Chapter 99

Because the pace of My work is speeding up, no one can keep up with My footsteps, and no one can penetrate My mind, yet this is the only way forward. This is “the dead” (referring to being unable to grasp My intentions, being unable to understand what I mean from My words; this is another explanation of “the dead,” and does not mean “being forsaken by My Spirit”) in the phrase “resurrection from the dead,” which has already been spoken of. When you and I have transitioned from this phase into the body, then the real meaning of “being resurrected from the dead” will be fulfilled (that is, this is the real meaning of resurrection from the dead). Now, this is the condition in which you all exist: You cannot grasp My intentions and you cannot find My footsteps. Moreover, you cannot be quiet in your spirits, so you feel uneasy in mind. This kind of condition is exactly the “suffering” I mentioned, and within this suffering, which people cannot bear, you are thinking of your own future on the one hand, and on the other hand you are accepting My burning and My judgment, which is shooting and striking at you from all directions. In addition, you cannot grasp any rules from the tone and manner in which I speak, and in one day of utterance there are several kinds of tone, so that you suffer greatly. These are the steps in My work. This is My wisdom. In the future, you will experience greater suffering in this respect, all of which is in order to reveal all hypocritical people—this should be clear now! This is the way I work. With the motivation of this kind of suffering, and after having experienced this pain which is equivalent to death, you will enter into another realm. You will enter into the body, and reign with Me over all nations and all peoples.

Why have I recently been speaking in a more severe tone? Why has My tone changed so frequently, and why has My way of working also changed so frequently? My wisdom has been in these things. My words are spoken for everyone who has accepted this name (whether or not they believe My words can be accomplished), so My words should be heard and seen by everyone, and they must not be suppressed, because I have My way of working and I have My wisdom. I use My words to judge people, to reveal people, and to expose human nature. Thereby, I select those who have been picked out by Me, and I eliminate those who have not been predestined or chosen by Me. All this is My wisdom, and it is the wonder of My work. This is My method in this phase of My work. Among people, is there anyone who can grasp My intentions? Among people, is there anyone who can be considerate of My burden? The One doing the work is Me, God Himself. There will come a day when you will thoroughly understand the significance of these words of Mine, and you will be completely clear about why I want to speak these words. My wisdom is endless, infinite, and immeasurable, and it is completely impenetrable to humans. Humans can only see a portion of it from the things I do, but what they see is still flawed and incomplete. When you have completely transitioned from this phase to the next phase, then you will be able to see it clearly. Remember! Now is the most precious era—it is the last phase in which you are in the flesh. Your life right now is the last of your physical life. When you enter the spiritual realm from the flesh, at that time all the pain will leave you. You will greatly rejoice and exult, and you will jump for joy without ceasing. But you must be clear that these words I speak are only for the firstborn sons, because only the firstborn sons are worthy of this blessing. Entry into the spiritual realm is the greatest blessing, the highest blessing, and the most valuable thing to be enjoyed. The things that you now obtain to eat and to wear are nothing more than the enjoyments of the flesh; they are grace, and I simply have no regard for these things. The focus of My work is in the next phase (entering into the spiritual realm and facing the universe world).

I have said that the great red dragon has already been thrown down by Me and crushed. How can you not believe My words? Why do you still wish to endure persecution and adversity for Me? Is this not an unnecessary price for you to pay? I have reminded you many times that you only need to enjoy, while I do the work Myself, personally. Why are you so eager to take action? You really do not know how to enjoy! I have completely prepared everything for you—why have none of you come to Me to claim it? You are still uncertain about what I have said! You do not understand Me! You think that I am speaking empty pleasantries; truly, you are muddleheaded! (The complete preparations I speak of mean that you should look up to Me more and pray more before Me, while I will personally work to curse everyone who resists Me, and to punish everyone who persecutes you.) You do not know anything about My words! I reveal all My mysteries to you, but how many of you really understand them? How many of you understand them deeply? What is My throne? What is My iron rod? Who among you knows? When My throne is mentioned, most people think that is where I sit, or that it refers to My dwelling place, or that it refers to Me, to the person that I am. These are all erroneous understandings—simply a mess of misunderstanding! None of these interpretations are correct, are they? This is the way you all understand and grasp it—this is simply an extreme deviation of understanding! What is authority? What is the relationship between authority and the throne? The throne is My authority. When My firstborn sons hold high My throne, that is the time that My firstborn sons will receive the authority from Me. Only I have authority, so only I have the throne. In other words, after My firstborn sons have suffered the same way as I suffered, they will accept what I am and what I have, and will receive everything from Me; this is the process by which they will attain the status of firstborn son. It will be the time when My firstborn sons hold high My throne, and this will also be the time that they accept authority from Me. Now you should understand this! Everything I say is clear and completely unambiguous, so that everyone will understand. Put aside your own notions, and wait to accept the mysteries that I reveal to you! So what is the iron rod? In the previous phase, it referred to My harsh words, but now it is different from the past: Now the iron rod refers to My deeds, which are great disasters imbued with authority. So, whenever the iron rod is mentioned, it is always in conjunction with authority. The original meaning of the iron rod is spoken of in terms of great disasters—it is part of authority. Everyone must see this clearly and only thus can they grasp My intentions and receive revelation from My words. Whosoever has the work of the Holy Spirit holds the iron rod in his hand, and it is he who bears authority and has the right to execute any of the great disasters. This is one of My administrative decrees.

Everything and all things are open to you (this refers to the portion that has been pointed out clearly), and everything and all things are hidden from you (this refers to the secret portion of My words). I speak with wisdom: I let you understand only the literal meaning of some of My words, while I let you grasp the meaning of others (but most people are unable to understand), because this is the sequence of My work. I can only tell you the true meaning of My words when you reach a certain stature. This is My wisdom, and these are My wondrous deeds (so as to perfect you and in order to thoroughly defeat Satan and humiliate devils). It is not until you enter into another realm that you will be able to fully understand. I have to do it this way because in human notions there are many things people simply cannot fathom, and even if I speak clearly you still will not understand. People’s minds are, after all, limited, and there are many things that I can only convey to you after you have entered into the spiritual realm; otherwise, the human flesh is not up to the task, and this can only disrupt My management. This is the true meaning of “the sequence of My work” that I speak of. In your notions, how much do you understand Me? Is your understanding flawless? Is it knowledge within the spirit? Therefore, I must let you transition into another realm in order for you to complete My work and to follow My will. So exactly what is this other realm? Is it really, as people think, a kind of transcendent sight? Is it really something like air, which cannot be seen or felt and yet exists? As I have said, the state of being in the body is one of having flesh and bone, of possessing form and shape. This is absolutely true and indubitable, and everyone must believe it. This is the real state in the body. Moreover, in the body there are no matters that people hate. But what exactly is this state? When people pass from the flesh to the body, a large group must appear. That is to say, they will break free from their fleshly home, and it can be said that each will follow their own kind: The flesh gathers to the flesh and the body gathers to the body. Now those who break away from their homes, their parents, wives, husbands, sons, and daughters, begin to enter into the spiritual realm. In the end, it is like this: The situation in the spiritual realm is that the firstborn sons are gathered together, singing and dancing, praising and cheering My holy name. This is a scene that is beautiful and ever new. All are My beloved sons, forever praising Me without ceasing, forever holding high My holy name. This is the situation after the entry into the spiritual realm, this is also the work after the entry into the spiritual realm, and this is also the situation of which I have spoken, of shepherding the church in the spiritual realm. Furthermore, it is that My person appears in every nation of the universe and among all nations and all peoples, bearing My authority, My wrath, and My judgment, and even more, bearing My iron rod to govern all nations and all peoples. This, among all peoples and the whole universe, bears witness to Me that shakes heaven and earth, causing all peoples and all things on the mountains, in the rivers, in the lakes, and at the ends of the earth to praise Me and glorify Me, and to know Me, the one God Himself, who is the Creator of all things, and who guides everything, manages everything, judges everything, accomplishes everything, punishes everything, and destroys everything. This, then, is the true appearance of My person.

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