Chapter 102

I have spoken to a certain degree and My work has reached a certain point; each of you should be grasping My will and, to varying degrees, be able to be considerate of My burden. Now is the turning point when the flesh transitions into the spiritual realm—you are the forerunners crossing between the ages, the universal people who traverse the universe and the ends of the earth. You are My dearest; you are the ones I love. It can be said that I love no one but you, because all My strenuous effort has been for your sake. Can it be that you do not know that? Why would I create all things? Why would I move them all about so as to serve you? All these actions were expressions of My love for you. The mountains and all things in the mountains, and the earth and all things on the earth, praise Me and glorify Me for having gained you. Truly, everything has been done; moreover, everything has been done thoroughly. You have borne resounding witness to Me, and you have humiliated devils and Satan for Me. All the people, affairs, and things outside of Me submit to My authority, and all, due to the completion of My management plan, follow their own kind (My people belong to Me, and Satan’s kind all belong to the lake of fire—they fall into the bottomless pit, where they will wail eternally and perish forever). When I speak of “perishing” and “from that time on, taking their spirit, soul, and body,” I am referring to handing them over to Satan and allowing them to be trampled. In other words, all who are not of My house shall be objects of destruction, and they shall cease to exist. This does not mean, as people imagine, that they will be gone. It can also be said that everything outside of Me, in My opinion, does not exist, and this is the true meaning of perdition. To human eyes, these things still appear to exist, but in My view, they have turned to nothingness and will perish for all eternity. (I emphasize that those on whom I no longer work are outside of Me.) In humans, no matter how they think, they cannot figure this out, and no matter how well they see, they cannot penetrate it. People cannot clearly understand unless I enlighten them, illuminate them, and explicitly point it out to them. Moreover, they all become more and more hazy about it, feeling ever emptier and, increasingly, that there is no path to follow—they are almost like dead people. Right now, most humans (meaning all but the firstborn sons) are in this condition. I have pointed out these things with such clarity, yet these people have no reaction and still care for their fleshly enjoyments. They eat and then they sleep; they sleep and then they eat. They do not ponder My words. Even when they are energized, it is only for a while; afterward, they are still the same as they were, completely unchanged, as though they had not listened to Me at all. These are the typical, useless humans who have no burdens; they are the most obvious of freeloaders. At a later date, I will forsake them one by one; do not worry! One by one, I will send them back to the bottomless pit. The Holy Spirit has never worked on such people, and everything that they do flows from the gifts they have received. When I speak of gifts, I mean that these are people with no life, who are My service-doers; I do not want any of them, and I will cast them out (but as of right now, they are still a little bit useful). You who are service-doers, listen! Do not think My using you means that I favor you; it is not so simple. If you want Me to favor you, then you must be someone of whom I approve and whom I perfect personally. This is the kind of person whom I love. Even if people say that I have made a mistake, I will never renege. Do you know this? Those who render service are but cattle and horses; how can they be My firstborn sons? Would that not be nonsense? Would it not be a violation of the laws of nature? Whosoever has My life and My caliber, those ones are My firstborn sons. This is a reasonable thing; no one can refute it. It must be so; otherwise, there would be no one who could play this role, and no one who could substitute for it. This is not a matter acted upon from feelings, for I am the righteous God Himself; I am the holy God Himself. I am the majestic, unoffendable God Himself!

Everything that is impossible for humans goes smoothly and freely for Me. No one can stop it, and no one can change it. This world, in all its enormity, is completely in My hands, not to mention the little devil Satan. If it were not for My management plan, and if it were not for My firstborn sons, I would long ago have destroyed this old evil as well as this promiscuous age that is so permeated with the stench of death. However, I act with propriety, and I do not speak lightly. Once I say something, it will be accomplished; even if this were not so, there is always the aspect of My wisdom, which will accomplish everything for Me and open the way for My actions. This is because My words are My wisdom; My words are everything. People fundamentally fail to understand them, and cannot figure them out. I often refer to the “lake of fire.” What does that mean? How is it different from the lake of fire and brimstone? The lake of fire and brimstone refers to Satan’s influence, while the lake of fire refers to the entire world under Satan’s power. Everyone in the world is subject to immolation in the lake of fire (that is, they grow increasingly corrupt and, once their corruption has reached a certain level, they will be destroyed by Me one by one, which I can do easily with the utterance of but a single word). The greater My wrath, the higher the flames blaze throughout the lake of fire. This refers to how people are growing more and more evil. The time when My wrath erupts will also be the time when the lake of fire explodes; that is, it will be the time when the whole universe world perishes. On that day, My kingdom will be fully realized on earth and a new life shall begin. This is something that will soon be fulfilled. Upon My speaking it, everything will come to be in full view. This is the human view of the matter, but in My view, things have already been completed in advance, because for Me, everything is easy. I speak, and it is done; I speak, and it is established.

Every day, you eat of My words, enjoy the fatness in My temple, drink water from My river of life, and pluck the fruit of My tree of life. What, then, is the fatness in My temple? What is the water of My river of life? What is the tree of life? What is the fruit of the tree of life? Though these phrases may be common, they are nevertheless incomprehensible to all humans, who are all confused. They speak them irresponsibly, use them recklessly, and apply them at random. The fatness in the temple refers neither to the words I have spoken nor to the grace I have bestowed upon you. What, then, does it actually mean? Since ancient times, there has never been anyone fortunate enough to enjoy the fatness in My temple. Only in the last days, among My firstborn sons, can people see what this fatness in My temple is. The “temple” in this phrase refers to My person; it refers to Mount Zion, My abode. Without My permission, no one can enter it or exit from it. What does the “fatness” refer to? It refers to the blessing of being able to reign with Me in the body. Generally speaking, this refers to the blessing of the firstborn sons’ being able to reign with Me in the body, and this is not difficult to understand. The water of the river of life has two meanings: On the one hand, it refers to the living water that flows from My innermost being—that is, every word that issues from My mouth. On the other hand, it refers to the wisdom and strategy behind My actions, as well as to what I am and what I have. My words contain endless, hidden mysteries (and that the mysteries are no longer hidden is mentioned in contrast with the past, but when compared with the public revelation that will occur in the future, they are still hidden. Here, “being hidden” is not absolute; it is relative). In other words, the water of the river of life is ever-flowing. In Me there is infinite wisdom, and people absolutely cannot grasp what I am and what I have; that is, the water of the river of life is ever-flowing. In the human view, there are many kinds of physical trees, but no one has ever laid eyes upon the tree of life. However, despite seeing it today, people still do not recognize it—and yet, they even speak of eating from the tree of life. It truly is ridiculous! They would eat from it indiscriminately! Why do I say that today people see it but do not recognize it? Why do I say that? Do you understand the meaning of My words? The practical God Himself of today is the person that I am, and He is the tree of life. Do not use human notions to measure Me. On the outside, I do not look like a tree, but do you know that I actually am the tree of life? My every move, My speech, and My manner are the fruit of the tree of life, and they are My person—they are what My firstborn sons should eat, so, eventually, only My firstborn sons and I will be exactly the same. They will be able to live Me out and bear witness for Me. (These are things that will take place after we enter into the spiritual realm. Only in the body can we be exactly the same; in the flesh, we can only be roughly the same, but we still have our own preferences.)

I not only will reveal My power in My firstborn sons, but I will also reveal it in their governance over all nations and all peoples. This is one step of My work. Now is the key, and moreover, now is the turning point. When everything has been accomplished, you shall see what My hands are working up, and you shall see how I plan and how I manage—however, this is not a vague thing. In light of the dynamics of every country of the world, it is not too far off; it is something that people cannot imagine and, moreover, it is something that they cannot foresee. You absolutely must not be careless or negligent, so as not to miss out on the opportunity to be blessed and rewarded. The prospect of the kingdom is in sight, and the entire world is gradually falling down dead. From the bottomless pit and from the lake of fire and brimstone, bursts of wailing sounds sound forth, horrifying the people and making them feel frightened and with nowhere to hide themselves. Whosoever is selected in My name and then cast out shall end up in the bottomless pit. Thus, as I have said many times, I shall toss those whom I am to cast out into the bottomless pit. When the entire world has been demolished, everything that has been destroyed will fall into the lake of fire and brimstone. In other words, these things will be transferred from the lake of fire into the lake of fire and brimstone. At that time, everyone will have been determined either for eternal destruction (meaning, all those who are outside of Me) or for eternal life (meaning, all those who are within Me). At that time, I and My firstborn sons shall emerge from the kingdom and enter eternity. This is something that will be fulfilled later on; even if I were to tell you now, you would not understand. You can only follow My lead, walk in My light, accompany Me in My love, experience enjoyment with Me in My house, reign with Me in My kingdom, and rule with Me over all nations and all peoples under My authority. All that I have described above comprises the endless blessings that I am giving you.

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