Chapter 116

Among My words, there are many that make people afraid. Many of My words make people tremble with dread, and many of My words make people suffer and lose hope, and even more cause people’s destruction. No one can fathom the abundance of My words or grasp it clearly. It is only when, sentence by sentence, I tell you My words and reveal them to you that you learn the general state of affairs, while remaining unclear about the true countenance of specific facts. Thus, I will use facts to reveal all My words, thereby allowing you greater understanding. Considering the style of My speech, I am not only speaking with My words, but even more so, I am acting with My words; this is the true meaning of “words and accomplishments occurring simultaneously.” For with Me everything is free, and everything is released, and on this foundation, all that I do is filled with wisdom. I do not speak carelessly, nor do I act carelessly. (Whether in humanity or divinity, I speak and act with wisdom, because My humanity is an inseparable part of Myself.) Yet when I speak, no one pays attention to the tone of My speech; when I act, no one pays attention to the method of My work. This is man’s shortcoming. I will reveal My might upon all men, not only upon My firstborn sons, but even more will I reveal My might within all nations and among all peoples; only doing so is powerful testimony that shames Satan. I do not act foolishly. Most people think that My witness for the firstborn sons is a mistake; they say that there are other Gods outside of Me, that I act senselessly, that I degrade Myself; and in this, man’s corruption is even more exposed. Could I be mistaken in bearing witness for the firstborn sons? You say I am wrong, so can you testify? If it were not for My elevation, My testimony, you would still push My Son beneath you, still treat Him with cold indifference, and still treat Him as your servant. You herd of swine! I will dispose of each of you in turn! No one will be let off! Tell Me, what kind of things are they that are incompatible with a person possessed of normal humanity? Without a doubt, they are swine! I simply cannot stand the sight of them. Had I waited for your testimony, My work would have already been delayed! You herd of swine! You have simply no humanity at all! I do not need you to do service for Me! Get out of here, this instant! You have bullied and oppressed My Son for so long; I will trample you into pulp! See what happens if you dare to be wild again; see what happens if you dare to shame Me again! I have already accomplished My great work; I ought to turn back and dispose of this herd of beasts!

All is accomplished in My hands (as far as those whom I love are concerned), and all is also destroyed in My hands (as far as those beasts I hate are concerned, and those people, matters, and things that I despise). I let My firstborn sons see all that I will do, let them understand thoroughly and therein see all I have done since coming out from Zion. Afterward, we will enter together into Mount Zion, enter the place where we were before the eras, and live our lives anew. From then on, there will be no more contact with the world and this herd of swine, but complete freedom; all will be unimpeded and without hindrance. Who dares to resist any of My firstborn sons? Who dares to continue opposing My firstborn sons? I will not let them off easily! However you feared Me in the past, that is how you must fear My firstborn sons today. Do not be one way in front of Me and another behind Me; I see how each person is with crystal clarity. Not to be loyal to My Son is not to be filial to Me, which is an obvious fact, for We are of one body. If someone is good to Me but holds a different attitude toward My firstborn sons, then they are, without doubt, a typical descendant of the great red dragon, because they break up the body of Christ; this sin can never be pardoned! Each of you must see this. It is your duty to witness Me, and more than that, it is your obligation to witness the firstborn sons. None of you shall shirk your responsibility; I will dispose of whoever disrupts at once! Do not think yourself anything special. I tell you now: Whoever is most so, they shall be the target of My strictest punishment! Whoever is most so has the least hope, and is most a son of perdition. I will forever chastise you!

All My work is done personally by My Spirit, and I do not allow any of the ilk of Satan to interfere. This is to avoid disturbing My plans. At the end, I will let both adults and children rise and praise Me and My firstborn sons, praise My wonderful deeds, and praise the manifestation of My person. I will let the sound of praise reverberate in the whole universe and unto the ends of the earth, shaking mountains, rivers, and all things, and I will humiliate Satan thoroughly. I will use My testimony to destroy the entire filthy and vile old world, and build a holy and undefiled new world. (In saying the sun, the moon, the stars, and the celestial bodies will not change in the future, I do not mean that the old world still exists, but that the entire world will be destroyed and the old world will be replaced. I do not mean to replace the universe.) Only then will it be a world aligned with My will; within it, there will not be the kind of repression there is today, nor will there be the current phenomenon of people exploiting one another. Rather, there will be complete fairness and reasonableness within the flesh. (Although I say there will be fairness and reasonableness, it will be within the flesh; it will be very different from My kingdom—as different as heaven and earth; there is simply no way to compare the two—after all, the human world is the human world, and the spiritual realm is the spiritual realm.) At that time, My firstborn sons and I will exercise jurisdiction over such a world (in this world, there will be no disturbance from Satan, because Satan will have been entirely disposed of by Me), but our lives will still be lives of the kingdom, which no one can deny. Throughout the ages, there has never been any human being (no matter how loyal) who has experienced this kind of life, because throughout the ages, there has been no one to act as My firstborn son, and they will still render service for Me later. Although these service-doers are loyal, they are ultimately descendants of Satan that have been conquered by Me, so after the death of the flesh, they are still born into the human world to do service for Me; this is the true meaning of “the sons are after all the sons, and the service-doers are after all the descendants of Satan.” Throughout the ages, it is unknown how many people are there to do service for the firstborn sons of today; of all the service-doers, none can run away, and I will make them do service for Me forever. Considering their natures, they are all children of Satan, and they all resist Me, and although they do service for Me, they are forced to, and none of them has any alternative. This is because everything is controlled by My hand, and the service-doers I use must render service for Me until the end. Thus, there are still many people today who have the same nature as the prophets and apostles of the ages, because they are of one spirit. Thus, there are still many loyal service-doers who run about for Me, but in the end (for six thousand years, they have been doing service for Me constantly, so these people belong among the service-doers), no one can attain that which all throughout the ages have hoped for, because what I have prepared is not for them.

Everything of Mine has already been accomplished before the eyes; I will have My firstborn sons return to My home and return to My side, to be reunited. Because I have returned triumphant and victorious and I have fully obtained glory, I come to bring you back. In the past, some people predicted “five wise virgins and five foolish virgins.” Although this prediction is not accurate, neither is it entirely wrong—thus, I may offer you some explanation. “Five wise virgins and five foolish virgins” together represent neither a number of people nor a type of person. “Five wise virgins” refers to a number of people, and “five foolish virgins” represents one type of person, but neither refers to the firstborn sons. Rather, they represent created beings. This is why they have been asked to prepare oil in the last days. (Created beings do not possess My caliber; if they want to be wise ones, they need to prepare oil, and thus they need to be equipped with My words.) “Five wise virgins” represent My sons and My people among the humans I created. They are called “virgins” because they are gained by Me, despite being born on earth; one might call them holy, so they are called “virgins.” The aforementioned “five” represents the number of My sons and My people that I have predestined. “Five foolish virgins” refers to the service-doers, for they do service for Me without attaching the slightest importance to life, pursuing only external things (because they do not have My caliber, no matter what they do, it is an external thing), and they are unable to be My capable helpers, so they are called “foolish virgins.” The aforementioned “five” represents Satan, and the fact they are called “virgins” means they have been conquered by Me and are able to do service for Me—but such people are not holy, so they are called service-doers.

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