Chapter 93

Reality is achieved before one’s eyes, and every single thing has already been achieved; the pace of My work quickens, rising high, like a rocket after launch. No one ever expected this. Only after things come to pass will you understand the true meaning of My words. The offspring of the great red dragon are no exception, and they must be made to witness My wondrous deeds with their own eyes. Do not think that because you are certain of Me after having seen My deeds, I will not forsake you—it is not that simple! I shall certainly fulfill the words I have said and the events I have decided, and they will not return to Me void. In China, apart from the minority who are My firstborn sons, there are few who are My people. So today, I say clearly to you (the offspring of the great red dragon, who have persecuted Me most terribly) that you must not hold onto any great hopes, and that the focus of My work (since the creation of the world) has been on My firstborn sons and on several nations beyond China. For this reason, when My firstborn sons are grown, My will shall be achieved. (Once My firstborn sons are grown, all things will be done, for the task ahead is given to them.) I now allow these people to see a portion of My wondrous deeds only to shame the great red dragon. These people are simply not able to take pleasure in that but can only be happy that they render service to Me. And they have no alternative, for I have My administrative decrees and none dare offend them.

I will now fellowship about some situations involving the coming of foreigners, so that you may have foreknowledge, properly prepare everything to bear witness to My name, and go stand above them and rule them. (I say “stand above them and rule them” because the greatest among them is still the least among you.) These people have all gained the revelation of the Holy Spirit, and in the future, they will all crowd together into China, as if by prior arrangement. The great red dragon is taken unawares and tries its utmost to resist, but remember one thing! My management plan has been realized completely, and nothing and no man dare obstruct My steps. I give them revelation at all times, and they act by following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They will certainly not suffer the bondage of the great red dragon, for in Me, all is released and set free. I have arranged all things appropriately, waiting for you to do the preparatory work to shepherd them. I have said so all along, but most of you still only half believe. How about now? You are dumbfounded, are you not?

These things are all secondary; the main thing is your completing all preparatory work as soon as possible. Do not be alarmed. The One who does the work is Me and, when the time comes, I shall do My work Myself. I have smashed the great red dragon to pieces. That is to say, My Spirit has withdrawn from all people, apart from My firstborn sons (and now it is easier to reveal who are the offspring of the great red dragon). These people have finished rendering service to Me, and I will send them back to the bottomless pit. (This means that I will use none of them. From now on, My firstborn sons will be completely revealed, and those who are by My side and who are fit for My use shall be My firstborn sons.) My firstborn sons, you officially enjoy the blessings I bestow on you (for all those I detest have shown their true colors), and henceforth there will be no instances of defiance against Me among you. You are genuinely, one-hundred-percent certain about Me. (Only today is this completely accomplished, and I preordained this time.) All that you hold in your hearts and minds is endless love and fear of Me, and you praise Me and give glory to Me at all times. You truly are living under the care and protection of My love in the third heaven. What unparalleled bliss and happiness! It is another realm, one that people find hard to imagine—the true, spiritual realm!

All disasters arise in succession, each more severe than the last, and the situation grows tenser by the day. This is only the beginning of the disasters; the more severe disasters that are to come are unimaginable to man. Let My sons sort them out; this is My administrative decree, and I arranged it long ago. All signs and wonders, never before seen by man, arise from Me, appearing one after another to all peoples (meaning all the people of My kingdom). But this is something that will happen in the near future. Do not be anxious. This entering the kingdom, of which everyone has spoken—what state is it to enter the kingdom? And what is the kingdom? Is it a physical city? You misunderstand. The kingdom is not on earth, nor in the physical sky, but the spiritual realm that man cannot see or touch. Only those who, having accepted My name, are made entirely complete by Me and enjoy My blessings will be able to enter it. The spiritual realm, often mentioned before, is the surface of the kingdom. Truly entering the kingdom, however, is not an easy matter. Those who enter it must obtain My promise and must be people I have predestined and chosen Myself. Therefore, the spiritual realm is not a place where people can come and go as they please. People’s understanding of this used to be so superficial, and consisted purely of the notions of man. Only those who enter the kingdom can enjoy blessings, so not only is man unable to enjoy these blessings, but more than that, he is unable to see them. This is My final administrative decree.

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