Chapter 77

Being uncertain of My words is tantamount to holding an attitude of denial toward My actions. That is, My words have flowed out from within My Son, yet you place no importance on them. You are so frivolous! Many words have flowed out from within My Son, yet you remain dubious and unsure. You are blind! You do not understand the purpose behind every single thing that I have done. Are the words I express through My Son not My own words? There are some things that I am not willing to voice directly, so I speak through My Son. Why, though, are you so absurd that you insist that I should speak directly? You do not understand Me, and you always have doubts about My acts and deeds! Have I not said before that My every move and My every act and deed are correct? People must stop scrutinizing them. Withdraw your filthy hands! Let Me tell you something: All the people I use were preordained back before I created the world, and they are also approved by Me today. You are constantly putting effort into such things, scrutinizing the person that I am and studying My actions. You all have a transaction mentality. If this occurs again, you shall certainly be struck down by My hand. What I am saying is this: Do not doubt Me, and do not analyze or ponder the things I have done. Much less should you meddle in such things, for this has to do with My administrative decrees. This is no small matter!

Seize what time you have to do all that I have instructed. Let Me say it again, and also as a warning: Foreigners are about to flood into China. This is absolutely the truth! I know that most people are dubious about this, and are not certain, so I remind you over and over so that you may quickly seek life growth and be able to satisfy My will sooner. From today forward, the international situation will grow even tenser, and various countries will begin to collapse from within. In China, happy days are at an end. This means that workers will go on strike, students will walk out on their classes, businessmen will stop doing business, and factories will all shut down and be unable to survive. Those cadres will begin to prepare funds to escape (this, too, will serve My management plan), and central government leaders at all levels will be too busy focusing on certain things at the expense of others as they all make preparations (this is to serve the next step). Take a good look! This is something that involves the entire universe, not just China, for My work is oriented toward the whole world. However, it is also in service of making kings out of the group of people who are the firstborn sons. Do you see this clearly? Hurry up and seek! I will not treat you unfairly; I will allow you to experience enjoyment to your hearts’ content.

My actions are wondrous. As great disasters in the world unfold, and while all the evildoers and rulers are receiving punishment—or to be more precise, when the evil people, who are all outside My name, suffer—I will begin to bestow My blessings upon you. This is the intrinsic meaning of the words, “You will certainly not suffer the pain or harm of the disasters,” which I have said repeatedly in the past. Do you understand this? “This time” I speak of refers to the time when the words issue forth from My mouth. The work of the Holy Spirit is done at a very rapid pace; I will not delay or waste a single minute or even a single second. Rather, I will act in accordance with My words at the very moment that they are spoken. If I say that today I am casting someone out, or that I despise someone, it will be over for that person instantly. In other words, My Holy Spirit will immediately be retrieved from them, and they will become the walking dead, utterly useless. Such people may still be breathing, walking, and talking, and may still pray before Me, but they will never realize that I have left them. They will be quintessentially useless people. This is absolutely true and genuine!

My words represent the human being that I am. Remember this! Do not doubt; you absolutely must be certain. This is a matter of life and death! This is extremely serious! At the very moment My words are spoken, what I want to do has already come to pass. All these words must be spoken through My Son. Who among you have given serious consideration to this matter? How else can I explain it? Stop being so frightened and timid all the time. Do I really have no consideration for the feelings of people? Will I casually cast out those of whom I approve? Everything I do is principled. I will not tear up the covenant I Myself established, nor will I disrupt My own plan. I am not naive like you. My work is a great thing; it is something that no human being can accomplish. I have said that I am righteous, and that to those who love Me, I am love. Do you not believe this is true? You continue to have misgivings! If you have a clear conscience about everything, then why are you still so afraid? It is all because you have bound yourself. My son! I have reminded you many times not to be sad or shed tears, and that I will not discard you. Are you still unable to trust Me? I will hold onto you and not let go; I will always embrace you in My love. I will look after you, protect you, and, in everything, give you revelations and insights so that you can see that I am your Father, and that I am the one who supports you. I know that you are always wondering how you can lighten the burden on your Father’s shoulders. This is the burden I have given you. Do not try to shrug it off! How many people these days can be loyal to Me? I hope you can speed up your training and quickly grow up and satisfy My heart. The Father toils for the son day and night, so the son should also consider the Father’s management plan, at every minute and at every second. This is the proactive cooperation with Me of which I used to speak.

All is My doing. I shall lay a burden on the people I use today and give them wisdom so that all their actions will conform to My will, so that My kingdom will be realized, and so that a new heaven and earth will emerge. The people I am not using are the complete opposite; they are always in a daze, they sleep after they eat, and they eat after they sleep, having no idea whatsoever what burden means. Such people lack the work of the Holy Spirit, and should be cleared out of My church as soon as possible. Now I will communicate some matters to do with visions: The church is a precondition to the kingdom; people can only enter the kingdom once the church has been built up to a certain extent. No one can enter the kingdom directly (if not promised by Me). The church is the first step, but it is the kingdom that is the goal of My management plan. Everything will take shape once people enter the kingdom, and there will be nothing to be afraid of. At present, only My firstborn sons and I have entered the kingdom and begun to govern all nations and peoples. That is, My kingdom is starting to get organized, and all those who shall be kings or My people have been announced publicly. Future events will be told to you step by step and in sequence; do not be overly anxious or worried. Do you remember every word I have said to you? If you are truly for Me, then I shall speak truthfully to you. As for those who practice deceit and crookedness, I shall treat them perfunctorily in return, and let them have a clear view of just who it is that such behavior will bring to ruin!

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