Chapter 101

I will not be the slightest bit lenient toward anyone who disrupts My management or who seeks to ruin My plans. Everyone should grasp My meaning from the words I utter, and should have a clear understanding of what I am talking about. In view of the present situation, each of you should examine yourself: What sort of role are you playing? Are you living for My sake, or are you doing service for Satan? Does each and every one of your actions stem from Me, or from devils? You should be clear on all of this, so as to avoid offending My administrative decrees and thereby incurring My raging fury. Thinking back on the past, people have always been disloyal and unfilial toward Me; they have been disrespectful and, furthermore, they have betrayed Me. For these reasons, these people face My judgment today. Although I appear to be just a man, all those whom I do not approve of (you should understand My meaning from this: It is not about how beautiful you look or how charming you are, but whether I have predestined and selected you) are to be cast out by Me. This is absolutely true. This is because I may appear human on the outside, but you need to see past My humanity to perceive My divinity. As I have said many times, “Normal humanity and complete divinity are two inseparable parts of the complete God Himself.” Nonetheless, you still do not understand Me; you only attach importance to that vague God of yours. You are people who do not have spiritual understanding. Nevertheless, such people still wish to be My firstborn sons. How shameless! They do not see what their own status really is! They do not even have the status of serving as My people, so how could they be My firstborn sons and be kings along with Me? Such people do not know themselves; they are Satan’s ilk, and are unworthy of being pillars in My household, much less of serving before Me. I therefore shall cast them out one by one, and one by one I will reveal their true faces.

My work proceeds step by step, unobstructed and without the slightest hindrance, because I have gained victory and because I have reigned as King throughout the entire universe. (What I am referring to is that since defeating devils and Satan, I have recovered My power anew.) As I gain all of the firstborn sons, the banner of victory shall rise upon Mount Zion. That is to say, My firstborn sons are My victory banner, My glory, and that of which I boast; they are a sign that I have humiliated Satan, and they are the method by which I work. (Through a group of people who were corrupted by Satan after I had predestined them, but who returned to My side once again, I humiliate the great red dragon and rule over all the sons of rebellion.) My firstborn sons are where My almightiness lies; they are My great success, unalterable and indisputable. It is through them that I shall complete My management plan. This is what I meant in the past when I said, “It is through you that I will make all nations and all peoples return before My throne.” It is also what I was referring to when I spoke the words, “the heavy burden on your shoulders.” Is that clear? Do you understand? The firstborn sons are the crystallization of My entire management plan; for this reason, I have never treated this group gently, and I have always disciplined them severely (that severe discipline being the miseries suffered in the world, the misfortunes of families, and the abandonment by parents, husbands, wives, and children—in short, the abandonment by the world and being forsaken by the age), and this is why you have the good fortune to come before Me today. This is the answer to the question that you have pondered so often: “Why did other people not accept this name, but I did?” Now you know!

Today nothing is the same as in the past. My management plan has adopted new methods, My work is even more different than it was previously, and My utterances are now even more unprecedented. I have therefore emphasized repeatedly that you should render service to Me properly (this is said to the service-doers). Do not treat yourselves negatively, but maintain an earnest pursuit. Is it not enjoyable to gain some grace? It is far better than suffering in the world. I tell you! If you do not render service to Me wholeheartedly, and instead complain that I have been unrighteous, then tomorrow you will descend to Hades and hell. No person wants an early death—is that not so? Even one more day of life is a day that counts, so you shall offer yourself entirely to My management plan and, afterward, await My judgment of you and wait for My righteous chastisement to befall you. Do not assume that what I am saying is nonsense; I speak from My righteousness and from My disposition. Moreover, I act with My majesty and righteousness. That people all say that I am not righteous is because they do not know Me; this is a clear expression of their rebellious dispositions. As for Me, there is no fleshly feelings; rather, there is only righteousness, majesty, judgment, and wrath. The more time passes, the more you will see My disposition. The present is a transitional stage, and you are able to see only a small portion of this; you can only see some externally manifested things. When My firstborn sons appear, I will allow you to see everything and understand it all. Everyone will be convinced in their hearts and in their words. I will have you speak out in witness to Me, forever praise Me, and forever extol Me. This is inevitable, and can be changed by no one. People can hardly imagine it, let alone believe it.

Those who are the firstborn sons have increasing clarity with regard to the visions, and their love for Me grows ever greater. (This is not romantic love, which is Satan’s temptation of Me and something that must be seen through. For this reason, I have previously mentioned that there are those who show off their charms in front of Me. Such people are Satan’s lackeys, believing I would be attracted to their looks. Shameless! They are the basest of wretches!) However, people who are not themselves the firstborn sons have, through these words I have spoken over this period, become increasingly unclear about the visions and have lost faith in the person that I am. Thereafter, they gradually grow indifferent, until they finally fall. Such people cannot help themselves. That is the goal of what I am saying during this period; everybody should see this (I am speaking to the firstborn sons), and through My utterances and actions, behold My wonderfulness. Why is it said that I am the Prince of Peace, the Eternal Father, that I am the Wonderful, and that I am the Counselor? Explaining this from the perspective of My identity, My utterances, or from what I do would be overly superficial; it would not even be worth mentioning. The reason for calling Me the Prince of Peace stems from My power to complete the firstborn sons, My judgment of Satan, and the boundless blessings I have conferred upon the firstborn sons. In other words, only the firstborn sons are qualified to call Me the Prince of Peace, for I love My firstborn sons, and the epithet “Prince of Peace” should come from their mouths. To them, I am the Prince of Peace. To My sons and My people, I am known as the Eternal Father. Due to the existence of My firstborn sons, and because they can hold the power of kingship together with Me and govern all nations and all peoples (that is, the sons and the people), the sons and the people should therefore call Me the Eternal Father—meaning God Himself, who is above the firstborn sons. I am the Wonderful to those who are not the sons, the people, or the firstborn sons. Because of the wonderfulness of My work, nonbelievers cannot see Me at all (for I have veiled their eyes), and have no clear view of My work. To them, therefore, I am the Wonderful. To all devils and to Satan, I am the Counselor, because all that I do serves to shame them; all My actions are for the sake of My firstborn sons. My every step proceeds smoothly, and I gain victory with each step. Moreover, I can see through all of Satan’s schemes and use them to serve Me, making it an object to serve My purposes from the negative side. This is what is meant by My being “the Counselor,” which no one can alter and which no one can completely understand. However, in terms of My person, I am the Prince of Peace and the Eternal Father, as well as the Counselor and the Wonderful. There is nothing in this that is untrue. It is an irrefutable and immutable truth!

I have so much to say; there is simply no analogy that can be drawn. I therefore require that you be patient and wait. Whatever you do, do not leave on a whim. Because what you understood in the past is now outdated, it is no longer applicable, and the present is a time of change—like a transition between dynasties. For this reason, I need you to alter your thinking and discard your old notions. This is the true meaning of “putting on the holy robe of righteousness.” Only I can explain My own words, and only I Myself know what I have undertaken to do. Therefore, only My words are without impurity and are entirely what I intend, and therefore it is putting on the holy robe of righteousness. The understanding of the human mind is mere imagination; human understanding is impure and unable to achieve My intentions. Therefore, I Myself speak, and I Myself explain, and this is what I meant when I said, “I do the work Myself.” It is an indispensable part of My management plan, and all people must glorify Me and praise Me. With regard to comprehending My words, I have never given that power to humans, nor do they possess the faculty for it at all. This is one of My methods for humiliating the devil. (If humans understood My utterances and could probe My intentions at every step, then Satan could possess people whenever it wanted, and as a result, they would betray Me and make it impossible to attain My goal of selecting the firstborn sons. If I understood every mystery, and the person that I am could speak utterances that no one could fathom, then I, too, could be possessed by Satan. This is the reason that while I am in the flesh, I am not at all supernatural.) It is necessary for everyone to have a clear understanding of the significance of these words and follow My lead. Do not try to understand profound words and doctrines all by yourselves.

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