Chapter 66

My work has continued up to this stage, and all of it has followed the wise arrangements of My hand, and it has all been a great success of Mine. Who among humanity could do such a thing? Is it not instead the case that people disrupt My management? Nevertheless, you must know that no one can do My work in My stead, much less obstruct it, as there is not a single person who can say or do the things that I do and say. Though this is the case, people still do not know Me, I who am the wise, Almighty God! Externally, you would not dare to openly defy Me, yet in your hearts and in your minds, you set yourselves against Me. Fools! Do you not know that I am the God who watches man’s innermost heart? Do you not know that I watch your every word and deed? I say to you this: Gentle words will never again be uttered from My lips. Instead, Mine will all be words of stern judgment, and I will see whether you can endure them or not. From now on, those whose hearts are not close to Me—meaning, those who have no sincere love for Me—are those who openly defy Me.

Today, the work of the Holy Spirit has come to a point at which the previous method will no longer be used; instead, a new method is being implemented. Those who do not cooperate with Me positively and actively will fall into Hades, an abyss of death (and these people will suffer perdition forever). The new method is as follows: If your heart and mind are not right, then My judgment shall befall you immediately. This includes clinging to the world, wealth, your family, husband, wife, children, parents, eating and drinking, clothing, and all such things that are not part of the spiritual realm. The enlightenment of the saints will become increasingly visible; that is, feelings of life will become ever more obvious, and will be constantly in motion. Anyone who causes the slightest disruption will suffer a disastrous tumble, falling far behind on the racetrack of life. Those who are indifferent, who do not seek with devotion, I will abandon utterly, and I will ignore them all without exception. They will be made to languish in disasters for a thousand years. As for those who seek ardently—that is, those who are always causing disruptions—I shall cast off their ignorance and make them loyal to Me. Furthermore, they shall have wisdom and intelligence, and will thereby seek with even greater faith. I double My blessings upon all of My firstborn sons, and My love comes upon you at all times. I am always looking after you and protecting you, and I will not allow you to fall into Satan’s net. I have begun to launch My work amongst all peoples; that is, I have added another work project. These are the ones who will render service to Christ for a thousand years, and vast numbers of people will throng into My kingdom.

My sons, you must intensify your training. There is much work awaiting you, work which you must undertake and complete. I only wish for you to hurry up and mature, so that you may finish the work with which I have entrusted you. This is your sacred responsibility, and it is the duty that should be done by you who are My firstborn sons. I will protect you until you reach the end of the path, and I will safeguard you so that you may enjoy bliss alongside Me forever! Every one of you should have insight into the fact that I have arranged many sacrifices and many environments, all in order to perfect you. You know that these are all My blessings, do you not? You are all My beloved sons. As long as you love Me sincerely, I will forsake not one of you—though this depends on whether or not you are able to cooperate harmoniously with Me.

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