way that My normal humanity and complete divinity work in concert with one another: When the things I do through My normal humanity do not fit with human notions, those who defy Me and those who are not compatible with Me are revealed. After that, My complete divinity speaks through humanity, and in this way, I have dealt with some people. If you do not understand what I do but can nonetheless submit, then you are the kind of person whom I do not condemn; I just enlighten such people. I love such people, and because of your submission, I enlighten you. Those who defy My divinity include ones who do not know My words, who are incompatible with My normal humanity, and who disapprove of what I do in divinity (for example, My becoming angry or constructing the church, and so on). These are all expressions of resistance to My divinity. However, there is one thing I must emphasize, and every single one of you should pay attention: Those who are incompatible with the person that I am today are resisting My divinity. Why do I keep saying the person that I am is the complete God Himself? The disposition of the person that I am comprises the entirety of the divine disposition; do not use human notions to measure Me. Even now, many people still say that I possess normal humanity and that not all of the things I do are necessarily correct. When people are like this, are you not simply asking to die? They do not know a single word of what I am saying, and they are absolutely the descendants of the blind and the spawn of the great red dragon! I will tell everyone one more time (and I will not say this again afterward, and all who commit this offense again will surely be cursed): My words, My laughter, My eating, My living, My speech, and My behavior are all done by Me—the God Himself—and there is not the faintest trace of humanity mixed therein. None! None at all! People must all stop playing mind games, and quit their petty calculations. The more people continue with these, the more doomed they will be. Heed My advice!

I am always searching everyone’s innermost heart, searching each individual’s every word and action. I see clearly, one by one, those whom I like and those whom I dislike. This is something that people cannot imagine and, moreover, something that they cannot accomplish. I have said so much, and I have done so many things; who would be able to pinpoint what the purpose of My words is, and of what I do? No one could. Henceforth, I shall speak even more words; on the one hand, this will cast out all the people whom I dislike, while on the other, it will make you suffer a bit more in this regard, so that you will taste of resurrection once more, only with more severity. This cannot be determined by people, nor can anyone keep it from happening. Even if you know of this now, when the time comes you will still not be able to avoid this sort of suffering, because this is the method of My work. I must work like this in order to achieve My goals, and so that My will can be fulfilled upon you. This is why it is called “the last suffering you will have to endure.” Afterward, your flesh will not suffer ever again, for the great red dragon will have been annihilated by Me and will not dare to run riot again. This is the final step before entering the body; it is the transitional stage. But do not be afraid—I will definitely lead you through difficulty after difficulty. Believe that I am the righteous God Himself, and that what I say will surely come to pass. I am the trustworthy God Himself. All countries, all lands, and all denominations are returning to Me and flocking to My throne. This is My great power, and I shall judge each and every son of rebellion and cast them into the lake of fire and brimstone, without any exceptions. All must retreat. This is the final step of My management plan, and once it is complete, I shall enter into rest, because everything will have been done, and My management plan will have come to an end.

Because the pace of My work has increased (though I do not at all feel anxious), I reveal My words to you every day and I uncover the mysteries I hold to you every day, so that you can closely follow My footsteps. (This is My wisdom; I use My words to perfect people, but also to strike people down. All read My words and are able to act in accordance with My will in My words. Those who are negative will be negative, and those who are to be revealed will show their true colors; the defiant will resist, and those who love Me loyally will grow even more loyal. Thus, all will be able to follow My footsteps. All these situations I have described are methods in which I work and goals I wish to achieve.) In the past, I have said this sort of thing: However I lead you, you should seek in the same way; whatever I say to you, you should listen. What do I mean by this? Do you know? What are the purpose and significance of My word? Do you understand? How many people can fully articulate this? When I say, “However I lead you, you should seek in the same way,” I am not merely referring to guidance I provide as the person that I am; I am moreover referring to the words I speak and the path I take. Today, these words have truly been fulfilled. As soon as I have spoken My words, all kinds of demonic faces are exposed before the light of My presence, giving you a clear view of them all. These utterances of Mine are not only an announcement to Satan, but also an entrustment to you all. Most of you ignore these words, believing them to be an entrustment to you; you do not realize that they are words of judgment, and words that carry authority. The purpose of My words is to command Satan to do service for Me properly and obey Me completely. Of the mysteries I have revealed in the past, there are still many that you do not yet comprehend. As such, in the future I will reveal more to you so that you can attain a clearer and more thorough understanding.

When catastrophes come, everyone is terrified. People all cry with sorrow and feel loathing for the evil things they did in the past, but by then it is too late, for this is the age of wrath. It is not the time to save people and offer grace, but the time to clear away all service-doers and allow My sons to rule for Me. This is indeed different from times in the past; it is unprecedented since the creation of the world. Because I created the world once, I shall destroy it once, and what I have predestined cannot be changed by anyone. The two terms, “the corporate Christian men” and “the corporate universal new men,” were previously mentioned quite often. How should they be explained? Does “corporate Christian men” refer to the firstborn sons? Does “corporate universal new men” refer to the firstborn sons as well? No; people have not interpreted those phrases correctly. Because human notions can only help them to understand things to this degree, I shall clarify them for you, right here and now. The corporate Christian men and the corporate universal new men are not the same; their meanings are separate. Although the wording of these two terms is very similar, and they might seem like the same thing, the true situation is the complete opposite. To whom exactly does “corporate Christian men” refer? Or, to what does it refer? Speaking of Christian men, everyone would unanimously think of Me. They are not at all wrong to do so. Furthermore, in human notions, the term “men” would definitely refer to humans; not one person would associate it with something else. When speaking of the term “corporate,” people would think it means a gathering of many people who are practically a single unit, and hence called “corporate.” Here it can be seen that human minds are far too simple; they cannot understand My meaning at all. Now, I will officially begin to fellowship about what the corporate Christian men are (but people must all set aside their own notions; otherwise, none of them will be able to understand, and even if I explained the term, they would neither believe nor be able to comprehend it): As soon as My words are spoken, My firstborn sons shall all be able to act in line with My will, and express My will, so they are of one heart and of one mouth. While they are judging all nations and all peoples, they will be able to carry out My righteousness and implement My administrative decrees; they are an expression of Me, and they are My manifestation. Thus, it can be said that the corporate Christian men are the fact of the firstborn sons’ implementation of My administrative decrees; they are the authority in the hands of the firstborn sons. This is all related to Christ—hence the term, “Christian men.” In addition, all of the firstborn sons can act according to My will, and for this reason, I use the term, “corporate.” The “corporate universal new men” means all people in My name; in other words, My firstborn sons, My sons, and My people. The word “new” is in reference to My name. Because they are in My name (My name carries everything, and is eternally new and never old; it is unchangeable by man), and because they will remain alive forever in the future, they are the universal new men. The word “corporate” here is in regard to the number of people, and it is not the same as the former case. When My word is spoken, all should believe in it. Do not doubt. Rid yourselves of your human notions and human thoughts. My current process of revealing mysteries is precisely the process of removing human notions and thoughts (because people use their own notions to measure Me and measure what I say, I use My own revealed mysteries to remove human notions and thoughts). This work will soon be completed. When My mysteries are revealed to a certain degree, people will have almost no more thought processes about My words, and they will stop measuring Me by their human notions. What they think every day, I will reveal, and I will strike back. At a certain point, people will think no more; their heads will be empty of all thought, and they will completely submit to My words. That will be the time when you will enter the spiritual realm. This is a step in My work that comes before I will allow you to enter the spiritual realm. You must rid yourselves of all human notions before you can be holy and unblemished and enter the spiritual realm. This is what is meant by, “I am a holy spiritual body.” However, you must act in accordance with My steps, and before you realize it, My time will come.

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