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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 35

Seven thunders come forth from the throne, shake the universe, overturn heaven and earth, and resound through the skies! The sound is so penetrating that people can neither escape it nor hide from it. Flashes of lightning and peals of thunder are sent forth, both heaven and earth are transformed in an instant, and people are on the verge of death. Then, a violent rainstorm sweeps the entire cosmos at lightning speed, falling from the sky! In the furthest corners of the earth, like a downpour flowing into every nook and cranny, not a single stain remains, and as it washes all from head to toe, nothing is hidden from it nor can any person be sheltered from it. Peals of thunder, like the chilly gleam of flashes of lightning, make men tremble with fear! The sharp double-edged sword strikes down the sons of rebellion, and the enemy faces catastrophe with no shelter at all to run to, their heads spinning in the violence of the storm, and, knocked senseless, they drop dead immediately into the flowing waters to be washed away. They simply die with no means whatsoever to save their lives. The seven thunders issue from Me and they convey My intention, which is to strike down the eldest sons of Egypt, to punish the wicked and to cleanse My churches, so that all are closely attached to each other, they think and act in the same way, and they are of one heart with Me, and so that all the churches in the universe can be built into one. This is My purpose.

When the thunder sounds, waves of wailing break out. Some are awakened from their slumber, and, greatly alarmed, they search deep in their souls and rush back before the throne. They cease tricking and deceiving and committing crimes, and it is not too late for such people to be awakened. I watch from the throne. I look deep into the hearts of people. I save those who earnestly and fervently desire Me, and I take pity on them. I will save into eternity those who love Me in their hearts more than all else, those who understand My will, and who follow Me to the end of the road. My hand will hold them safely so that they do not confront this scene and they come to no harm. Some, when they see this sight of flashing lightning, have misery in their hearts that they will find difficult to give voice to, and their regrets have come too late. If they persist in behaving in this way, it is rather too late for them. Oh, everything, everything! It will all be done. This is one of My means of salvation. I save those who love Me and strike down the wicked. So My kingdom will be steady and stable on earth and all nations and peoples, and people at the ends of the universe will know that I am majesty, I am raging fire, I am the God who searches the innermost heart of every man. From this time forward, the judgment of the great white throne is publicly revealed to the masses and it is announced to all people that judgment has commenced! It is beyond doubt that all those whose words are not heartfelt, those who feel doubtful and dare not to be certain, those who idle away the time, who understand My wishes but are unwilling to put them into practice, they must be judged. You must carefully examine your own intentions and motives, and take your proper place, practice thoroughly that which I say, place importance on your life experiences, do not act enthusiastically on the outside, but make your lives grown, mature, stable and experienced, and only then will you be after My heart.

Deny Satan’s lackeys and the evil spirits that disrupt and destroy that which I am building any opportunities to exploit things to their advantage. They must be severely limited and restrained and they can only be dealt with through the use of sharp swords. The worst ones must be immediately rooted out so that they will pose no threat in the future. And the church will be perfected, there will be no disability whatsoever, and it will be healthy, full of vitality and energy. Following the flashing lightning, thunderclaps ring out. You must not neglect, and you must not give up but do your utmost to catch up, and you will surely be able to see what My hand does, what I gain, what I discard, what I perfect, what I root out, what I strike down. All of this will unfold before your eyes so that you may see clearly My omnipotence.

From the throne to the ends of the entire universe, the seven thunders echo. A large group of people will be saved and submit before My throne. Following this light of life, people seek for a means to survive and they are not able to help themselves but come to Me, to kneel down in worship, their mouths call out the name of the almighty true God, and voice their entreaties. But for those who resist Me, people who harden their hearts, the thunder resounds in their ears and without doubt they must perish. This is simply the final outcome for them. My beloved sons who are triumphant will stay in Zion and all people will see what they will obtain, and immense glory will appear before you. This is really a particularly great blessing whose sweetness is difficult to put into words.

When the clap of the seven thunders comes forth, there is the salvation of those who love Me, who desire Me with true hearts. Those who belong to Me and whom I have predestined and chosen are all able to come under My name. They can hear My voice, which is God’s calling. Let those at the ends of the earth see that I am righteous, I am faithful, I am love, I am compassion, I am majesty, I am raging fire, and ultimately I am merciless judgment.

Let all in the world see that I am the real and complete God Himself. All men are sincerely convinced and none dare to resist Me again, to judge Me or slander Me again. Otherwise, they will immediately be met with cursing and disaster will befall them. They will only weep and gnash their teeth and they will bring on their own destruction.

Let all peoples know, let it be known to the ends of the universe and may each and every person know: Almighty God is the one true God. All will one after another go down on bended knee to worship Him and even the children who have just learned to talk will call out “Almighty God”! Those officials wielding power will see with their own eyes the true God appearing before them and they will also prostrate themselves in worship, begging for mercy and forgiveness, but this is rather too late as the time of their demise has come; it must be done for them: sentencing them to the immeasurable abyss. I will bring the entire age to an end, and strengthen My kingdom all the more. All nations and peoples will submit before Me for all of eternity!

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