Chapter 78

I have said before that I am the One doing the work, not any single human being. With Me, everything is relaxed and happy, but with you, things are very different; you encounter extreme difficulty in everything you do. Anything I approve, I shall certainly accomplish; anyone I approve, I shall perfect. Human beings: Do not meddle in My work! You only need to act while following My lead, doing what I love, rejecting all that I hate, extracting yourselves from sin, and throwing yourselves into My loving embrace. I am not boasting to you, nor am I exaggerating; this is actually the truth. If I say I am going to destroy the world, then in the time it takes for you to blink, the world will turn into ashes. You are often overly anxious, and add to your own burdens, deeply afraid that My words are empty. Thus, you run around trying to “find a way out” for Me. Blind! Foolish! You do not even know your own worth, yet you attempt to be My counselor. Are you worthy? Take a good look in the mirror!

Let Me tell you something! The timid must be chastised for their timidity, while the supremely faithful will earn blessings for their faith. To be clear, the most crucial point right now is faith. Before the blessings that will come upon you have been revealed, you need—right now—to sacrifice everything in order to expend for Me. This is precisely the aspect to which “obtaining blessings” and “suffering calamity” refer. My sons! Are My words still engraved in your hearts? “To those who sincerely expend for Me, I shall surely bless you greatly.” Today, do you truly understand the meaning that dwells within? I do not speak empty words; from now on, nothing will be concealed. That is, the things that used to be hidden in My words will now be told to you, one by one, without any concealment whatsoever. Furthermore, each word will be My true meaning, not to mention that revealing all people, events, and things hidden before Me will be done easily and will not at all be difficult for Me. Everything I do contains an aspect of My normal humanity as well as an aspect of My complete divinity. Do you truly have a clear understanding of these words? This is why I keep reiterating that you should not be in too much of a hurry. Revealing a person or thing is not difficult for Me, and there is always a time for it. Is that not so? So many people have had their true forms exposed before Me. Whether they are fox-spirits, dogs, or wolves, they all reveal their true forms at a specific time that I determine, because everything I do is part of My plan. On this point you must have a perfectly clear understanding!

Do you really understand what the saying “The time is not far off” refers to? In the past, you always thought that it referred to My day, but you have all been interpreting My words based on your notions. Let Me tell you! From now on, anyone who misinterprets My words is undoubtedly absurd! The words I uttered, “The time is not far off,” refer to your days of enjoying blessings; that is, the days in which all evil spirits shall be destroyed and kicked out of My church and all human ways of doing things shall be rejected. Moreover, this expression refers to the days when all great disasters shall descend. Remember this! It is all great disasters; misinterpret this no longer. My great disasters shall descend from My hands upon the entire world at once. Those who have gained My name will be blessed, and will certainly not have to endure such suffering. Do you still remember that? Do you understand what I am talking about? The time that I speak is precisely the time that I begin to work (when the great disasters have descended, at just such a time). You do not truly understand My intentions. Do you know why I place such strict demands on you, without showing you any leniency at all? Right when the international situation is tense, and while the (so-called) ones in power within China are making all preparations, this is the exact same time that a time bomb is about to explode. Those of the seven nations seeking the true way will desperately surge into China like water through the floodgates, regardless of the cost. Some have been chosen by Me, and others are meant to do service for Me, but there is no firstborn son among them. This is My doing! This was already a done deal when I created the world. Get rid of your human notions. Do not assume that I am speaking nonsense! What I think about is what I have already accomplished, and My plan is something I have already accomplished, too. Are you clear on this?

All of everything rests with My thoughts and with My plan. My son! I chose you for your sake and, moreover, because I love you. Whoever dares to disobey in thought, or give rise to jealousy, shall die by My curse and burning. This involves the administrative decrees of My kingdom, because the kingdom of this day has already been formed. However, My son, you must be cautious and should not treat this as a sort of capital. You should be considerate of your Father’s heart and, through this, appreciate your Father’s painstaking efforts. From this, My son must understand what kind of person I love the most, what kind of person I love second, what kind of person I hate the most, and what kind of person I loathe. Do not keep heaping pressure upon yourself. Whatever disposition you have was prearranged by Me, and is a revelation of one aspect of My divine disposition. Cast off your misgivings! I do not harbor hatred toward you. How should I say this? Do you still not understand? Are you still constrained by your fears? Who is loyal, who is passionate, who is honest, who is deceitful—I know it all, for as I have said before, I know the situation of the saints like the back of My hand.

In My eyes, everything has long been accomplished and revealed. (I am the God who scrutinizes people’s innermost hearts; My purpose is simply to show you the aspect of My normal humanity.) However, from your perspective, all is still hidden and nothing has been accomplished. This is completely due to the fact that you do not know Me. All is in My hands, all is beneath My feet, and My eyes scrutinize all things; who can escape My judgment? All those who are unclean, those who have things to hide, those who judge behind My back, those who harbor resistance in their hearts, and so forth—all these people whom I deem not precious with My eyes must kneel before Me and unburden themselves. Perhaps, after hearing this, some will be slightly motivated, while others will not take this as such a serious matter. I warn you! May the wise hasten to repent! If you are a fool, then just you wait! When the time comes, just see who it is that will suffer calamity!

Heaven is still the original heaven, and earth is still the original earth, but in My view, both have already changed, and are no longer the heaven and earth they once were. What does heaven refer to? Do you know? And what does the heaven of today refer to? What did the heaven of the past refer to? Let Me communicate this to you: The heaven of the past referred to the God you believed in but whom no one had seen, and He was the God in whom people believed with genuine sincerity (because they could not see Him). The heaven of today, on the other hand, refers to both My normal humanity and My complete divinity; that is, it refers to this practical God Himself. Both are the same God, so why do I say I am the new heaven? This is all directed at man’s notions. The earth of today refers to where you are situated. The earth of the past did not have a single place that was holy, whereas the places you visit today have been set apart as holy. This is why I say this is a new earth. “New” here means “holy.” The new heaven and earth have now been completely realized. Do you get it now? I shall reveal all mysteries to you, page by page. Do not be in a rush, and even greater mysteries shall be revealed to you!

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