Chapter 28

When you see that time is so fleeting and the work of the Holy Spirit rushes ahead, having caused you to attain such great blessings and receive the King of the universe, Almighty God, who is the shining Sun, the King of the kingdom—this is all My grace and mercy. What more is there that could cut you off from My love? Ponder carefully, do not try to escape, wait quietly before Me at every moment and do not always wander outside. Your heart must adhere closely to My heart, and no matter what may happen, do not act blindly or arbitrarily. You must look to My will, do whatever I desire, and be determined to abandon that which I do not desire. You must not act on your feelings, but instead practice righteousness, like Me, even when it comes to your parents. You must abandon all that does not conform to the truth and you must offer yourself up and expend of yourself for Me, with a pure heart that loves Me. Do not be subject to the constraints of any person, event, or thing; so long as it conforms to My will, then just practice it in accordance with My words. Have no fear, as My hands support you, and I will keep you away from all evil ones. You should guard your heart, be within Me at all times, for your life relies in its living on My own; if you leave Me, then you will wither at once.

You should know these are the last days. Devils and Satan, like roaring lions, stalk abroad, searching for people to devour. All manner of plagues now break out, and there are many of every sort of evil spirit. Only I am the true God; only I am your refuge. Now you can do nothing but hide in My secret place, only within Me, and disasters will not befall you, and no calamity will come near your tent. You must come close to Me more often and fellowship with Me in the secret place; do not fellowship loosely with others. You must grasp the meaning in My words—I am not saying that you are not allowed to fellowship, but that you still have no discernment. During this time, the work of evil spirits is rampant. They use all kinds of people to give you fellowship. Their words sound very pleasant, but there is poison within. They are sugar-coated bullets and before you know it, they will put their poison inside you. You should know most people today are unstable, as though they were drunk. When you fellowship about your difficulties with others, what they tell you is merely rules and doctrine, and it is not as good as fellowshipping with Me directly. Come before Me and pour out the old things within you; open your heart to Me and My heart will surely be revealed to you. Your heart must be diligent before Me. Do not be lazy, but come close to Me often—this is the quickest way for your life to grow. You must live within Me and I will live within you, and within you I shall be King, directing you in all things, and you shall have a share of the kingdom.

Do not underestimate yourself because you are young. You should offer yourself up to Me. I do not consider how people appear on the surface, nor how old they are. I consider only whether they love Me sincerely, and whether they follow My way, and practice the truth disregarding all other things. Do not worry about how tomorrow will be, nor how the future will be. So long as you rely on Me to live every day, then I will surely lead you. Do not linger on the thought, “My life is too small, I do not understand anything,” which is a thought sent by Satan. You have only to use your heart to come close to Me at all times, to follow My footsteps to the end of the road. When you hear My words of reproach and warning, wake up and run forward at once; come close to Me without cease, keep pace with the flock, and keep your eyes ahead. In My presence, you must love your God with all your heart and soul. On the path of service, consider My words more often. In practicing the truth, do not be weak-hearted—have a mighty heart, with the resolve and determination of the male child; be possessed of a formidable heart. If you wish to love Me, then you must satisfy Me in everything I wish to accomplish in you. If you wish to follow Me, then you must forsake all that you have, all that you love; you must submit humbly before Me, with a simple mind. Do not explore or think haphazardly, but stay abreast of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Here, I give you counsel: Be sure to hold fast to all that I enlighten within you, and be sure to practice it!

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