Chapter 76

My utterances are all expressions of My will. Who can be considerate of My burden? Who can understand My intention? Have you considered each of the questions I have raised with you? Such carelessness! How dare you disturb My plans? You are out of hand! If such work of evil spirits continues, I shall cast them to death immediately in the bottomless pit! I have long seen clearly the various deeds of evil spirits. And people used by evil spirits (those with wrong intentions, those who lust after flesh or wealth, those who exalt themselves, those who disrupt the church, etc.) have also each been seen through by Me. Do not assume that everything is finished once the evil spirits have been cast out. Let Me tell you! From now on, I shall dispose of these people one by one, never to use them! That is to say, any person corrupted by evil spirits shall not be used by Me, and will be kicked out! Do not think I do not have feelings! Know this! I am the holy God, and I will not reside in a filthy temple! I only use honest and wise people who are completely loyal to Me and can be considerate of My burden. This is because such people were predestined by Me, and absolutely no evil spirits are working on them at all. Let Me make one thing clear: From now on, all those without the work of the Holy Spirit have the work of evil spirits. Let Me reiterate: I do not want a single person whom evil spirits work on. They shall all be cast down into Hades along with their flesh!

My requirements of you in the past were a little loose, and you have been dissolute when it comes to the flesh. From this day forward, I will not allow you to keep going like this. If your words and actions do not manifest Me in every way, or if they even differ slightly from My likeness, then I will certainly not let you off lightly. Otherwise, you would always be laughing and joking, laughing your heads off, without restraint. When you do something wrong, do you not feel that I have left you? Since you do know, why are you still dissolute? Are you waiting for the touch of My hand of judgment? From today, I shall immediately punish anyone who does not accord with My intention for even a single moment. If you sit around together gossiping, then I shall leave you. Do not speak if you do not give spiritual supply. I say this not to constrain you, but I mean that since My work has progressed up to the point it is at now, I will continue in accordance with My plan. If you sit around together communicating about spiritual matters in life, then I shall surely be with you. I will not treat any of you unfairly. If you open your mouth, I shall bestow upon you the appropriate words. You must appreciate My heart from within My words. I am not telling you to pretend to be mute, nor am I telling you to engage in small talk.

Why do I keep saying there is not much time left, and that My day must not be delayed? Have you thought about this carefully? Do you truly understand the meaning of My words? That is, I have been working ever since I began to speak. Each and every one of you has been the object of My work. Not any person in particular; and moreover, not anyone else. You only worry about not enjoying blessings, but you do not think upon your lives. How foolish you are! How pitiful you are! You are not considerate of My burden at all!

All My painstaking efforts and the price I have paid have been for your sake. If you are not considerate of My burden, then you have not lived up to My expectations of you. All nations are waiting for you to govern, and all peoples are waiting for you to rule over them. I have passed everything into your hands. Now, those in power have all begun to step down and have collapsed, and they are just waiting for My judgment to befall them. See clearly! The world is now falling apart, while My kingdom has been successfully built. My sons have appeared and My firstborn sons reign with Me as kings, ruling over various nations and peoples. Do not think this is a vague thing; it is the plain truth. Is it not? As soon as you pray and plead with Me, I shall take actions immediately and punish those who persecute you, deal with those who disturb you, destroy those you hate, and manage those people, events, and things that serve you. I have said it many times: I will not bring salvation to anyone who does service for Christ (that is, anyone who renders service for My Son). Doing service for My Son does not mean they are good people; it is entirely a result of My great power and wonderful deeds. Do not place too much importance upon humanity. Such people surely do not have the work of the Holy Spirit and do not understand spiritual things at all. They will be of no use after I finish with them. Remember this! This is My confirmation to you. Do not grasp about wildly, understand?

There are fewer and fewer people, but the members are ever more refined. This is My work, My management plan, and moreover My wisdom and My omnipotence. It is the coordination of My normal humanity and My complete divinity. Do you see this clearly? Do you have any real understanding of this point? One by one I shall accomplish, through My divinity, everything of which I have spoken from My normal humanity. This is why I keep reiterating that what I say shall come to pass without any ambiguity; rather, it will all be very clear and obvious. Everything I say shall be fulfilled, and certainly not carelessly. I do not speak empty words and I do not make mistakes. Whoever dares to measure Me shall be judged, and will surely not be able to escape the palm of My hand. As soon as My words are spoken, who dares to resist? Who dares to wheedle Me or conceal anything from Me? I have said it before: I am a wise God. I use My normal humanity to reveal all people and satanic behavior, expose those with wrong intentions, those who act one way in front of others and another behind their backs, those who resist Me, those who are disloyal to Me, those who lust after money, those who are not considerate of My burden, those who engage in deceit and crookedness with their brothers and sisters, those who speak with a silver tongue to make people rejoice, and those who cannot coordinate with their brothers and sisters unanimously in heart and mind. So many people, because of My normal humanity, secretly resist Me and engage in deceit and crookedness, assuming that My normal humanity does not know. And so many people pay special attention to My normal humanity, giving Me good things to eat and drink, serving Me like servants, and speaking what is in their hearts to Me, all the while acting completely differently behind My back. Blind humans! How little you know Me—the God who looks deep into the heart of man. You still do not know Me even now; you still think I am not aware of what you are doing. Think back: How many people have ruined themselves because of My normal humanity? Wake up! Do not deceive Me any longer. You must put all your conduct and behavior, your every word and deed before Me, and accept My scrutiny of it.

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