Chapter 96

I shall chastise everyone born of Me who yet does not know Me in order to make manifest all My wrath, My great power, and My full wisdom. In Me, all is righteous, and there is absolutely no unrighteousness, no deceit, and no crookedness; whosoever is crooked and deceitful must be a son of hell, born in Hades. In Me everything is open; whatever I say shall be accomplished, shall indeed be accomplished; whatever I say shall be established, shall be established, and no one can change or emulate these things because I am the one and only God Himself. In what is about to come, everyone who is in the group of My predestined and chosen firstborn sons shall be revealed one by one, and everyone who is not in the group of firstborn sons shall be cast out by Me through this. This is how I do and accomplish My work. Right now, I expose some people only so that My firstborn sons can see My wonderful deeds, but later I shall not work this way. Rather, I shall proceed from the general situation instead of letting them show their true natures one by one (because demons are all basically the same, it is enough to pick only a few to serve as example). All My firstborn sons are clear in their hearts, and there is no need for Me to elaborate (because at the appointed time, they will surely be revealed one after another).

It is My disposition to keep My promises, and in Me nothing is hidden or concealed. I will tell you all about each and every one of the things you are supposed to understand, and I will absolutely not tell you anything you should not know, lest you become unable to stand firm. Do not cling to small things and thereby lose the important things—it truly is not worth it. Believe that I am the almighty God, and then everything will be accomplished and all will become easy and pleasant. This is how I do things. Whosoever believes, I allow him to see, and whosoever does not believe, I do not allow him to know, and I never let him understand. In Me there is no feeling or mercy, and no matter who offends My chastisement, I will certainly kill them without staying My hand, and I shall treat them all in the same way. I am the same toward everyone—I have no personal feelings and do not act on fleshly feelings. How could people not see My righteousness and majesty through this? This is My wisdom and My disposition, which no one can change and no one can completely know. My hands are always in command of everything, at all times, and I always arrange everything to do service for Me at My beck and call. Numerous people are rendering service on My behalf in order to fulfill My management plan, but in the end they see the blessings but cannot enjoy them—how pitiful! But no one can change My heart. This is My administrative decree (whenever administrative decrees are mentioned, this refers to something that no one can change, so when I speak in the future, if I have set My mind on something, then that most certainly is My administrative decree. Remember! Do not offend against this, lest you suffer loss), and it is also a part of My management plan. It is My own work, not something that just any man can do. I must do this—I must arrange this, which is sufficient to show My omnipotence and to manifest My wrath.

Most people still do not know and are not clear about My humanity. I have said it several times, but you are still hazy and do not understand much. But this is My work, and now, at this time, whosoever knows, knows, and whosoever does not know, I do not coerce. It can only be this way. I have spoken about it with clarity, and I will not talk of it again later (because I have said too much, and I have spoken very clearly. One who knows Me certainly has the work of the Holy Spirit and is undoubtedly one of My firstborn sons. One who does not know Me is decidedly not, proving that I have already withdrawn My Spirit from him). But in the end, I will make everyone know Me—completely know Me, both in My humanity and in My divinity. These are the steps of My work, and I must work this way. This is also My administrative decree. Everyone must call Me the only true God, and praise and joyfully acclaim Me without ceasing.

My management plan has already been fully completed, and everything has long since been accomplished. To human eyes, it looks as though a lot of My work is still in progress, but I have already arranged it properly, and all that awaits is its completion according to My steps one task at a time (this is because before the creation of the world I predestined who is able to stand firm under trial, who cannot be chosen and predestined by Me, and who cannot share in My suffering. Those who can share in My suffering—that is, those predestined and chosen by Me, I shall certainly keep them and enable them to transcend everything). I am clear in My heart about who is in each role. I am well aware of who renders service to Me, who is a firstborn son, and who is among My sons and My people. I know this like the back of My hand. Whoever I have said in the past is a firstborn son is still a firstborn son now, and whoever I have said in the past is not a firstborn son is still not a firstborn son now. Whatsoever I do, I do not regret, and do not easily change it. I mean what I say (in Me nothing is frivolous), and it never changes! Those who render service to Me always render service to Me: They are My cattle; they are My horses (but these people never have spiritual understanding; when I make use of them they are useful, but when I do not make use of them, I kill them. When I speak of cattle and horses, I mean those who lack spiritual understanding, who do not know Me, and who do not submit to Me, and even if they are obedient and submissive and simple and honest, they are still real cattle and horses). Now, most people are wanton and unfettered before Me, talking and laughing riotously, behaving irreverently—they only see My humanity, and not My divinity. In My humanity these behaviors can pass and I can bring Myself to pardon them, but in My divinity it is not so easy. In the future, I will decide that you have committed the sin of blasphemy. In other words, My humanity can be offended, but My divinity cannot, and whosoever conflicts with Me even in the slightest way, I will judge immediately, without any delay. Do not think that because you have associated for many years with this person that I am and have become familiar with Me, you can speak and act wantonly. I truly do not care! No matter who it is, I will treat them with righteousness. This is My righteousness.

My mysteries are revealed to people day by day, and they become clearer day by day, following the stages of revelation, which is sufficient to show the pace of My work. This is My wisdom (I do not say it directly. I enlighten My firstborn sons and blind the offspring of the great red dragon). Furthermore, today I will reveal My mystery to you through My Son. Things that are unimaginable to people I will reveal to you today, to let you know thoroughly and have a clear understanding. Moreover, this mystery exists in everyone outside of My firstborn sons, but no one can understand it. Although it is there within each person, no one can recognize it. What am I saying? In My work and in My utterances during this period, I often mention the great red dragon, Satan, devils, and the archangel. What are they? What are their relationships? What is manifested in these things? The manifestations of the great red dragon are resistance to Me, lack of understanding and comprehension of the meanings of My words, frequent persecution of Me, and seeking to use schemes to disrupt My management. Satan is manifested as follows: struggling with Me for power, wanting to possess My chosen people, and releasing negative words to mislead My people. The manifestations of devils (those who do not accept My name, who do not believe, are all devils) are as follows: coveting the pleasures of the flesh, indulging in evil lusts, living in bondage to Satan, some resisting Me and some supporting Me (but not proving they are My beloved sons). The manifestations of the archangel are as follows: speaking insolently, being ungodly, often adopting My tone to lecture people, focusing only on outwardly imitating Me, eating what I eat and using what I use; in short, wanting to be on equal footing with Me, being ambitious but lacking My caliber and not having My life, and being a piece of waste. Satan, devils, and the archangel are all typical demonstrations of the great red dragon, so those who are not predestined and chosen by Me are all the offspring of the great red dragon: This is absolutely how it is! These are all My enemies. (However, Satan’s disturbances are excluded. If your nature is My caliber, no one can change it. Because now you still live in the flesh, occasionally you will be faced with Satan’s temptations—this is inevitable—but you must always be careful.) Therefore, I will abandon all the offspring of the great red dragon outside of My firstborn sons. Their nature can never change—it is the caliber of Satan. It is devils that they manifest, and it is the archangel that they live out. This is completely true. The great red dragon I speak of is not a big red dragon; rather it is the evil spirit in opposition to Me, for which the “great red dragon” is a synonym. So, all the spirits other than the Holy Spirit are evil spirits, and can also be said to be the offspring of the great red dragon. This should all be crystal clear to everyone.

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