Chapter 30

Among man, I once summarized man’s rebelliousness and weakness, and thus I understood man’s weakness and knew his rebelliousness. Prior to arriving among man, I had long since come to understand the joys and sorrows of man—and because of this, I am capable of doing that which man cannot, and of saying that which man cannot, and I do so easily. Is this not the difference between Me and man? And is this not a clear difference? Could it be that My work is achievable by people of flesh and blood? Could it be that I am of the same kind as created beings? People have ranked Me as being a “like term”—and is this not because they do not know Me? Why, instead of rising high among man, must I humble Myself? Why does mankind keep renouncing Me, why is mankind incapable of proclaiming My name? There is great sorrow in My heart, but how could people know? How could they see? Never treating that which concerns Me as being of the utmost importance in all their lives has left people dazed and confused, as if they have just taken a sleeping pill; when I call out to them, they simply carry on dreaming, and so no one has ever been aware of My deeds. Today, most people are still fast asleep. Only when the kingdom anthem sounds do they open their sleepy eyes and feel a little melancholy in their hearts. When My rod strikes among mankind, they still pay scant attention, as if their fate is as worthless as the sand in the sea. Although most of them have some awareness, they still do not know how far My steps have come—for people do not care to understand My heart, and so have never been able to free themselves from Satan’s bondage. I move above all things, and live among all things, and at the same time, I take center stage in the hearts of all people. For this reason, people look upon Me as different, believing that I am extraordinary, or else that I am unfathomable—and as a result, their trust in Me becomes stronger each day. I once reclined in the third heaven, observing all people and things in the universe. When I sleep, people fall quiet, deeply fearful of disturbing My rest. When I awake, they immediately grow animated, as if they are doing the work of expressly bringing Me joy. Is this not people on earth’s attitude toward Me? Who among the people of today sees the Me in heaven and on earth as one? Who does not venerate the Me in heaven? And who does not look down on the Me on earth? Why does man always tear Me apart? Why does man always have two different attitudes toward Me? Is the incarnate God on earth not the God who commands all in heaven? Is the Me in heaven not now on earth? Why do people see Me but do not know Me? Why is there such a great distance between heaven and earth? Are these things not worthy of deeper examination by man?

When I do My work, and during the times that I make utterances, people always wish to add “flavoring” to it, as if their sense of smell is more acute than Mine, as if they prefer strong flavor, and as if I am unaware of what man needs, and thus must “trouble” man to “supplement” My work. I do not deliberately dampen people’s positivity, but ask them to cleanse themselves based on the foundation of knowing Me. Because they lack too much, I suggest that they make more effort, and so offset their deficiencies in order to satisfy My heart. People once knew Me in their notions, yet were utterly unaware of this, and thus their cherishment was like treating sand as gold. When I reminded them, they only dispensed with part of this, but instead of replacing the part that had gone with things of silver and gold, they have continued enjoying the part that still remains in their hands—and as a result, they are always humble and patient before Me; they are incapable of being compatible with Me, for they have too many notions. Thus, I made up My mind to seize all that man has and is and hurl it far away, so that all can live with Me and no longer be apart from Me. It is because of My work that man does not understand My will. Some believe that I will conclude My work for a second time and cast them into hell. Some believe I will adopt a new way of speaking, and most of them tremble with fear: They are deeply fearful that I will finish My work and leave them with nowhere to go, and are profoundly afraid that I will abandon them once more. People always use old notions to measure My new work. I said people had never grasped the method by which I work—could they give a good account of themselves this time? Are people’s old notions not the weapons that disrupt My work? When I speak to people, they always avoid My gaze, deeply afraid that My eyes will settle on them. Thus, they lower their heads, as if accepting an inspection from Me—and is this not caused by their notions? Why is it that I have humbled Myself until today, but no one has ever noticed? Must I bow down for man? I came from heaven to earth, I descended from upon high to a secret place, and came among man and revealed all that I have and am to him. My words are sincere and earnest, patient and kind—but who has ever seen what I am and have? Am I still hidden to man? Why is it so difficult for Me to meet with man? Is it because people are too busy in their work? Is it because I am neglecting My duties and people are all intent on pursuing success?

In people’s minds, God is God, and is not easily engaged with, while man is man, and should not easily become dissolute—yet people’s deeds still cannot be brought before Me. Could it be that My requirements are too high? Could it be that man is too weak? Why do people always look upon the standards that I require from afar? Are they really unattainable by man? My requirements are calculated based on people’s “constitution,” and so have never exceeded man’s stature—but even so, people remain incapable of achieving the standards I require. Countless times have I been forsaken among man, countless times have people looked at Me with mocking eyes, as if My body were covered in thorns and loathsome to them, and thus people abhor Me, and believe that I am without worth. In this way, I am shoved back and forth by man. Countless times have people brought Me home for a low price, and countless times have they sold Me for a high price, and it is because of this that I find Myself in the situation I am in today. It is as if people are still cooking up schemes for Me; most of them still want to sell Me for a profit of hundreds of millions of dollars, for man has never cherished Me. It is as if I have become an intermediary between people, or a nuclear weapon with which they fight amongst each other, or an agreement signed between them—and as a result, I am, in sum, utterly without value in man’s heart, I am a dispensable household item. Yet I do not condemn man because of this; I do nothing but save man, and have always been compassionate toward man.

People believe that I will feel at ease when I cast people into hell, as if I am specially doing a deal with hell, and as if I am some sort of department that specializes in selling people, as if I am a specialist in swindling people and will sell them at a high price once I have them in My hands. People’s mouths do not say it, but in their hearts this is what they believe. Although they all love Me, they do so secretly. Have I paid such a great price and expended so much in return for this little bit of love from them? People are tricksters, and I always play the role of the tricked. It is as if I am too guileless: Once they have seen this weak point, they keep tricking Me. The words from My mouth do not mean to put people to death or to stick random labels on them—they are the reality of man. Perhaps some of My words “go too far,” in which case I can only “beg” for people’s forgiveness; because I am not “skilled” in the language of man, much of what I say is incapable of satisfying people’s demands. Perhaps some of My words pierce people’s hearts, so I can only “beg” that they be tolerant; because I am not proficient in the philosophy for worldly dealings and not particular about the way I speak, many of My words may evoke embarrassment in people. Perhaps some of My words speak to the root of people’s illness and expose their sickness, and so I advise taking some of the medicine I have prepared for you, for I have no intention of hurting you and this medicine has no side effects. Perhaps some of My words do not sound “realistic,” but I “beg” people not to panic—I am not “nimble” of hand and foot, so My words have yet to be carried out. I ask that people be “forbearing” toward Me. Are these words of help to man? I hope that people can gain something from these words, so that My words are not always in vain!

April 9, 1992

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