Chapter 29

Do you know that time is pressing? Therefore, in the short term, you must rely on Me and cast away from you all the things that are incompatible with My disposition: ignorance, slowness to react, unclear thoughts, soft-heartedness, a weak will, absurdity, very strong sentimental attachments, confusion, and a lack of discernment. These must be cast away as soon as possible. I am Almighty God! As long as you are willing to cooperate with Me, I can cure all that ails you. I am the God who looks deep into the hearts of people; I know all your ailments and where your defects dwell. These are the things that prevent you from progressing in life, and they must be cast away soon. Otherwise, My will cannot be carried out upon you. Rely on Me to cast off everything of yours I illuminate, live by Me always, be close to Me, and undertake all actions and behaviors with My likeness. Fellowship with Me more often about what you do not understand, and I will guide you, that you may go forward. If you are unsure, do not act rashly, but wait for My time. Maintain a stable temperament and do not let your passions run hot and cold; you must always have a heart that fears Me. What you do in front of Me and out of My sight must always be in accordance with My will. Do not be lenient to anyone on My behalf, be it your husband or your family; it is unacceptable, no matter how good they are. You must take action based on the truth. If you love Me, I will grant you great blessings. I will tolerate none who resist. Love those whom I love, and hate those whom I hate. Pay no heed to any man, event, or thing. Look with your spirit and see clearly the people I use; make more frequent contact with spiritual people. Do not be ignorant—you must differentiate. Wheat will always be wheat, and tare will never grow into wheat—you must recognize different types of people. You must be especially cautious in your speech and keep your feet on the path of My intention. Consider all these words carefully. You must cast away your rebelliousness at once and become fit for My use, so that you may satisfy My heart.

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