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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 34

Almighty God is all-powerful, all-achieving and complete true God! He not only carries the seven stars, bears the seven Spirits, has seven eyes, opens the seven seals and opens the scroll, but more than that He administers the seven plagues and the seven bowls and opens the seven thunders; long ago He has sounded the seven trumpets! All things created and made complete by Him should praise Him, give glory to Him and exalt His throne. Oh, Almighty God! You are everything, You have accomplished everything, and with You all is complete, all bright, all emancipated, all free, all strong and powerful! There is nothing hidden or concealed, with You all mysteries are revealed. Furthermore, You judge the multitudes of Your enemies, You show Your majesty, show Your raging fire, show Your wrath, and even more You show Your unprecedented, everlasting, entirely infinite glory! All peoples should awaken and should cheer and sing without reserve, extolling the almighty, the all-true, all-living, bountiful, glorious and true God who is from everlasting to everlasting. His throne should be exalted constantly, His holy name praised and glorified. This is My—God’s—eternal will and it is the infinite blessings that He reveals to and bestows on us! Who among us does not inherit it? To inherit God’s blessings, one must exalt God’s holy name and come to worship by encircling the throne. All those who go before Him with other motives and other intentions will be melted away by His raging fire. Today is the day His enemies will be judged, and they will also perish on this day. Even more it is the day that I, Almighty God, will be revealed and will gain glory and honor. Oh, all peoples! Rise quickly to extol and welcome Almighty God who forever and ever gives us lovingkindness, salvation, bestows blessings on us, makes His sons complete and successfully achieves His kingdom! This is God’s wonderful deed! This is God’s eternal predestination and arrangement, that He Himself comes to save us, to make us complete and to bring us into glory.

All those who do not rise and bear witness are the forbears of the blind, the kings of ignorance and they will become the eternally ignorant, eternal fools and the eternally blind dead. Therefore our spirits should awaken! All the people should arise! Cheer, praise and extol without end the King of glory, the Father of mercy, the Son of redemption, the bountiful seven Spirits, and the Almighty God who brings majestic raging fire and righteous judgment, who is all-sufficient, bountiful, almighty, and complete. His throne will be exalted forever! All the people should see that this is God’s wisdom, it is His wonderful way of salvation, and the accomplishment of His glorious will. If we do not rise and bear witness, once the moment is past then there is no going back. Whether we gain blessings or misfortune is decided on this current stage of our journey, according to what we do, think and live out at this time. So how should you act? Bear witness for and exalt God forever, exalt the almighty Christ—the eternal, unique, true God!

From now on you should see clearly that all those who do not bear witness for God, who do not bear witness for the unique, true God, those who harbor doubts about Him, they are all sick, dead and are those who defy God! God’s words have already been proved from ancient times: All those who do not gather with Me scatter, and those who are not with Me are against Me; this is an unalterable truth carved in stone! Those who do not bear witness for God are Satan’s lackeys. These people come to disturb and deceive God’s children, to interrupt God’s management, and they must be put to the sword! Whosoever shows them good intentions seeks their own destruction. You should hear and believe the speech of God’s Spirit, walk the path of God’s Spirit and live the words of God’s Spirit, and even more exalt the throne of the almighty God forever!

Almighty God is the God of seven Spirits! He is also the God of[a] the seven eyes and seven stars, He opens the seven seals, and the scroll is all opened by Him! He has sounded the seven trumpets, and the seven bowls and seven plagues are in His grasp, to be unleashed at His will. Oh, the seven thunders that have always been sealed! The time to open them has come! He who will open the seven thunders has already appeared before our eyes!

Almighty God! With You all is emancipated and free, there are no difficulties, and all flows smoothly! Nothing dare obstruct or hinder You, all submit to You. Any that do not submit all die!

Almighty God, the God with seven eyes! All is perfectly clear, all is bright and uncovered, all is revealed and laid bare. With Him all is crystal clear, and not only is God Himself like this, but likewise His sons are this way too. No one, no object, and no matter can be concealed before Him and His sons!

The seven stars of Almighty God are bright! The church has been made perfect by Him, He establishes His church messengers and all the church is within His provision. He opens all seven seals, and He Himself brings His management plan and His will to completion. The scroll is the arcane spiritual language of His management and He has opened and revealed it!

All the people should hear His seven resounding trumpets. With Him all is made known, never again to be hidden or sorrowful. All is revealed and all is victorious!

The seven trumpets of Almighty God are open, glorious and victorious trumpets! They are also the trumpets that judge His enemies! In the midst of His victory, His horn is being exalted! He rules over the entire universe!

He has prepared the seven bowls of plagues and they are unleashed full tilt on His enemies to the utmost limit, and they will be consumed in the flames of His raging fires. Almighty God shows the might of His authority and His enemies all perish. The final seven thunders are no longer to be sealed before Almighty God, they are all open! All open! He puts His enemies to death with the seven thunders, stabilizing the earth, making it render service to Him, never again to be laid waste!

The righteous Almighty God! We extol You forever! You deserve unending praise, unending acclaim and exaltation! Your seven thunders are not just for Your judgment, but are more for Your glory and authority, to complete all things!

All peoples celebrate before the throne, acclaiming and cheerfully exalting the almighty Christ God! Their voices reverberate like thunder! Absolutely all things exist because of Him, and arise because of Him. Who dares not attribute all glory, honor, authority, wisdom, holiness, victory and revelations entirely to Him? This is the accomplishment of His will and it is the final completion of the construction of His management!



a. The original text does not contain the phrase “the God of.”

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