Chapter 33

In My house, there were once those who extolled My holy name, who worked tirelessly so that My glory on earth would fill the firmament. Because of this, I was overjoyed, and My heart was filled with delight—yet who could work in My stead, forgoing sleep night and day? Man’s resolve before Me gives Me pleasure, but his rebelliousness provokes My anger, and thus, because man can never abide by his duty, My sorrow for him grows greater. Why are people always incapable of devoting themselves to Me? Why do they always try to bargain with Me? Am I the general manager of a trade center? Why is it that I wholeheartedly fulfill what people demand of Me, yet what I ask of man comes to nothing? Could it be that I am not proficient in the ways of business, but man is? Why do people always deceive Me with smooth talk and flattery? Why do people always come bearing “gifts,” asking for a back way in? Is this what I have taught man to do? Why do people do such things quickly and cleanly? Why are people always motivated to deceive Me? When I am among man, people look upon Me as a created being; when I am in the third heaven, they regard Me as the Almighty, who holds dominion over all things; when I am in the firmament, they see Me as the Spirit that fills all things. In sum, there is no suitable place for Me in people’s hearts. It is as if I am an uninvited guest, people loathe Me, and thus when I pick up a ticket and take My seat, they drive Me out, and say that there is nowhere for Me to sit here and that I have come to the wrong place, and so I have no choice but to leave, infuriated. I resolve to engage with man no more, for people are too small-minded, their magnanimity is too meager. I will eat at the same table as them no longer, I will pass no more time with them on earth. But when I speak, people are astonished; they are afraid I will depart, and so they keep detaining Me. Seeing their affectations, I immediately feel somewhat gloomy and forlorn in My heart. People are afraid I will leave them, and thus when I part ways with them, the sound of crying immediately fills the land, and people’s faces are covered in tears. I wipe away their tears, I lift them up once more, and they gaze at Me, their pleading eyes seemingly begging Me not to go, and because of their “sincerity,” I am with them. Yet who can understand the pain within My heart? Who is mindful of My things which cannot be spoken about? In people’s eyes, it is as if I am without emotions, and so we have always been from two different families. How could they see the feeling of sorrow within My heart? People only covet their own pleasures, and they are not mindful of My will, because, up until the present, people have remained ignorant of the purpose of My management plan, and so today they still make silent pleas—and of what benefit is this?

When I live among man, I hold a certain place in people’s hearts; because I have appeared in the flesh and people live in the old flesh, they always treat Me with the flesh. Because people possess only flesh and have no further adjuncts, they have given “all they have” to Me. Yet they know nothing; they merely “offer their devotion” before Me. What I reap is worthless trash—yet people do not think so. When I compare the “gifts” they have given to My things, people instantly recognize My preciousness, and only then do they see My immeasurability. I do not feel proud because of their praise, but continue to appear to man, that people might all know Me fully. When I show My entirety to them, they look upon Me with wide eyes, standing before Me motionless, like a pillar of salt. And when I behold their oddness, I can hardly stop Myself from laughing. Because they are reaching out to ask for things from Me, I give them the things in My hand, and they hold them to their breast, cherishing them like a newborn baby, a motion they engage in but momentarily. When I change the environment in which they reside, they immediately toss the “baby” to one side and run off with their heads in their hands. In people’s eyes, I am the assistance that is present regardless of time or place; it is as if I am a waiter who comes as soon as he is called. Thus, people have always “looked up” to Me, as if I am possessed of limitless power to fight catastrophe, and so they have always held My hand, leading Me on travels across the land, that all things may see that they have a Sovereign, so that none dare to deceive them. I have long since seen through people’s trick of the “fox assuming the majesty of the tiger,” for they are all “hanging out their shingles,” wishing to profit through trickery. I have long since seen through their insidious, malicious scheme, and it is merely that I do not wish to hurt our relationship. I do not make trouble out of nothing—there is no value or importance in that. I merely do the work that I must in view of people’s weaknesses; if not, I would turn them to ashes and allow them to exist no longer. But the work I do has meaning, and so I do not chastise man lightly. It is for this reason that people have always given free rein to their flesh. They do not observe My will, but have ever wheedled Me before My seat of judgment. People are so brave: When all the “torture devices” threaten them, they do not waver in the least. Before the facts, they remain incapable of coming up providing any facts, and do nothing but stubbornly resist Me. When I ask that they bring out all that is filthy, they still show Me two empty hands—how could others not use this as an “exemplar”? It is because people’s “faith” is so great that they are “admirable.”

I have embarked upon My work across the universe; the people of the universe suddenly awaken and move around a core, which is My work, and when I “travel” within them, all escape Satan’s bondage, and are not tormented amid Satan’s affliction. Because of the arrival of My day, people are filled with happiness, the sorrow within their hearts vanishes, the clouds of sadness in the sky turn to oxygen in the air and float there, and at this moment, I enjoy the happiness of being together with man. Man’s actions give Me something to savor, and thus I am no longer aggrieved. And, accompanying the arrival of My day, things of the earth that are possessed of vitality regain the root of their existence, all things upon the earth come alive again, and they take Me as the fundament of their existence, for I cause all things to shine forth with life, and so, too, do I cause them to silently disappear. Thus, all things await the commands from My mouth, and are pleased by that which I do and say. Among all things, I am the Most High—yet I also live among all people, and I use the deeds of man as manifestations of My creation of heaven and earth. When people give great praise before Me, I am exalted among all things, and thus the flowers on earth grow more beautiful beneath the hot sun, the grass becomes more verdant, and the clouds in the sky seem more blue. Because of My voice, people run hither and thither; today the faces of the people in My kingdom are filled with joy, and their life grows. I work among all My chosen people, and do not allow My work to be tainted with human ideas, for I personally carry out My own work. When I work, the heavens and earth and everything in them change and are renewed, and when I complete My work, man is completely renewed, he no longer lives in distress because of what I ask, for the sounds of happiness can be heard across the earth, and I take this opportunity to bestow among man the blessings I give unto him. When I am the King of the kingdom, people are all afraid of Me, yet when I am the King among man, and live among man, people find no joy in Me, for their notions of Me are too grievous, such that they are so deeply embedded as to be difficult to remove. Because of man’s manifestation, I do My work, which is appropriate, and when I rise high into the sky and unleash My wrath upon man, people’s various opinions toward Me immediately turn to ashes. I ask that they speak several more of their notions toward Me, but they are dumbstruck, as if they have nothing, and as if they are humble. The more I live in people’s notions, the more they come to love Me, and the more I live outside of people’s notions, the more they move away from Me, and they have more opinions about Me, for, from when I created the world until today, I have always lived in people’s notions. When I come among man today, I dispel all people’s notions, and so people simply refuse—yet I have suitable methods by which to prune their notions. People should not be worried or anxious; I shall save all mankind by My own methods, making all people love Me, and allowing them to enjoy My blessings in heaven.

April 17, 1992

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