Chapter 32

When people gather together with Me, My heart is filled with joy. Immediately, I bestow the blessings in My hand among man, that people may convene with Me, and not be enemies who rebel against Me but friends who are compatible with Me. Thus, I also treat man in a heartfelt way. In My work, man is seen as a member of a high-level organization, so I pay more attention to him, for he has always been the object of My work. I have established My place in people’s hearts, so that their hearts may look up to Me—yet they remain totally ignorant of why I do this, and they do nothing but wait. Although there is a place I have established in people’s hearts, they do not require that I reside there. Instead, they wait for the “Holy One” in their hearts to suddenly arrive. Because My identity is too “lowly,” I do not match up to people’s demands and am thus cast out by them. What they want is the “Me” that is high and mighty, but when I came I did not appear in this way to man, and so they kept looking off into the distance, waiting for the one in their hearts. When I came before people, they rejected Me in front of the masses. I could only stand to one side, waiting to be “dealt with” by man, watching to see what people would end up doing with Me, this deficient “product.” I do not look at people’s scars, but at the part of them that is unscarred, and from this I gain gratification. In people’s eyes, I am but a “little star” that has descended from the sky; I am merely the least in heaven, and My arrival on earth today was commissioned by God. As a result, people have come up with more interpretations of the words “Me” and “God,” deeply fearful of considering God and Me to be one and the same. Because My image bears nothing of the appearance of God, people all believe that I am a servant who is not of God’s family, and they say that this is not the image of God. Perhaps there are people who have seen God—but because of My lack of insight on earth, God has never “appeared” to Me. Perhaps I have too little “faith,” and so people see Me as lowly. People imagine that if someone really is God, then he will surely be proficient in the language of man, for God is the Creator. But the facts are precisely the opposite: Not only am I no expert in the language of man, but there are times when I cannot even “provide” for the “deficiencies” of man. As a result, I feel a little “guilty,” for I do not act as people “demand,” but merely prepare the materials and work in accordance with what they “lack.” The demands I make of man are by no means great, yet people believe otherwise. Thus, their “humility” is revealed in their every move. They are always liable to walk before Me, leading the way for Me, profoundly afraid that I will get lost, terrified that I will wander into the ancient forests deep within the mountains. As a result, people have always led Me onward, deeply fearful that I will walk into the dungeon. I have a somewhat “favorable impression” of people’s faith, for they have “toiled” for Me without thought for food or sleep, to the extent that their labors for Me have left them sleepless day and night and even white-haired—this is enough to show that their faith has “transcended” the universes, and “surpassed” the apostles and prophets throughout the ages.

I do not clap with glee because of people’s great skill, and nor do I look upon them coldly because of their shortcomings. I merely do that which is within My hands. I do not give anyone special treatment, but simply work according to My plan. Yet people are unknowing of My will and keep praying for things from Me, as if the riches I have bestowed upon them are incapable of meeting their requirements, as if demand outstrips supply. But in today’s age, people all sense there is “inflation”—as a result, their hands are full of what I have given them to enjoy. It is because of this that they feel averse toward Me, and so their lives are filled with chaos and they are ignorant of what they should and should not eat. Some even clutch the things I have given them to enjoy, watching them closely. Because people used to suffer from famine, and it is no easy thing for them to have come by the enjoyments of today, they are all “endlessly grateful,” and there has been some change in their attitude toward Me. They keep crying before Me; because I have given them so much, they keep taking My hand and making “sounds of gratitude.” I move above the universes, and as I walk I observe the people of the entire universe. Amongst the throngs of people on earth, never have there been any who are suitable for My work or who truly love Me. Thus, at this moment I sigh in dismay, and people immediately disperse, to assemble no more, deeply fearful that I will “catch them all in one net.” I use this chance to come among man, to do My work—work which is appropriate—among these dispersed people, selecting those who are suitable for Me to work within them. I do not wish to “detain” people amid My chastisement so that they may never escape. I simply do the work that I must. I have come to ask for man’s “help”; because My management lacks the deeds of man, it is not possible to successfully complete My work, which prevents My work from proceeding effectively. I hope only that people have the resolve to cooperate with Me. I do not ask that they cook Me nice food, or that they arrange somewhere suitable for Me to lay My head, or that they make pretty clothes for Me—I have not the slightest regard for these things. When people can understand My will and advance with Me, side by side, I will be satisfied in My heart.

Who on the earth has ever received Me with their heart? Who has ever loved Me with their heart? People’s love is always diluted; even I “do not know” why their love cannot be dried and undiluted. Thus, there are also many “mysteries” contained within man. Among created beings, man is seen as the one who is “miraculous” and “unfathomable,” and so he has “qualifications” before Me, as if he is of equal status with Me—but he sees nothing strange about this “status” of his. In this, it is not that I do not allow people to stand in this position and enjoy it, but that I wish for them to have a sense of propriety, for them to not think too highly of themselves; there is a distance between heaven and earth, to say nothing of that between God and man. Is the distance between God and man not even greater? On earth, man and I are “in the same boat,” and we “weather the storm together.” My identity does not exempt Me from experiencing the hardship of the human world, and it is because of this that I have fallen into the circumstance I am in today. Never have I had a place to peacefully reside on earth, which is why people say, “The Son of man has never had a place to lay His head.” As a result, people have also cried tears of compassion for Me and put aside a few dozen yuan for a “relief fund” for Me. Only because of this do I have a place of rest; if it were not for people’s “help,” who knows where I would have ended up!

When My work ends, no longer shall I seek this “financial relief” from man; instead, I shall perform My inherent function, and shall bring down all of the “things of My house” to people for their enjoyment. Today, everyone is tested amid My trials. When My hand formally comes upon man, people will no longer look upon Me with admiring eyes, but will treat Me with hatred, and at this moment their hearts will immediately be gouged out by Me to serve as a sample. I scrutinize man’s heart beneath a “microscope”—there is no true love for Me there. For years, people have been deceiving Me and fooling Me—it turns out both their left atrium and right ventricle contain the venom of hate toward Me. No wonder, then, that I have such an attitude toward them. And yet they remain utterly ignorant of this, and do not even acknowledge it. When I show them the results of My investigation, still they do not awaken; it is as if, in their minds, these are all matters of the past, and ought not to be brought up again today. Thus, people just look upon the “laboratory results” with indifference. They hand the spreadsheet back and stride off. Furthermore, they say things like, “These aren’t important, they don’t have any effect on my health.” They give a small smile of contempt, and then there is a slight threatening look in their eyes, as if implying that I should not be so ingenuous, that I must be perfunctory. It is as if My revelation of their inner secrets has broken the “laws” of man, and so they become more hateful toward Me. Only then do I see the source of people’s hate. This is because when I am watching, their blood is flowing, and after passing through the arteries in their bodies it enters the heart, and only at this time do I have a new “discovery.” Yet people think nothing of this. They are completely careless and they give no thought to what they gain or lose, which is enough to show their spirit of “selfless” devotion. They give no consideration to the state of their own health, and “rush about” for Me. This is also their “faithfulness,” and what is “commendable” about them, so I once more send a letter of “praise” to them, that they may be made happy by this. But when they read this “letter,” they immediately feel a little irked, for all that they do has been rejected by My silent letter. Always have I directed people as they act, yet it seems they abhor My words; thus, as soon as I open My mouth, they squeeze their eyes shut and clap their hands over their ears. They do not look upon Me with respect because of My love, but have ever hated Me, for I pointed out their deficiencies, exposing all the goods in their possession, and thus they have suffered losses in their business, and their livelihood has disappeared. As such, their hate for Me therefore increases.

April 14, 1992

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