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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 32

What is light? In the past you actually regarded the transformation of the work of the Holy Spirit as light. There is true light at all times, which includes you gaining what God is through drawing near unto Me and fellowshiping with Me; having insight in God’s words and grasping God’s will in His words—that is, while eating and drinking, you feel the Spirit of God’s words and receive God’s words inside yourselves; grasping what He is through experience and receiving God’s illumination while communicating with Him; and also being enlightened and having new insight in God’s words at all times while contemplating and pondering. If you grasp God’s word and you feel new light, then will you not have power in your service? You really worry yourselves in your service! That’s because you haven’t touched reality, you don’t have true experience or insight. If you had true insight, then wouldn’t you know how to serve? When some matters befall you, you must experience them diligently. If, in an easy and comfortable environment, you can also live in the light of God’s countenance, then you will see God’s face every day. If you saw God’s face and communicated with God, would you not have light? You do not enter into reality, and you are always on the outside searching; as a result you find nothing and your progress in life is delayed.

Don’t focus on the outside; if you just draw near to God within, communicate deep enough, and feel after God’s will, then would you not have a path in your service? You need to diligently pay attention and obey. If you only do all things according to My words and enter the paths that I point out, then would you not have a path? If you find the path to enter into reality, then you also have a path to serve God. It is simple! Come to God’s presence more, ponder God’s words more, and you will obtain that which you lack. You will also have new insight, new enlightenment, and you will have the light.

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