Chapter 94

I return to Zion with My firstborn sons—do you really understand the true meaning of these words? As I have once and again reminded you, I want you to grow up quickly and reign with Me. Do you remember? These things are all related directly to My incarnation: From Zion, I came into the world in the flesh, in order to gain through the flesh a group of people who are of one mind with Me, and having done so, I will return to Zion. This means we still need to return from the flesh to the original body. This is the true meaning of “returning to Zion.” This is also the true meaning and focus of My entire management plan, and even more, it is the most important part of My management plan, which no one can block, and which will be achieved immediately. When in the flesh, one can never cast off human notions and thinking, and much less can one cast off the earthly air or cast off the dust, and one will always be clay; only in the body can one be eligible to enjoy blessings. What are blessings? Do you remember? In the flesh, there can be no consideration of blessings, so the path from the flesh to the body is one every firstborn son must follow. In the flesh, you are oppressed and persecuted by the great red dragon (which is because you have no power and have gained no glory), but in the body, it will be very different, and you will be proud and elated. The days of oppression will be entirely done, and you will be forever released and set free. Only in this way can I join what I am and what I have into you. Otherwise, you will only have My caliber. No matter how a person imitates another person externally, they cannot be exactly the same. Only in the holy spiritual body (meaning the body) can we be exactly the same (which refers to having the same caliber, the same being, the same possessions, and being able to be of one mind, united, undivided, and unpartitioned, for all is the holy spiritual body).

Why have you now begun to hate the world, to be disgusted with eating, dressing, and all such manner of irritating things, and moreover, cannot wait to be rid of them? This is a sign that you will enter into the spiritual realm (the body). You all have premonitions of this (though they differ in degree). I will make use of different people, different events, and different things, all in service of My most crucial step, and these shall all render service for Me. I must do so. (Of course, I cannot accomplish this in the flesh, and only My Spirit Himself can do this work, because the time has not yet arrived.) This is the final bit of function that the entire universe world serves. Everyone shall praise Me and acclaim Me joyfully. My great work is complete. The seven bowls of plagues pour out from My hand, the seven thunders peal, the seven trumpets sound, and the seven seals are opened—to the universe world, to all nations and all peoples, and to the mountains, the rivers, and all things. What are the seven bowls of plagues? What is their precise target? Why do I say they will pour out from My hand? A long time will pass before everyone is utterly convinced, before everyone understands completely. Even if I told you now, you would only understand a small part. According to human imagination, the seven bowls of plagues are aimed at all the countries and peoples of the world, but this is not, in fact, the case. “Seven bowls of plagues” refers to the influence of Satan and devils, and to the conspiracy of the great red dragon (the object that I use to render service for Me). At that time, I will release Satan and the great red dragon to chastise the sons and the people, and it will thereby be revealed who the sons are and who the people are. The misled are those who were not targets of My predestination, while My firstborn sons will at that time be reigning with Me. In this way, I will make complete the sons and the people. The pouring out of the seven bowls of plagues will not bear on all nations and all peoples, but only on My sons and My people. Blessings do not come easily; a full price must be paid. When the sons and the people grow up, the seven bowls of plagues will be cleared away entirely, and afterward, they will not exist. What is the “seven thunders pealing”? This is not hard to understand. At the moment My firstborn sons and I become the body, the seven thunders will peal. This will shake the entire universe, as if heaven and earth were being turned upside down. Everyone will know this; no one will remain ignorant of it. At that time, My firstborn sons and I will be together in glory and begin the next step of work. Many people will kneel down for mercy and forgiveness because of the peal of the seven thunders. But it will no longer be the Age of Grace: It will be the time for wrath. As for all who do evil (being those who fornicate, or deal in dirty money, or have unclear boundaries with the opposite sex, or who disrupt or damage My management, or who do not have spiritual understanding, or who are possessed by evil spirits, and so on—all except My elect), none will be let off, nor any pardoned, but cast down, each and every one of them, to Hades, where they will perish forever! “The seven trumpets sounding” does not refer to a great, hostile environment, nor does it refer to any declaration to the world; these are entirely human notions. “The seven trumpets” refers to My wrathful utterance. When My voice (majestic judgment and wrathful judgment) issues forth, the seven trumpets sound. (In the context of right now, in My home, this is the most severe, and no one can escape it.) And all demons in Hades and hell, great and small, will take their heads in their hands and flee in all directions, weeping and gnashing their teeth, ashamed and with nowhere to hide. At the moment, it is not the seven trumpets beginning to sound, but My raging fury and My most severe judgment, which no one can escape and all must undergo. At this time, what has been revealed is not the contents of the seven seals. The seven seals are the blessings you will enjoy in the future. “The opening” refers only to informing you of them, but you have not yet enjoyed these blessings. When you do enjoy these blessings, then you will know the contents of the seven seals. You are now just touching on a part that is not yet complete. I can only tell each step as it arises during future work, so you will experience it personally and feel an incomparable glory, and you will exist in a state of endless ecstasy.

To be able to enjoy the blessings of firstborn sons is neither an easy thing nor something the average person can achieve. I will emphasize once again and say more forcefully that I must make strict demands of My firstborn sons. Otherwise, they could not glorify My name. I resolutely reject whoever is disreputable in the world, and even more do I reject anyone who is promiscuous. (They have no part in becoming God’s people—to this I give particular emphasis.) Do not think that what you did in the past is over and done with—how could there be such a good thing! Is it so simple to gain the status of firstborn son? I reject in the same way any who are against Me, any who do not recognize Me in My flesh, any who interfere with Me as I do My will, and any who persecute Me—this is how harsh I am (because I have taken back My power completely)! Finally, in the same way do I reject anyone who has never had any setbacks in life. I want those who, like Me, have emerged from their afflictions, even if they are small afflictions. If they have not, then they are the sort that I will kick out. Do not be shameless, wanting to be My firstborn son, parading yourself before Me. Get away from Me, quickly! You have previously told Me trivial matters, seeking to win My pleasure! This is blindness! Do you not know that I hate you, you worthless wretch? Do you think I do not know your underhanded dealings? You hide again and again! Do you not know that you have shown your devil face? Though people cannot see it, do you think I cannot? Those who render service to Me are not good; they are a bunch of worthless wretches. I must deal with them. I will throw them into the bottomless pit and burn them up!

You speak in an ungodly manner, act faithlessly, and do not cooperate properly with others; that such a person still wishes to be a king—are you not dreaming? Are you not delusional? Do you not see what you are? You are a worthless wretch! Is there any use for such a person? Hurry away from My sight! Everyone should understand what I say clearly, be inspired by My words, recognize My omnipotence, and know My wisdom. It has often been said that the holy spiritual body has appeared. Ultimately, would you say that the holy spiritual body has appeared or not? Is what I say empty talk? What is the holy spiritual body? In what circumstances does the holy spiritual body exist? To humans, it is unimaginable and cannot be comprehended. I tell you: I am flawless, and in Me all is open, and everything is released (because I act wisely and I speak freely). Among My actions, none is shameful, and all are done in the light, so that everyone can be convinced utterly. Moreover, no man can take hold of anything within them to use them against Me. That is an explanation of the “holy” in “the holy spiritual body.” So, I have repeatedly stressed that I do not want any who do shameful things. This is an item of My administrative decrees, and it is also a part of My disposition. “The spiritual body” refers to My utterances. What I say always has purpose, always has wisdom, but is not subject to constraints. (I say what I want to say, and it is My Spirit uttering His voice, and it is My person speaking.) What I say is released freely, and when it does not meet people’s notions, then that is the time to reveal people. This is My proper arrangement. Therefore, whenever the person that I am speaks or acts, it is always a good opportunity to expose the substance of Satan. When the person that I am has been anointed, the holy spiritual body emerges. In the future, “the holy spiritual body” will refer to the body, and there are two aspects in this meaning. There is one aspect of the meaning at present, and there is another aspect of the meaning in the future. But in the future, the holy spiritual body will be very different from the present—the difference will be as that between heaven and earth. No one can fathom it, and I will have to reveal it to you personally.

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