Chapter 29

On the day that all things were resurrected, I came among man, and I have spent wonderful days and nights with him. Only at this point does man sense a little of My approachability, and as his interaction with Me becomes more frequent, he sees some of what I have and am—as a result, he gains some knowledge of Me. Among all people, I raise My head and watch, and they all see Me. Yet when disaster befalls the world, they immediately grow anxious, and My image vanishes from their hearts; panic-stricken by the arrival of the disaster, they pay no regard to My exhortations. Many years have I passed among man, yet he has always remained unaware, and has never known Me. Today I tell him this with My own mouth, so that all people may come before Me to receive something from Me, but still they keep their distance from Me, and so they do not know Me. When My footsteps tread across the universe and to the ends of the earth, man will begin to reflect upon himself, and all people will come to Me and bow down before Me and worship Me. This will be the day I gain glory, the day of My return, and also the day of My departure. Now, I have begun My work among all mankind, have formally embarked throughout the entire universe upon the finale of My management plan. From this moment onward, any who are not cautious are liable to be plunged amid merciless chastisement, and this could happen at any moment. This is not because I am heartless; rather, it is a step of My management plan; all must proceed according to the steps of My plan, and no man can change this. When I formally begin My work, all people move as I move, such that people throughout the universe occupy themselves in step with Me, there is “jubilation” across the universe, and man is spurred onward by Me. In consequence, the great red dragon itself is whipped into a state of frenzy and bewilderment by Me, and it serves My work, and, despite being unwilling, it is unable to follow its own desires, but is left with no choice but to submit to My control. In all of My plans, the great red dragon is My foil, My enemy, and also My servant; as such, I have never relaxed My “requirements” of it. Therefore, the final stage of the work of My incarnation is completed in its household. In this way, the great red dragon is more able to do service for Me properly, through which I will conquer it and complete My plan. As I work, all angels embark upon the decisive battle with Me and resolve to satisfy My will in the final stage, so that the people on earth surrender before Me like the angels, and have no desire to oppose Me, and do nothing that betrays Me. These are the dynamics of My work throughout the universe.

The purpose and significance of My arrival among man is to save all mankind, to bring all mankind back to My household, to reunite heaven with earth, and to make man convey the “signals” between heaven and earth, for such is the inherent function of man. At the time when I created mankind, I had made all things ready for mankind, and later, I allowed mankind to receive, according to My requirements, the riches I gave him. Thus, I say that it is under My guidance that all mankind has reached today. And this is all My plan. Among all mankind, countless numbers of people exist under the protection of My love, and countless numbers live under the chastisement of My hate. Though people all pray to Me, still they are unable to change their present circumstances; once they have lost hope, they can only let nature take its course and cease to rebel against Me, for this is all that can be accomplished by man. When it comes to the state of man’s life, man has yet to find the real life, he still has not seen through to the injustice, desolation, and miserable conditions of the world—and so, were it not for the advent of disaster, most people would still embrace Mother Nature, and would still engross themselves in the flavors of “life.” Is this not the reality of the world? Is this not the voice of salvation that I speak forth to man? Why, among mankind, has no one ever truly loved Me? Why does man love Me only when amidst chastisement and trials, yet no one loves Me while being under My protection? I have bestowed My chastisement many times upon mankind. They take a look at it, but then they ignore it, and they do not study and contemplate it at this time, and so all that comes upon man is merciless judgment. This is only one of My methods of working, but it is still in order to change man and make him love Me.

I reign in the kingdom, and, moreover, I reign throughout the entire universe; I am both the King of the kingdom and the Head of the universe. From this time onward, I will assemble all those who are not the chosen ones and will begin My work among the Gentiles, and I will announce My administrative decrees to the whole universe, so that I may successfully embark upon the next step of My work. I will use chastisement to spread My work among the Gentiles, which is to say, I will use force against all those who are Gentiles. Naturally, this work will be carried out at the same time as My work among the chosen ones. When My people rule and wield power on earth, that will also be the day that all people on earth have been conquered, and, moreover, it will be the time when I rest—and only then will I appear to all those who have been conquered. I appear to the holy kingdom, and hide Myself from the land of filth. All who have been conquered and become submissive before Me are able to see My face with their own eyes, and able to hear My voice with their own ears. This is the blessing of those who are born during the last days, this is the blessing predestined by Me, and this is unalterable by any man. Today, I work in this way for the sake of the work of the future. All of My work is interrelated, in all of it, there is a call and response: Never has any step halted suddenly, and never has any step been carried out independently of any other. Is this not so? Is the work of the past not the foundation of the work of today? Are the words of the past not the precursor to the words today? Are the steps of the past not the origin of the steps of today? When I formally open the scroll, that is when people throughout the universe are chastised, when people all over the world are subjected to trials, and it is the climax of My work; all people live in a land without light, and all people live amid the threats posed by their environment. In other words, it is the life that man has never experienced from the time of creation until the present day, and no one throughout the ages has ever “enjoyed” this kind of life, and so I say that I have done work that has never been done before. This is the true state of affairs, and this is the inner meaning. Because My day draws near to all mankind, because it does not appear distant but is right before man’s eyes, who could not be fearful as a result? And who could not be delighted in this? The filthy city of Babylon has finally come to its end; man has met with a brand-new world again, and heaven and earth have been changed and renewed.

When I appear to all nations and all peoples, the white clouds churn in the sky and enshroud Me. So, too, do the birds on earth sing out and dance with joy for Me, highlighting the atmosphere on earth, and thus causing all things on earth to come alive, to no longer “drift slowly downward,” but to instead live amid an atmosphere of vitality. When I am among the clouds, man dimly perceives My face and My eyes, and at this time he feels a little afraid. In the past, he has heard historical records about Me in legends, and as a result he is only half believing and half doubtful toward Me. He knows not where I am, or just how large My face is—is it as wide as the sea, or as boundless as the green pastures? No one knows these things. It is only when man sees My face in the clouds today that man feels that the Me of legend is real, and so he becomes a little more favorably disposed toward Me, and it is only because of My deeds that his admiration for Me becomes a little greater. But man still does not know Me, and he only sees one part of Me in the clouds. Thereafter, I stretch out My arms and show them to man. Man is astonished, and claps his hands over his mouth, deeply afraid of being struck down by My hand, and so he adds a little fear to his admiration. Man fixes his eyes upon My every move, profoundly afraid that he will be struck down by Me when he is not paying attention—yet I am not restricted because of being watched by man, and I continue to do the work on My hands. It is only in all the deeds I do that man has some favor toward Me, and thus gradually comes before Me to associate with Me. When I am revealed to man in My entirety, man will see My face, and from then on I will no longer hide or obscure Myself from man. Throughout the universe, I will appear publicly to all people, and all those who are of flesh and blood will behold all of My deeds. All those who are of the spirit will surely dwell in peace in My household, and will assuredly enjoy wonderful blessings together with Me. All those whom I care for will surely escape chastisement and will certainly avoid the pain of the spirit and the agony of the flesh. I will appear publicly to all peoples and rule and wield power, so that the smell of corpses no longer will pervade the universe; instead, My crisp fragrance will spread across the whole world, because My day is drawing near, man is awakening, everything on earth is in order, and the days of survival of the earth are no more, for I have arrived!

April 6, 1992

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