Chapter 117

You are the One who opens the scroll, and You are the One who breaks the seven seals, because all mysteries come from You and all blessings are revealed by You. I am bound to love You for eternity, and I am bound to make all peoples worship You, because You are My person; You are a part of My bountiful and complete manifestation, an indispensable part of My body. Therefore, I must give special testimony. Who else besides the One within My person conforms to My will? It is not You Yourself who bears witness for You, but My Spirit that bears witness for You, and I will certainly not forgive whoever dares to defy You, for this concerns My administrative decrees. All that You say, I will certainly accomplish, and all that You think, I will surely accept. If someone is not loyal to You, then they are openly resisting Me, and I will certainly not forgive them. I will severely chastise all who resist My Son, and I will bless those who are compatible with You. This is the authority that I confer on You. In that which was spoken of in the past—the demands and standards placed on the firstborn sons—You are the exemplar. That is to say, as You are, so shall I demand the firstborn sons be. This is not something that humans can do, but rather it is what My Spirit Himself does. If anyone believes that it is humans who are bearing witness for You, then that creature is without doubt the ilk of Satan and My enemy! Therefore, the testimony is conclusive, eternally immutable, and it is that which the Holy Spirit confirms! No one may lightly alter it, and whosoever does, I shall not forgive! Since humans cannot bear witness for Me, I Myself bear witness for My person, and people must not interfere with My work! These are words of severe judgment, and every single person must be mindful of them!

You should consider and take note of every detail in what I say. Do not treat My words casually, but listen carefully. Why do I say that the firstborn sons are My person and an indispensable part of My kingdom? Before all ages, we lived together and were never separated. Because of Satan’s disturbances, after I was incarnated the first time I returned to Zion. Proceeding from this, we all came into the world, and after I win victory in the last days—that is, after I regain you from the flesh that Satan has corrupted—I will bring you back to Zion so that My person may reunite, never to be separated. After that I will not be incarnated again, and you will surely not come out of My body. That is to say, thereafter I will not create the world again, but will remain forever inseparable from My firstborn sons in Zion, for everything has now been thoroughly completed, and I am about to conclude the entire old age. It is only in Zion that there is the life of the new heaven and earth, for My person exists in Zion. There will be no more new heavens or new earths that exist apart from this. I am the new heaven, and I am also the new earth, because My person fills all Zion. It may also be said that My firstborn sons are the new heaven, My firstborn sons are the new earth. My firstborn sons and I are of one body, inseparable. To speak of Me necessarily includes the firstborn sons, and I will surely not forgive anyone who tries to separate us. When I make all nations and peoples return before My throne, all Satans will be thoroughly disgraced and all foul demons will back away from Me. Then it is certain that righteousness will exist among all peoples (meaning among My sons and people), and it is certain that there will be none of Satan’s disturbances among all nations, for I will be governing all nations and peoples, I will be wielding power over the entire universe world, and all Satans will be thoroughly devastated, entirely defeated, and receiving the punishment of My administrative decrees.

I am proceeding with My work among all peoples, but they have only the enlightenment of My Spirit, and there is no one among them qualified to unveil My mysteries, no one qualified to express Me. Only the One who comes from Me is qualified to do My work—as for the rest, I only use them temporarily. My Spirit will not descend upon a person arbitrarily, for everything in Me is precious. For My Spirit to descend upon someone and for My Spirit to work on someone are completely different things. My Spirit works on people who are outside of Me, but My Spirit descends upon the One who comes from Me. These are two completely unconnected matters. For the One who comes from Me is holy, but those who are outside of Me are not holy, no matter how good they may be. My Spirit will not descend upon someone for any small reason. People should not be worried. I make no mistakes, and I am one hundred percent certain about what I do! As I have testified for Him, I will surely also protect Him; that One definitely comes from Me and is indispensable to My person. Therefore, I hope people set aside their own notions, relinquish any ideas given by Satan, believe My every utterance to be true, and do not give way to doubts in their minds. This is My commission to humanity, My exhortation to humanity. Everyone must adhere to these things, everyone must sincerely obey them, and everyone must take what I say to be the standard.

I am not only to start My work among all nations and peoples, but also to start My work everywhere in the universe world, and this shows even more that the day for My return to Zion is not far off (because it is necessary for Me to return to Zion before I can start the work among all peoples and throughout the universe world). Is there anyone who can fathom the steps of My work and the way that I work? The reasons I say I will meet with foreigners in the spirit are because this fundamentally cannot be done in the flesh, and because I am unwilling to risk dangers for the second time. These are the reasons for communing with foreigners in the spirit. This is to be in the true spiritual realm, not some vague spiritual realm as imagined by those[a] living in the flesh. What I say at that time will be different merely in the way I speak, as I will be speaking within a different age. Therefore, I am reminding humanity again and again to take notice of the way that I speak, and I remind humanity also that there are mysteries in what I say that people cannot unveil. But no one understands why I say these things, and it is only because I tell you this today that you are able to understand a little, but still not completely. After this stage in My work, I will inform you step by step. (I still want to cast out some people through this, so I will not say anything for now.) This is the method of the next step in My work. Everyone should take notice and see clearly that I am God Himself who is wise.


a. The original text does not contain the phrase “as imagined by those.”

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