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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 12

If you have an unstable disposition, temperamental like the wind or the rain, if you cannot keep pressing forward, then My rod will not be away from you. When you are being dealt with, the more adverse the environment is, and the more you are persecuted, the greater your love for God increases, and you stop clinging to the world. Without another path, you come to Me, and you regain your strength and confidence. Yet, in easy environments, you would muddle along. You must enter in positively, be active and not passive. You shall be unshaken by anyone and anything in any situation, and you cannot be influenced by anyone’s words. You must have a stable disposition, and whatever people might say, you shall practice what you know to be truth at once. You must always have My words at work inside you, regardless of who you are facing; you must be able to stand firm in your testimony to Me and show consideration to My burdens. You cannot be confused, agreeing blindly with people without having your own ideas, but instead you must have the courage to stand up and object to things that do not come from Me. If you know clearly that something is wrong, yet you keep silent, then you are not someone who practices the truth. If you know that something is wrong and then twist the topic, but Satan blocks your path—you speak without any effect and are unable to persevere until the end—then you are still carrying fear in your heart, and isn’t your heart still filled with thoughts from Satan?

What is an overcomer? The good soldiers of Christ must be brave and rely on Me to be spiritually strong; they must fight to become warriors and battle Satan to the death. You must always stay awake, and this is why I ask you to actively cooperate with Me at every moment and learn to come close to Me. If, at any time and in any situation, you are able to remain quiet before Me, listening to My speech and paying attention to My words and actions, then you shall not be swayed and lose your ground. Anything you receive from within Me can be practiced. Every one of My words is directed to your situation. They pierce your heart, and even if you deny them with your mouth, you cannot deny them with your heart, and if you scrutinize My words, you shall be judged. In other words, My words are the truth, the life, the way, and a sharp double-edged sword, which can defeat Satan. Those that understand and have a path to practice My words are blessed, and those that do not practice them will indubitably be judged; this is so very practical. Now, the range of those I judge has broadened. Not only will I judge before Me those that know Me, but those who do not believe in Me and who try their utmost to resist and hinder the work of the Holy Spirit shall be judged too. All those following My footsteps before Me shall see that God is a raging fire! God is majesty! He is executing His judgments, and sentencing them to death. Those in the church who do not pay attention to following the work of the Holy Spirit, who interrupt the work of the Holy Spirit, who show off themselves, who have unjust intentions and goals, who do not put their effort into eating and drinking the words of God, who are muddled and suspicious, who scrutinize the work of the Holy Spirit—the words of judgment will come to them at any time. All of people’s actions shall be revealed. The Holy Spirit searches people’s innermost hearts, so do not be mindless; be careful and cautious, do not blindly act by yourself. If your actions do not follow My words, then you shall be judged. It will not do to imitate, to be specious, or to not truly understand; you must come before Me and communicate with Me often.

Whatever you take from within Me, it will give you a path to practice, and you will be accompanied by My powers, will have My presence, and always walk in My words, you will transcend everything in the world, and possess the power of resurrection. If your words, your behavior, and your actions do not have My words and My presence, if you distance yourself from Me and live within yourself, live in the conceptions of the mind, live in doctrines and rules, then that is proof that you set your mind on sins. In other words, you keep holding onto your old self and do not let others harm your self a bit or damage your soul; such a person has too poor caliber and is too absurd, and they cannot see the grace of God or recognize the blessings of God. When will you be able to let Me work within you if you continue your avoidance! When I have finished speaking, you listen but do not remember, and you become especially weak when your problems are really pointed out; what kind of stature is that! When can I make you complete if you always need to be coaxed! If you are afraid of bumps and scrapes, then you should rush to warn others, “I won’t let anyone deal with me, I can get rid of my natural, old disposition by my own.” So nobody will criticize you or touch you, and you are free to believe in whatever way you wish without anybody caring for you. Can you follow My footsteps like this? It is empty words to say that you are certain that I am your God and your Lord. If you are truly without doubt, these things will not be a problem, and you will believe that it is God’s love and God’s blessings upon you. When I speak, it is to My sons, and it should be met with thanks and praises.

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