Chapter 97

I will make every single person see My wondrous deeds and hear My wise words. This must include every single person, and it must happen through every single thing. This is My administrative decree, and this is My wrath. I will touch upon every single person and every single matter so that all people everywhere in the universe and to the ends of the earth will see with their own eyes; I shall never stop until this has been achieved. My wrath has been poured out wholly, with not a single shred being withheld. It is directed at every single person who accepts this name (it will soon be turned upon all nations of the world). And what is My wrath? How severe is it? What kind of person does My wrath fall upon? Most people think that wrath is the most severe degree of anger, but this does not wholly explain it. My wrath and My administrative decrees are two inseparable parts; when I enact My administrative decrees, wrath follows in their wake. So what exactly is wrath? Wrath is a degree of judgment I mete out to people and it is the principle behind the enactment of any one of My administrative decrees. Whosoever offends one of My decrees, My wrath will be of a corresponding magnitude, depending on which decree has been offended. When My wrath is present, it is certain that My administrative decrees are also present, and vice versa. My administrative decrees and wrath form an inseparable whole. It is the sternest of judgments, which none may offend. All people must abide by it, or else they will not easily avoid being struck down by My hand. People never knew of it throughout the ages (although there were some who suffered pain caused by great disasters, they still did not know of it; however, the execution of this administrative decree mainly begins from now), but today I reveal it all to you, that you may avoid causing offense.

All people should hear My voice and believe in My words. Otherwise, I shall not act, and nor shall I do any work. My every word and action are the examples you should follow; they are your exemplar and they are a model for you to follow. The reason why I became flesh is so that you may see what I am and what I have in My humanity. In the future, I will let you witness what I am and what I have in My divinity. Things must proceed step by step in this way. Otherwise, people will simply be unable to believe, and they will have no knowledge of Me. Instead, they will be capable only of unclear and indistinct visions, and they will be unable to have a clear understanding of Me. My words have shown that My person has wholly appeared unto you, yet people hear My words and still do not know Me—for the sole reason that they are foolish and ignorant. Even now that I have become flesh, people still defy Me, and therefore I employ My wrath and My administrative decrees to punish this wicked and promiscuous old era and to utterly shame Satan and the devils. This is the only way; it is the destination for mankind, and it is the end that awaits mankind. The outcome is a foregone conclusion that none can change or talk their way out of. I alone have the final say; this is My management and this is My plan. People must all believe and be convinced in heart and in word. Those who obtain good fortune in this life will surely suffer for all eternity, while those who suffer in this life will surely be blessed for all eternity—this I have preordained, and none can change it. There are none who can change My heart, and there are none who can add so much as one word more to My words, and much less are they permitted to arbitrarily remove even a single word; if anyone violates this, I shall surely chastise them.

My mysteries are revealed to you daily—do you really understand them? Are you really certain about them? When Satan is deceiving you, are you able to see through it? This is determined according to your statures in life. Since I say that all things are preordained by Me, why then have I personally incarnated in order to perfect My firstborn sons? Furthermore, why have I done so much work that people think of as useless? Is it I who am confused? Remember this! Everything I do is done not only in order to gain My firstborn sons but, more importantly, to shame Satan. Although Satan defies Me, yet I have the power to make its offspring rebel against it and turn to praise Me. Moreover, all that I do is so that the next step of work will flow smoothly, and that the whole world will cheer and praise Me and all things that breathe will bend the knee to Me and glorify Me; that day truly will be a day of glory. I hold all things in My hands, and when the seven thunders erupt, all things will be wholly accomplished, never changing, all fixed. From that point forward, the new life of the new heaven and earth shall be entered into, entirely new circumstances shall be entered into, and the life of the kingdom shall begin. But what is it like within the kingdom? People simply cannot perceive it clearly (because no one has ever had a taste of the life of the kingdom before, and so it has only been imagined in people’s minds and mulled over in their hearts). In turning from the church life to the life of the kingdom, which is turning from the present state to the future state, many things will happen during this time that people have never before imagined. The church life is the precursor to entry into the life of the kingdom, so before the life of the kingdom arises, I will spare no effort to foster the church life. What is the church life? It is like this: everyone, including My firstborn sons, eating, drinking and enjoying My words and knowing Me, thereby receiving My burning and purification, so that they may understand My administrative decrees, My judgment and My wrath, and avoid causing offense in the life of the kingdom. And what is “the life of the kingdom”? The life of the kingdom is where My firstborn sons reign as kings together with Me, ruling over all peoples and all nations (only My firstborn sons and I are able to enjoy the life of the kingdom). Although My sons and My people from all nations and all peoples enter into the kingdom, they are not able to enjoy the life of the kingdom. The life of the kingdom can only be enjoyed by those who enter the spiritual world. So only My firstborn sons and I are able to live in the body, while My sons and My people remain living in the flesh. (Yet this is not the flesh that has been corrupted by Satan. This is the significance of My firstborn sons reigning together with Me as kings.) All other people will have their spirits, souls and bodies taken and cast into Hades. That is to say that these people will perish utterly and will cease to exist (yet they must pass through all the bonds and cruelties of Satan, such as hardships and disasters). Once this is done, the life of the kingdom will be officially on track, and I shall begin to officially reveal My deeds (to be revealed openly and not hidden). From then on, there will surely be no more sighs and no more tears. (For there will no longer be anything that can hurt people, or cause them to weep or cause them suffering, and this goes for My sons and My people as well; but there is one point that must be emphasized, which is that My sons and My people shall forever be flesh.) All will be cheerful—a vision of delight. It will not be something physical, but rather something that cannot be seen with physical eyes. Those who are My firstborn sons will also be able to enjoy it; this is My wondrous deed, and this is My great power.

I desire for you to be able to seek My will and be considerate toward My heart at all times. Transient pleasure can destroy your entire life, while transient suffering can usher in an eternity of blessings. Be not disconsolate; this is the path that must be trodden. I have often said before: “To those who sincerely expend for Me, I shall surely bless you greatly.” And what are “blessings”? They are not only those that are obtained today, but more so they are those that are to be enjoyed in the future—only these are true blessings. When you return to Mount Zion, you will show endless gratitude for your current suffering, for this is My blessing. Living now in the flesh is being on Mount Zion (meaning that you live within Me), while living in the body tomorrow will be the day of glory, and this, even more so, is being on Mount Zion. After hearing these words that I speak, you understand what is meant by “Mount Zion.” Mount Zion is a synonym for the kingdom, and it is also the spiritual world. On the Mount Zion of today, you are in the flesh receiving comfort and obtaining My grace; on the Mount Zion of the future, you will be in the body enjoying the blessing of reigning as kings. This categorically must not be ignored. And by no means allow times when blessings can be gained to slip past; today is today, after all, and it is very different from tomorrow. When you come to enjoy blessings, you will think that the grace of today is not worth mentioning. This is what I entrust you with, and this is My final counsel.

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