Chapter 107

When My words reach a certain level of sternness, most people withdraw because of them—and it is precisely in this moment that My firstborn sons are revealed. I have said that I do not lift a finger but use only My words to achieve all things. With My words, I destroy all that I hate, and I also use them to perfect My firstborn sons. (When My words are spoken, the seven thunders shall sound, and in that moment My firstborn sons and I will change form and enter the spiritual realm.) When I said that My Spirit carries out work in person, I meant that My words achieve all, and from this it is evident that I am almighty. Therefore, one can see with even greater clarity the aim and purpose behind each sentence that I utter. As I have said before, everything I voice within My humanity is an aspect of My manifestation. Thus, those people who cannot be certain of and who do not truly believe in what I say within My normal humanity must be removed! I have repeatedly emphasized that My normal humanity is an indispensable aspect of My complete divinity, yet so many people continue to focus on the latter while ignoring the former. You are blind! You say that I do not conform with your notions, and that the human that I am does not conform with your God. Can these people remain in My kingdom? I will trample you beneath My feet! I dare you to rebel further against Me! I dare you to continue with such willfulness! My smile does not fit with your notions, My speech is not pleasant to your ears, and My actions do not benefit you—am I right? All these things must be to your liking. Is that what God is like? And do these people still want to remain in My house and receive blessings in My kingdom? Are you not daydreaming? Since when are things so wonderful! You do not want to submit to Me, yet you still wish to receive blessings from Me. I say to you: Absolutely not! As I have said many times, those who enter My kingdom and receive blessings must be people whom I love. Why do I place emphasis on these words? I know and understand what everyone is thinking; there is no need for Me to point out their thoughts one by one. Their true forms will be revealed through My words of judgment, and all will cry with sorrow before My seat of judgment. This is an obvious fact that no one can change! In the end, I will have them enter the bottomless pit one by one. This is the final result I wish to achieve with My judgment of devils and Satan. I must use judgment and administrative decrees to deal with each individual, and this is how I chastise people. Do you have any true insight into this? I do not give Satan a reason; I simply use My iron rod to thrash it until it is within an inch of its life and repeatedly begging for mercy. Therefore, when people read My words of judgment, they cannot understand them in the slightest, but from My perspective, every line and every sentence is an implementation of My administrative decrees. This is an obvious fact.

Since I have mentioned judgment today, this topic touches upon the seat of judgment. In the past, you have often said that you will receive judgment before the seat of Christ. You have some understanding of judgment, but you cannot imagine the seat of judgment. Perhaps some people think that the seat of judgment is a physical object, or they might imagine that it is a large table, or perhaps visualize it as a judge’s seat such as those in the secular world. Of course, in My explanation this time, I will not deny what you have said, but to Me, things in people’s imaginations still carry symbolic meaning. Thus the gulf between what people imagine and My meaning is still as great as that between heaven and earth. In people’s notions, there are many people lying prostrate before the seat of judgment, crying with sorrow and begging for mercy. In this the human imagination has reached its pinnacle, and no one can imagine anything more than that. What, then, is the seat of judgment? Before I reveal this mystery, you must reject all of your previous misconceptions; only then can My goal be reached. This is the only way that your notions and thoughts on this subject can be dispelled. Whenever I speak, you must pay attention. You must be careless no more. My seat of judgment has been established since the creation of the world. In ages and generations past, many have died before it, and many have risen before it as well, returning to life. It can also be said that from beginning to end, My judgment never ceases, and so My seat of judgment always exists. Whenever the seat of judgment is mentioned, humans all feel a trace of fear. Of course, from what I have said above, you have no idea what this seat of judgment is. The seat of judgment coexists with judgment, but they are of two different kinds of substance. (Here “substance” does not refer to a physical object, but to words. Humans cannot see this substance at all.) Judgment refers to My words. (Whether they are severe or soft, they are all included in My judgment. Thus, anything that issues from My mouth is judgment.) Before, people divided My words into many different categories, including words of judgment, words of gentleness, and words that supply life. Today, I shall clarify for you that judgment and My utterances are interconnected. That is, judgment is My words, and My words are judgment; you absolutely must not speak of them separately. People imagine that severe words are judgment, but their understanding is not complete. Everything that I say is judgment. The beginning of judgment spoken of in the past referred to when My Spirit officially began to work at every place and to implement My administrative decrees. In this sentence, “judgment” refers to actual reality. Now I shall explain the seat of judgment: Why do I say that the seat of judgment exists from eternity to eternity and goes side by side with My judgment? Have you gained some understanding of it from My explanation of judgment? The seat of judgment refers to the human being that I am. From eternity to eternity, I am always voicing and speaking. I live forever, so My seat of judgment and My judgment are in eternal coexistence. This should be clear by now! In people’s imaginations, they treat Me as an object, but in this regard, I neither blame you nor condemn you. I only hope that you will have a heart of submission and accept My revelation, and know from it that I am the all-encompassing God Himself.

My words are completely incomprehensible to humans, My footsteps are impossible for them to find, and My will is impossible for them to grasp. Thus, the state that you are in today (being able to receive My revelation, to grasp My will from within it, and to follow My footsteps through it) is completely a result of My wondrous actions, My grace, and My compassion. One day, I shall even allow you to see My wisdom, behold what I have done with My hands, and glimpse the wonder of My work. When that time comes, the blueprints of My entire management plan will be completely revealed before your eyes. Throughout the universe world and every day, parts of My wondrous actions manifest, and all render service so that My management plan may be accomplished. When this has been completely revealed, you shall see what kind of people I have arranged to do service, what kind of people I have arranged to fulfill My will, what I have achieved through exploiting Satan, what I have accomplished by Myself, what kind of people are weeping, what kind of people are gnashing their teeth, what kind of people will suffer destruction, and what kind of people will suffer perdition. By “destruction,” I am referring to those who will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone and will be completely burned; by “perdition,” I mean those who will be cast into the bottomless pit to languish there for all eternity. Therefore, do not mistake destruction and perdition as the same thing; on the contrary, the two are very different. Service-doers who exit My name today will suffer perdition, and those who are not of My name will suffer destruction. This is the reason I say that those who suffer perdition will give Me everlasting praise after My judgment; and yet, those people will never be rid of My chastisement, and will always accept My rule. This is the reason I say that the bottomless pit is the hand I use to chastise people. I also say that all is in My hands. Even though I have said that “the bottomless pit” refers to Satan’s influence, it is also in My hands, which I use to chastise people. Thus, all is in My hands, and there is no contradiction. My words are not irresponsible; they are all proper and coherent. They are neither made-up nor nonsensical, and everyone should believe My utterances. In the future, you will suffer because of this. Because of My words, many people become cold or they despair, or become disappointed, or cry bitterly, or weep. There will be all manner of responses. One day, when all the people I hate withdraw, My great work will be accomplished. In the future, many people will fall because of the firstborn sons, and in the end, they will all leave, one step at a time. In other words, My house will gradually become holy, and all kinds of demons will slowly retreat from My side, leaving quietly, submissively, and without a word of complaint. Afterward, all of My firstborn sons will be revealed, and I will begin the next step of My work. Only then will the firstborn sons be kings with Me and rule over the entire universe. These are the steps of My work, and they form an important part of My management plan. Do not overlook this; otherwise, you will be making a mistake.

The time when My words are revealed to you is the time that I begin My work. Not a single one of My words will be left unfulfilled. To Me, one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day. How do you see it? Your concept of time is very different from Mine, because I control the universe world, and I accomplish all things. My work is done day by day, step by step, and stage by stage; moreover, the onward march of My work does not stop for even a single second: In every moment, it is constantly being done. My words have never been interrupted, ever since the creation of the world. I have continued to speak and voice My utterances to this day; this will remain unchanged into the future. However, My time is carefully arranged and organized, and it is very orderly. I will do what I need to do when I need to do it (with Me, all will be released; all will be free), and I am not disrupted in the slightest as regards the steps of My work. I can arrange everyone in My house; I can arrange everyone in the world—however, I am not at all busy, because My Spirit is working. My Spirit fills every place, for I am the unique God Himself, and the entire universe world is in My hands. Thus, one can see that I am almighty, I am wise, and My glory fills every corner of the universe.

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