Chapter 31

I love all those who sincerely want Me. If you focus on loving Me, I shall surely bless you tremendously. Do you understand My intentions? In My house, there is no distinction between high and low status. Everyone is My son, and I am your Father, your God. I am supreme and unique. I control the universe and all things!

You ought to “serve Me with humility and in obscurity” in My house. This phrase should serve as your motto. Do not be a leaf on a tree, but be the root of the tree and take root deeply in life. Enter into a genuine experience of life, live by My words, seek Me more in every matter, and draw near to Me and fellowship with Me. Do not pay attention to any external things, and do not be constrained by any person, event, or thing, but only fellowship with spiritual people about what I am. Understand My intentions, let My life flow among you, and live out My words and comply with My requirements.

Devote all your strength to the matters for which I have commissioned you; do all you can to satisfy My heart. I am your power and I am your joy…. I am your everything. Just pursue Me. I know the true desires of your heart and that you sincerely expend yourself for Me, but you should know how to show loyalty to Me in My house and how to follow Me to the end.

The church is My heart and I am burning with anxiety for the construction of My church. You should expend yourself for Me by offering yourself up without the least reservation, and show consideration for My intentions so that My heart may be satisfied.

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