Chapter 95

People imagine everything to be extremely simple, when in fact this is not the case. There are hidden mysteries contained within everything, as well as My wisdom and My arrangements. No detail is overlooked, and all are arranged by Myself. The judgment of the great day befalls all those who do not love Me sincerely (remember, the judgment of the great day is aimed at every person who receives this name) and causes them to weep and gnash their teeth. This sound of wailing comes from Hades and from hell; it is not people weeping, but demons. It is My judgment that brings this weeping, that brings My management plan’s final salvation for people. I used to hold some hopes for some people. But looking now, I must forsake these people one by one, for this is the stage My work has reached, and this is something no one can change. All those who are not My firstborn sons or My people must be forsaken and must get away from Me! You must understand that, in China, apart from My firstborn sons and My people, all the others are the offspring of the great red dragon and are to be discarded. You must all understand, China is after all a nation cursed by Me, and a few of My people there are nothing more than those that render service for My future work. To say it another way, apart from My firstborn sons, there is no one else—they are all to perish. Do not think that I am too extreme in My deeds—this is My administrative decree. Those who suffer My curses are objects of My hatred, and this is set in stone. I make no mistakes; if I see someone who displeases Me, I will kick them out; that is sufficient proof that you are cursed by Me and are a descendant of the great red dragon. Let Me impress upon you again—there are only My firstborn sons in China (besides My people who render service) and this is My administrative decree. But My firstborn sons are so few and have all been predestined by Me—I know what it is I do. I do not fear your negativity and I do not fear that you will turn around and bite Me, for I have My administrative decrees and I have wrath. That is to say, I hold the great disasters in My hand and I fear nothing, as I regard all things to be already achieved, and when that day arrives I will deal with you thoroughly. One cannot be perfected or edified by man into becoming a firstborn son of Mine—this matter rests entirely on My predestination. Whoever I say is a firstborn son is a firstborn son; do not try to compete for it or seize it. All things rest on Me, the almighty God Himself.

One day I will allow you all to see what My administrative decrees are and what My wrath is (all will bend the knee to Me, all will worship Me, all will beg Me for forgiveness and all will abide in submission; I now only allow My firstborn sons to see a part of it). I will make all offspring of the great red dragon see that I have selected many to be sacrificed (everyone except My firstborn sons) in order to perfect My firstborn sons, that I have made the great red dragon fall prey to its own cunning scheme. (In My management plan, the great red dragon sends forth those who render service for Me—that being everyone except My firstborn sons—to disrupt My management plan; yet it has fallen prey to its own cunning scheme, and they all render service to My work. This is a part of the true meaning of My mobilizing all to render service for Me.) Today, when all things have been achieved, I will dispose of them all, crush them beneath My feet, and through this I shall humiliate the great red dragon and make it utterly ashamed (they attempt to bluff their way through to gain blessings, but they never thought that they would render service for Me)—this is My wisdom. Hearing this, people think I am without feelings or mercy, and that I have no humanity. I am indeed without feelings or mercy toward Satan, and furthermore I am the God Himself who transcends humanity. How can you say I am a God with humanity? Do you not know that I am not of the world? Do you not know that I am above all things? Apart from My firstborn sons, there is no one like Me, no one who has My disposition (a disposition that is not human, but divine), and no one who possesses My caliber.

When the gate to the spiritual realm is opened, you will see all mysteries, enabling you to enter completely into a free realm, to enter into My loving embrace and into My everlasting blessings. My hands have always supported mankind. But there is a part of mankind that I shall save and a part that I shall not save. (I say “support” because without My support, the entire world would long ago have fallen into Hades.) Realize this! This is My management plan. And what is My management plan? I created mankind, but I never planned to gain every single person, only to gain a small part of mankind. So why did I create so many people? I have said before that, with Me, all is freedom and release, and I do whatever I wish. When I created mankind, it was only so that they could live a normal life and then there could arise a small part of mankind that would be My firstborn sons, My sons and My people. It can be said that all people, events, and objects—apart from My firstborn sons, My people and My sons—are all service-doers and must all perish. In this way, My entire management plan will be concluded. This is My management plan, it is My work and it is the steps by which I act. When everything is over I will be completely at rest. At that time, everything will be fine; everything will be peaceful and secure.

The pace of My work is so very fast that it is beyond human imagination. It changes day by day and whoever cannot keep up will suffer loss; one can only hold fast to the new light every day (although there is never any change in My administrative decrees, as well as the visions and the truth I fellowship). Why do I speak every day? Why do I constantly enlighten you? Do you understand the true meaning within? Most people are still now laughing and joking and cannot be serious. They simply pay no attention whatsoever to My words, but just feel a passing anxiety when they hear them. Afterward, My words are soon forgotten and they are soon unaware of their own identity and they become careless. Do you know what your status is? Whether someone renders service for Me or is predestined and chosen by Me is administered only by My hands; no one can alter this—I must do this Myself, I must choose and predestine them Myself. Who dares say I am an unwise God? Every word I say and everything I do are My wisdom. Who dares to once again disrupt My management or destroy My plans? I shall certainly not forgive them! Time rests in My hands and I fear no delay; am I not the One who decides the time when My management plan will end? Does it not all rest upon a single thought of Mine? When I say it is done, it is done, and when I say it ends, it ends. I am in no rush and I shall make appropriate arrangements. People must not poke their noses into My work and they must not do things for Me whichever way they please. I curse whoever pokes their nose in—this is one of My administrative decrees. I Myself do My work and I need no one else (I allow those service-doers to act, otherwise they would not dare to act rashly or blindly). All work is arranged by Me, and is decided by Me, for I am the one God Himself.

All nations of the world vie with each other for power and profit, and fight over land, but do not be alarmed, for all these things are in My service. And why do I say they are in My service? I do things without lifting a finger. To judge Satans, I first make them dispute amongst themselves and in the end bring them to ruin and make them fall prey to their own cunning schemes (they wish to vie with Me for power, but they end up rendering service for Me). I only speak and give My orders, and everyone does what I tell you to do, or else I will destroy you at once. These things are all a part of My judgment, for I command all things, and all things are ordained by Me. Whoever does anything does so involuntarily, doing so by My own arrangement. I hope that you can be full of My wisdom in the events that will soon befall. Do not take a reckless approach, but draw closer to Me more often when things befall you; be more careful and cautious in all respects to avoid offending My chastisement, and to avoid falling prey to Satan’s cunning schemes. You should gain insights from My words, know what I am, and see what I have. You must do things according to My meaningful looks and must not act recklessly. Do what I do, and say what I say. I say these things to you in advance so that you can avoid making mistakes and avoid being tempted. What are “My being” and “My possessions”? Do you really know? The pain I suffer is a part of My being, as it is a part of My normal humanity, and My being can also be found in My complete divinity—do you know this? My being is made up of two aspects: One aspect is that of My humanity, while the other is that of My complete divinity. Only these two aspects combined together make the complete God Himself. What My complete divinity is also includes a good many things: I suffer no restraint by any person, matter, or thing; I transcend all environments; I am beyond any restriction of time or space or geography; I know all people, matters, and things truly, like the back of My hand; and yet I am still flesh and bones, and I exist in a tangible form; I am still this person in people’s eyes, but the nature has changed—it is not flesh, but body. These things are just a small part of it. All My firstborn sons will also be like this in the future; this is the path that must be trodden, and those who have been doomed cannot escape. While I am doing this, all those who have not been predestined will be kicked out (for this is Satan testing Me to see whether My words are accurate). Those who are predestined cannot escape it no matter where they go, and you will see thereby the principles behind this deed of Mine. “My possessions” refers to My wisdom, My knowledge, My resourcefulness and every word I say. Both My humanity and My divinity possess it. That is to say, all that which is done by My humanity as well as that which is done by My divinity is My possessions; no one can take these things away nor remove them; they are in My possession, and no one can change them. This is My most severe administrative decree (for in the notions of man, many things I do are not in conformity with their notions and are beyond human understanding; this is the decree that every single person offends most easily and it is also the most severe. Therefore their lives therein suffer loss). I shall say again, you must take a conscientious approach to that which I exhort you to do—you must not be careless!

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