Chapter 109

Every day I am making utterances, speaking, and revealing My great signs and wonders. All of these things comprise the work of My Spirit. In people’s eyes, I am only a human, but it is precisely in this human that I reveal My all, as well as My great power.

Because people ignore the human that I am and overlook My actions, they assume that these are things done by a human. Why, though, do you not pause to wonder whether a human would be capable of accomplishing what I do? People do not know Me to this extent; they do not understand My words, nor do they comprehend My deeds. Evil, corrupted humans! When will I swallow you up? When will I bury you in the lake of fire and brimstone? So many times have I been driven away from your group, so many times have people insulted, ridiculed, and defamed Me, and so many times have people openly judged and defied Me. Blind humans! Do you not know that you are simply a handful of mud in My palm? Do you not know that you are but created beings? My wrath is being released now, and nobody can defend against it. People can only beg repeatedly for mercy. However, as My work has progressed to this extent, nobody can change it. Those who have been created must return to mud. It is not that I am unrighteous, but that you are overly corrupted and wanton, and it is because you have been seized by Satan and become its tools. I am the holy God Himself; I cannot be sullied, nor can I possess an unclean temple. From now on, My raging fury (more severe than wrath) will begin to pour down upon all nations and peoples and to chastise all the scum who come from Me but who do not know Me. I hate humans to the extreme, and I will have no further mercy; rather, I will rain down all of My curses. There will be absolutely no more compassion and love, everything will be incinerated into nothingness, and only My kingdom will remain, so that My people will praise Me in My house, give glory to Me, and cheer for Me forever (this is the function of My people). My hand will begin to officially chastise those both inside and outside of My house. No evildoers will be able to escape My grasp and judgment; everyone must undergo this ordeal and worship Me. This is My majesty and, moreover, it is an administrative decree that I proclaim to evildoers. Nobody can save anyone else. People can only tend to them themselves, but no matter what they do, they will not be able to escape My hand of chastisement. Herein is revealed the reason it has been said that My administrative decrees are harsh; this is a fact that all people can see with their own eyes.

When I start to become angry, all demons, great and small, will flee in chaos, deeply afraid that My hand will strike them dead—but none can escape My hand. I hold all devices of punishment in My hand; My hand controls everything, all is within My grasp, and nobody can break free. This is My wisdom. When I came to the human realm, I had already completed all manner of preparatory work, laying the foundation for beginning My work among humans (this is because I am the wise God, and I properly deal with what should be done and what should not be done). After everything had been properly arranged, I became flesh and came to the human realm. However, nobody recognized Me. Aside from those I have enlightened, all the sons of rebellion defy Me, humiliate Me, and give Me the cold shoulder. In the end, though, I will make them become well-behaved and submissive. Although to humans it may seem as though I am not doing much, My great work has already been finished. (People all completely obey the human I am, both in word and at heart; this is a sign.) Today, I rise up and chastise all sorts of evil spirits that defy Me. Regardless of how long they have followed Me, they must leave My side. I do not want anyone who is against Me (they are those who lack spiritual understanding, those who have been temporarily possessed by evil spirits, and those who do not know Me). I do not want a single one of them! All will be removed and become sons of perdition! After doing service for Me today, they must all leave! Do not loiter in My house; stop your constant shameless freeloading! Those who belong to Satan are all sons of the devil, and will perish forever. All who defy Me will quietly leave My side so that the pace of My work will become less impeded, with no further disturbances. All things will be done at My command, without any hindrances or obstructions. All will fall before My gaze and be destroyed in My incineration. This shows My almightiness and My perfect wisdom (what I did in My firstborn sons). It will add greater glory to My name, and it will add greater glory unto Me. From what I do and from My tone of voice, you all can see that I have completed all of My work in My house, and that I have begun to turn to the Gentile nations. I am beginning My work there, and executing the next step of My work.

Most of My words do not match your notions—but do not leave, My sons. That they do not match human notions does not mean that they are not My utterances. It is precisely this that proves that I did indeed utter them. If My words were in line with human notions, then that would be the work of evil spirits. Thus, you must put more effort into My words, do what I do, and love what I love. This final age is also the age in which all disasters arise again and, moreover, it is the age in which I am revealing all of My dispositions. When all of My holy trumpets begin to blow, people will be truly afraid; at that time, nobody will dare to do evil, but will instead prostrate themselves before Me, appreciating My wisdom and My almightiness. I am, after all, the wise God Himself! Who can refute Me? And who dares to rise up against Me? Who dares not admit My wisdom? Who dares not know My almightiness? When My Spirit is doing great work in all places, everyone knows My almightiness, but still My goal has not been reached. I want people, as a result of My wrath, to see My almightiness, My wisdom, and the glory of My person. (All these are manifested in the firstborn sons; this is absolutely true. Aside from them, nobody can be a part of My person; this has been ordained by Me.) In My house, there are endless mysteries that people cannot fathom. When I speak, people say that I am too merciless. They say that so many people already love Me to a certain degree. Why, then, do I point out that those are the descendants of the great red dragon? Moreover, why will I abandon them one by one? Is it not better to have more people in My house? Nevertheless, I continue to act in this manner. There can be neither one more nor one less than the number I had predetermined. (This is My administrative decree. Not only can it not be changed by any human, but even I Myself cannot change it, because I must not yield before Satan. This is enough to make My wisdom and majesty evident. I am the one God Himself. Humans bow down before Me; I do not yield before humans.) This is exactly the point that most humiliates Satan. The humans I have selected are all humble, submissive, obedient, and honest, and they can serve Me with humility and in obscurity. (Satan wished to use this fact to humiliate Me, but I beat Satan back.) In these people, My disposition can be seen. When I have returned after being victorious in battle, I will anoint My firstborn sons to be kings in My kingdom, and only then will I begin to rest, because they will reign as kings alongside Me. My firstborn sons represent Me, and they express Me. In their humble and obscure service, they submit to Me; in their honesty, they execute My words; in their honesty, they say what I say; and in their humbleness, they bring glory to My name (with neither insolence nor savagery, but with majesty and wrath). My firstborn sons! It is time to judge the universe world! I grant you benediction, I give you authority, and I reward you with a share of blessings! Everything is already accomplished, and it is all controlled and arranged by you, for I am your Father; I am your strong tower, I am your shelter, and I am your backup. Moreover, I am your Almighty One; I am your all! Everything is in My hands, and everything is in your hands, too. This includes not only today, but also yesterday, and even tomorrow! Is this not worth celebrating? Is this not worth your cheers? All of you, accept from Me the portion you deserve! I give you My everything, without saving a single bit for Myself, because all My property is yours, and My riches are upon you. This is the reason that I said “it is very good” after creating you.

Do you know who directs what you do, think, and say today? What is the purpose behind your actions? I ask you: How do you attend the marriage feast of the Lamb? Is it today? Or is it in the future? What is the marriage feast of the Lamb? You do not know, do you? Well, then, I will explain it for you: When I came to the human realm, I had arranged all sorts of people, matters, and things to serve the human I am today. Now that everything is completed, I am tossing the service-doers aside. What does this have to do with the marriage feast? When these people render service to Me—that is, when I am made into the Lamb—I feel the taste of the marriage feast. In other words, all the pain I have suffered, all the things I have done, everything I have said, everyone I have encountered, and everything I have done in My lifetime have comprised the marriage feast. After the human I am was anointed, you began to follow Me (and at this time I became the Lamb); thus, under My leadership, you have experienced all manner of pain and disaster, been abandoned and vilified by the world, been abandoned by family, and have lived under My blessings. All these things are parts of the marriage feast of the Lamb. I use “the marriage feast” because all that I lead you into doing is for the purpose of gaining you. However, this is all part of the feast. In the future—or, one could say, today—everything you enjoy, all that you gain, and all the kingly power you share with Me is part of the feast. My love comes to all those who love Me. Those I love will remain forever, will never be removed, and will eternally be within My love. It is forever!

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