Chapter 100

I loathe all those who have not been predestined and chosen by Me. I must therefore get these people out of My house one by one, thus making My temple holy and unblemished, My house always new and never old, My holy name able to spread forever, and My holy people able to become My loved ones. This kind of scene, this kind of house, this kind of kingdom is My goal and My abode; this is the base of My creation of all things. No one may sway or change it. There will only be Myself and My beloved sons living together within it, and no one will be allowed to trample it underfoot, nothing will be allowed to occupy it, and even less will anything unpleasant be allowed to happen. All will be praise and cheering, and all will be a scene unimaginable to man. I desire only that you offer all your strength up to Me with all your heart and mind, and to the best of your ability. Whether today or tomorrow, whether you are someone who renders service for Me or someone who gains blessings, you should all exert your measure of strength for My kingdom. This is an obligation that all created people should take up, and it must be done and implemented in this way. I shall mobilize all things to render service for the beauty of My kingdom to be made ever new, and for My house to be made harmonious and united. No one is allowed to defy Me, and any who do so must suffer judgment and be cursed. Now My curses begin to fall upon all nations and all peoples, and My curses are even more severe than My judgment. It is now time to start condemning all people, so it is said to be curses. This is because now is the final age, and not the time of creation. As the ages have shifted, the pace of My work is now very different. Due to the needs of My work, the people I need are also different; those who should be abandoned will be abandoned; those who should be cut off will be cut off; those who should be killed will be killed, and those who should be left must be left. This is an inevitable trend independent of man’s will, and no man may change it. It must be done according to My will! I forsake those whom I want to forsake, and cast out those whom I want to cast out; no one shall act arbitrarily. I leave those whom I desire to leave and I love those whom I desire to love; this must be done according to My will! I do not act on fleshly feelings; with Me there is only righteousness, judgment and wrath—there is no fleshly feelings at all. There is not the faintest trace of the human in Me, for I am God Himself, the person of God. Because people all see the aspect of Me that is My humanity and they have not seen the aspect that is My divinity. Truly, they are blind and muddled!

You must keep what I tell you in your hearts, you must understand My heart through My words and show consideration toward My burden. Then, you will come to know My almightiness and see My person. For My words are words of wisdom, and no one can grasp the principles or the laws behind My words. People think that I practice deceit and crookedness and they do not know Me through My words, but on the contrary, they blaspheme against Me. They are so blind and ignorant! They lack even the slightest amount of discernment. Every sentence I utter carries authority and judgment, and no one can change My words. Once My words issue forth, things are certain to be accomplished in accordance with My words; this is My disposition. My words are authority and whosoever amends them offends My chastisement, and I must strike them down. In serious cases they bring ruination down on their own lives and they go to Hades, or into the bottomless pit. This is the only way in which I deal with mankind, and man has no way to change it—this is My administrative decree. Remember this! No one is allowed to offend My decree; things must be done according to My will! In the past, I was too easy on you and you encountered only My words. The words I spoke about striking people down have not yet come to pass. But from today, all the disasters (these in relation to My administrative decrees) will come one after another to punish all those who do not conform to My will. There must be the advent of facts—otherwise people would not be able to see My wrath but would debauch themselves over and over. This is a step of My management plan, and it is the way in which I do the next step of My work. I say this to you in advance so that you can avoid committing offense and suffering perdition forever. That is to say, from today forward, I will make all people except for My firstborn sons take their proper places in accordance with My will, and I shall chastise them one by one. I shall not let even one of them off the hook. Just you dare be debauched again! Just you dare be rebellious again! I have said before that I am righteous to all, that I am without a shred of sentiment, and this serves to show that My disposition must not be offended. This is My person. No one can change this. All people hear My words and all people see My glorious countenance. All people must submit to Me completely and absolutely—this is My administrative decree. All people across the universe and at the ends of the earth should praise and glorify Me, for I am the unique God Himself, for I am the person of God. No one can change My words and utterances, My speech and deportment, as these are matters for Me alone, and these are things which I have possessed from the most ancient times and which shall exist forever.

People harbor the intention to test Me, and they want to find something within My words which they can use against Me, so as to slander Me. Am I to be slandered by you? Am I to be casually judged? Is My business to be casually discussed? You really are a bunch who do not know what is good for you! You do not know Me at all! What is Mount Zion? What is My abode? What is the good land of Canaan? What is the base of creation? Why, over the last few days, have I kept mentioning these words? Mount Zion, My abode, the good land of Canaan, the base of creation—these are all spoken of in reference to My person (in reference to the body). People all think that these are places that exist physically. My person is Mount Zion; it is My abode. Whoever enters the spiritual realm will climb Mount Zion and will enter into My abode. I created all things within My person; that is, all things were created inside the body, therefore it is the base. Why do I say that you will return into the body together with Me? Therein lies the original meaning. Just like the appellation “God,” these nouns have no meaning in and of themselves, but rather are different names I give to different places. So do not pay too much attention to their literal meanings, but focus only on hearing My words. You must see them in this way, and then you will be able to grasp My will. Why do I remind you again and again that there is wisdom in My words? How many of you have tried to figure out the meaning behind this? You are all analyzing blindly and being unreasonable!

You still now do not understand the majority of things I have said in the past. You remain in a state of doubt and cannot satisfy My heart. At whatever time you can become certain about every sentence I utter, that will be the moment when your life matures. To Me, one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day; how do you think about the time that I speak of? How would you explain it? You misinterpret it! And furthermore, most people fuss over this with Me, wishing to find something to use against Me—you do not know what is good for you! Be careful, for otherwise I will strike you down! When the day comes where everything is made clear, you will understand completely. I still do not tell you now (now is the time to expose people; everyone must be careful and cautious to be able to satisfy My will). I will expose all people through My words, and their original forms will be revealed to show whether they are true or not. If someone is a whore or a jezebel, I must expose them. I have said before that I do things without lifting a finger and that I use only My words to expose people. I fear no disguise; once My words are uttered, you must reveal your original form, and no matter how well you disguise yourself I shall surely see through it. This is the principle of My deeds—using only utterances and not expending any strength whatsoever. People work themselves into a sweat about whether or not My words will be fulfilled, and they become anxious for My sake and worry for Me, but these efforts are really not necessary; they are a price that does not need to be paid. You worry about Me, but has your own life matured? What about your own destiny? Ask yourself often and do not be slipshod. People should all take My work into consideration and—through My deeds and My words—see My person, have a greater knowledge of Me, know My almightiness, know My wisdom and know the means and methods by which I created all things, and thereby give Me unending praise. I will make all people see upon whom I lay the hands of My administrative decrees, whom I work upon, what it is I want to do and what it is I want to complete. This is something that every single person must achieve, for this is My administrative decree. I will accomplish what I say. No one should analyze My words casually; all must see the principles behind My deeds through My words, and from My words know what My wrath is, what My curse is and what My judgment is. These things all rest upon My words and are things that should be seen by every single person within every single one of My words.

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