Chapter 98

All things will come upon every one of you, and they will allow you to know more about Me and to be more certain about Me. They will allow you to know Me, the one God Himself, to know Me, the Almighty, to know Me, the incarnate God Himself. Afterward, I will come out of the flesh, return to Zion, to the good land of Canaan, which is My residence and My destination, the base where I created all things. Now, none of you understand the meaning of the words which I am saying; there is not one person who can understand the meaning of these words. Only when everything is revealed to you will you understand why I am saying these words. I am not of the world, much less am I of the universe, because I am the one God Himself. I hold the whole universe world in My hand, I Myself am in charge of it, and people can only submit to My authority, speak My holy name, cheer for Me and praise Me. Everything will be gradually revealed to you. Although nothing is hidden, you still cannot fathom My way of speaking or the tone of My words. You still do not understand what My management plan is all about. So, I will tell you later about all the things which you do not understand in what I have said because, for Me, everything is simple and clear while, for you, it is extremely difficult, and you simply do not understand it at all. To this end, I will change My method of speaking, and I will no longer connect things together when I speak, but will clarify each point one by one.

What does it mean to resurrect from the dead? Does it mean to die in the flesh and then return to the body after death? Is this what it means to resurrect from the dead? Is it that simple? I am the almighty God; what do you know of this? How do you comprehend this? Could My resurrection from the dead during My first incarnation really be taken literally? Was the process really as it was described in those texts? I have said that if I do not speak frankly and if I do not tell people clearly, then no one will be able to understand the meaning of My words. There has not been one person throughout the ages who did not think that the resurrection from the dead was like that. Since the time of the creation of the world, no one has understood the real meaning of this. Was I really nailed to the cross? And, after death, did I come out of the tomb? Did it really happen like this? Could this really be true? No one throughout the ages has put any effort into this, no one has come to know Me from this and there is not one person who does not believe this; everyone thinks it is true. They do not know that My every word has an inner meaning. Then, what exactly is resurrection from the dead? (In the near future, you will experience this, so I am telling you about it in advance.) No created being is willing to die; they all want to live. From My perspective, the death of the flesh is not a real death. When My Spirit is reclaimed from a person, that person dies. Therefore, I call all those demons corrupted by Satan (those who have no faith, all unbelievers) the dead. Since the time of the creation of the world, I have furnished My Spirit upon everyone whom I have chosen. However, after a phase which followed the time of creation, people were occupied by Satan for a time. So I left, and people started to suffer (the suffering I endured when I was incarnated and nailed onto the cross, as has been spoken of). However, at the time predetermined by Me (the time when My abandonment of people ended), I reclaimed the people I had predestined, and I once again placed My Spirit in you so that you came back to life. This is called “resurrection from the dead.” Now, those who really live in My Spirit are all already transcendent, and they all live in the body. However, before long, you will all cast off your thinking, your notions, and all earthly entanglements. But, it is not, as people imagine, rising from the dead after suffering. That you are living now is the precondition to living in the body; it is the necessary path to enter into the spiritual realm. The transcending of normal humanity I speak of means to have no family, no wife, no children, and no human needs. It is to concentrate solely on living out My image, to concentrate solely on entering inside Me and to not think about other things outside of Me; everywhere you go is your home. This is transcending normal humanity. You have utterly misunderstood these words of Mine; your understanding is too shallow. How exactly will I appear to all nations and all peoples? In the flesh today? No! When the time comes, I will appear in My body in every nation of the universe. The time when foreigners need you to shepherd them has not yet arrived. At that time you will need to come out of the flesh and enter the body to shepherd them. This is the truth, but it is not the “resurrection from the dead” that people imagine. At the appointed time, you will come out of the flesh unknowingly and enter the spiritual realm and rule all nations with Me. It is not yet time. When I need you to be in the flesh, you shall be in the flesh (according to the requirements of My work, you must have thinking now and must still live in the flesh, so you should still do the things which you need to do in the flesh according to My steps; do not passively wait, because this would cause delays). When I need you to act in the body as shepherds of the church, you shall come out of the flesh, cast off your thinking, and completely rely on Me to live. Have faith in My power and in My wisdom. Everything will be done by Me personally. You only need to wait and enjoy. All the blessings will come to you, and you will have an inexhaustible and endless supply. When that day comes, you will understand the principle of how I do this, you will know My wonderful deeds, and you will understand how I bring My firstborn sons back to Zion. This is really not as complicated as you imagine, but it is also not as simple as you think.

I know that when I say this you become even less able to grasp the purpose behind My words and become even more confused. You will mix them up with what I have said earlier so that you cannot understand anything, and it will seem as if there is no way out. However, do not worry. I will tell you everything. Everything I say has meaning. I have said that I can make existing things return to nothing and can make a multiplicity of things out of nothing. In the human imagination, to enter the body from the flesh, one must be resurrected from the dead. In the past, I used this method and manifested My greatest miracle, but today is not like the past. I will take you directly from the flesh into the body. Is this not an even greater sign and miracle? Is this not a greater manifestation of My omnipotence? I have My plan, and I have My intentions. Who is not in My hands? I know the work that I do. My working methods today are, after all, different from the past. I adjust My methods of working according to the change of eras. When I was nailed to the cross, that was the Age of Grace, but now is the final age. The pace of My work is accelerating; it does not proceed at the same speed as it did in the past, and much less is it slower than in the past. Rather, it proceeds much faster than in the past. There is simply no way to describe it, and there is no need for so many complex processes. I am free to do anything. Is it not true that it only takes one word of authority from Me to determine how My will shall be completed and how I will make you perfect? Everything I say will surely be done. In the past, I often said that I would suffer, and I did not allow people to mention the suffering I had endured before; to mention this was blasphemy toward Me. This is because I am God Himself and for Me there is no hardship; when you mention this suffering you make people weep. I have said that in the future there will be no sighs and no tears. This should be explained from this aspect, and then the meaning of My words can be understood. The meaning of “humans simply cannot stand this suffering” is that I can break away from all human notions and thinking, break away from the feelings of the flesh, break away from all traces of being worldly and walk out of the flesh, and that I can remain standing when everyone is refuting Me. This is sufficient to prove that I am the one God Himself. I have said, “Every firstborn son must enter the spiritual realm from the flesh; this is the path that they must take to reign with Me as kings.” The meaning of this sentence is that when you encounter the thing which you have, in the past, imagined, you will officially come out of the flesh and will enter the body to officially begin to judge those princes and kings. They will be judged based on the things which occur at this time. However, it is not as complicated as you imagine—it will be done in an instant. You will not need to rise from the dead and you will not even need to suffer (because your suffering and hardships on earth have already come to an end and I have already said that I will no longer prune My firstborn sons thereafter). The firstborn sons will enjoy their blessings, as has been spoken of, in the fact that you will unknowingly enter the spiritual realm. Why do I say that this is My mercy and grace? If one could only enter the spiritual realm after rising from the dead, this would be far from being merciful and gracious. So this is the most obvious expression of My mercy and grace and, furthermore, this reveals My predestination and My selection of people. It is sufficiently able to show how strict My administrative decrees are. I will be gracious to whomever I wish, and merciful to whomever I wish. No one shall contend or fight. I will decide all of this.

People cannot figure it out, and they put pressure on themselves until they cannot breathe, and yet it is still they who bind themselves up. People’s thinking is really limited, so they must do away with human thinking and notions. Hence, I must come out of the flesh and enter the spiritual realm to take control of everything, to manage everything. This is the only way to rule all peoples and all nations and to fulfill My will. It is not far off. You do not have faith in My omnipotence, and you do not know who I am. You think that I am only a human being, and you cannot see My divinity at all. Things will be complete whenever I want them to be complete. All it takes is one word from My mouth. You have only paid attention to the aspect of My humanity in what I have recently said, and in My every move, but you have not paid attention to the aspect of My divinity. That is to say, you think that I also have thinking and notions. But I have said that My thoughts, ideas and mind, My every move, everything I do and everything I say, are the complete manifestation of God Himself. Have you forgotten all this? You are all muddled people! You do not understand the meaning of My words. I have allowed you to see the aspect of My normal humanity from what I have said (I have allowed you to see My normal humanity in My everyday life, in reality, because you still do not understand the aspect of My normal humanity from what I have said during this period), yet you do not understand My normal humanity, and you just try to grab hold of something that can be used against Me, and you are unbridled before Me. You are blind! You are ignorant! You do not know Me! I have spoken in vain for so long! You do not know Me at all, and you simply do not regard My normal humanity as a part of the complete God Himself! How can I not be angry? How can I be merciful again? I can only respond to these sons of rebellion with My wrath. You are so presumptuous, you do not know Me at all! You think I have done wrong! Could I do wrong? Would I carelessly choose any fleshly body in which to become incarnate? My humanity and My divinity are two inseparable parts which make up the complete God Himself. Now you should be perfectly clear about this! My words have already reached their zenith, and My words can no longer be explained at greater length!

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