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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 74

Blessed are those who have read My word and believe that it will be fulfilled—I will not mistreat you, but will have what you believe be fulfilled in you. This is My blessing coming upon you. My word strikes the secrets hidden in every person. Everyone has mortal wounds, and I am the good physician who heals them—simply come into My presence. Why did I say that in the future there will be no more sorrow and no more tears? It is because of this. In Me, everything is accomplished, but in men, all things are corrupt and vain, and all are deceitful to humans. In My presence you shall receive all things, and see as well as enjoy all the blessings you could not have imagined. Those who do not come before Me are certainly rebellious, and are definitely the ones who resist Me. I will certainly not spare them easily; I will severely chastise this kind of person. Remember this! Those who come before Me more will gain more, but it will be no more than grace. Later, they will receive even greater blessings.

Since the creation of the world I have begun to predestine and select this group of people, namely, you today. Your temperament, caliber, appearance, stature, family in which you were born, your job and your marriage, the entirety of you, even the color of your hair and your skin, and the time of your birth were all arranged by My hands. Even the things you do and the people you meet every single day are arranged by My hands, not to mention the fact that bringing you into My presence today is actually My arrangement. Do not throw yourself into disorder; you should proceed calmly. What I allow you to enjoy today is a share that you deserve, and it was predestined by Me at the creation of the world. Men are all so extreme—they are either overly headstrong or completely shameless. They are unable to go about things according to My plan and arrangement. Do not do this any longer. In Me all is emancipated; do not bind yourself, as there will be loss with respect to your life. Remember this!

Believe that everything is in My hands. What was considered a mystery to you in the past is all openly revealed today; it is no longer hidden (for I have said that in the future nothing shall remain hidden). People are often impatient; they are too anxious to complete something and do not consider what is in My heart. I am training you so you may share My burden and manage My household. I want you to grow up quickly so that you will be able to lead your brothers who are younger than you, so that we the Father and sons may be soon reunited and will never be apart. This will meet My heart’s desire. The mystery has already been revealed to all people, and nothing at all remains hidden: I—the complete God Himself, who has both a normal humanity and a complete divinity—have been revealed right in front of your eyes today. My entire being (attire, physical appearance, and body shape) is the perfect manifestation of God Himself, and is the person of God that men have imagined since the creation of the world but no one has seen. The reason My actions are as good as My words is that My normal humanity and complete divinity complement one another, and it also allows all people to see that such tremendous power is present in an ordinary person. Those of you who truly believe in Me do so because I gave you a true heart in order to enable you to love Me. When I deal with you, I shed light on and enlighten you and allow you to know Me through that. Therefore, regardless of how I deal with you, you will not run away. Rather, you will become more and more certain of Me. When you are weak, it is also My arrangement, which allows you to see that once you leave Me you will die and wither. From that you may learn that I am your life. As you become strong after being weak, it will allow you to see that being weak or strong is not up to you, but completely up to Me.

All mysteries are completely revealed. In your future activities, I will give you My instructions one at a time. I will not be vague; I will be utterly explicit and even speak to you directly so that you need not reflect on it on your own, lest you disrupt My management. This is why I repeatedly stress that later there will be no more that is hidden.

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