Chapter 75

All shall be fulfilled as soon as My words are spoken, without the slightest deviation. From now on, all hidden mysteries will not be obscured or concealed at all, and shall be revealed to you—My beloved sons. I shall make you see even greater signs and wonders in Me, and even greater mysteries. These things will surely astonish you and give you a better understanding of Me, the almighty God, and allow you to appreciate My wisdom therein. Today you are brought face to face with the one true God that humans have never seen since creation, and there is nothing special about Me. I eat, live, speak, and laugh with you, and I always live within you, while at the same time also moving amongst you. For those who do not believe or who have grievous notions of their own, this is a stumbling block. This is My wisdom. I shall also reveal some people on things My normal humanity does not know, but this does not mean that I am not God Himself. To the contrary, this point is sufficient to prove that I am the almighty God. For people who believe, this point has a decisive effect, and just because of this point they have one hundred percent certainty in Me. Do not be overly anxious; I shall reveal things to you one by one.

For you, I am open and not hidden. However, for unbelievers—those who are treacherous, who have been corrupted by Satan to a certain extent—I will remain hidden. However, when I spoke before of revealing Myself to all peoples, I was referring to My righteousness, judgment, and majesty, so that they would know from the outcome they receive that I am in charge of the universe and all things. Act courageously! Just keep your heads up! Do not be afraid: I—your Father—am here to support you, and you will not suffer. As long as you pray and supplicate before Me frequently, I will bestow all faith upon you. Those in power may seem vicious from the outside, but do not be afraid, for this is because you have little faith. As long as your faith grows, nothing will be too difficult. Cheer and jump to your hearts’ content! Everything is beneath your feet and in My grasp. Is accomplishment or destruction not decided by one word of Mine?

Those I am using now were all approved by Me long ago, one by one. That is, those people in the group of firstborn sons have already been determined, and have been determined since I created the world. No one can change this, and all must be at My command. No human can do it; these are all My arrangements. With Me, everything shall be steady and secure; with Me, all shall be done appropriately and properly, without consuming the slightest effort. I speak and it is established; I speak and it is done. With the international situation in turmoil, why have you not rushed to begin your training? Until when will you wait? Will you wait until the day foreigners flood into China to meet with you? You may have been a little slow before, but you cannot continue to indulge yourselves! My sons! Be considerate of My painstaking intentions! Those who get close to Me more often will gain everything. Do you distrust Me?

The pace of My work is a flash of lightning, but certainly not the roaring sound of thunder. Do you understand the true meaning of these words? You must be able to better coordinate with Me and be considerate of My intentions. You want to receive blessings, but are also afraid of suffering; is this not your ambivalence? Let Me tell you! If one wishes to receive blessings today but does not make all sacrifices to that end, then all they shall receive is punishment and My judgment. However, those who make all sacrifices will experience peace in all things and have everything in abundance, and everything they receive will be My blessings. What is urgently needed today is your faith, and for you to pay a price. Do not misinterpret My intentions. Everything shall come to pass, and you shall see it with your own eyes and experience it personally. With Me, there is not one false word or lie; everything I say is completely true, and not lacking in wisdom. Do not half believe and half doubt. It is I who accomplish everything amongst you, and it is also I who judge and sort out those who do evil. I love you, and I make you perfect. To them, however, I am the complete opposite: hate and destruction, without any leeway and without leaving a trace. My abundance is inherent in everything I say and do. Have you examined them bit by bit? Some words I have said many times, so why do you not understand what I mean? After you read My words, will everything be just as it should be? Does everything then get accomplished? You do not have any intention of being considerate of My heart. Why do I say that I am the fully authoritative, all-wise, one true God who looks deep into people’s hearts? Do you still not understand the meaning of these words? Have you memorized each of the words I have emphasized? Have they actually become the principles for how you act?

I stand above everything, observing the entire universe. I shall demonstrate My great power and all My wisdom to every nation and people. Do not simply do all you can to pursue enjoyment right now. When all the nations of the world unite, what will not be yours? Nevertheless, I will not let you be lacking now, nor will I allow you to suffer. Believe that I am the almighty God! Everything shall be accomplished and become better and better! My firstborn sons! All blessings will come to you! They will be enjoyed by you endlessly, inexhaustible in supply, rich and in abundance, and full in complement!

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