Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Hubei Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

190. Qi XX, female, aged 67, from Changjiangbu in Yingcheng City, a junior leader of the Praise Church. In 1998, while Qi was visiting her relatives in Nanjing, someone preached God’s end-time work to her, but she refused to accept it. In 1999, someone else preached it to her, but she refused again, and she also sealed her meeting place. On July 17, 2001, Qi learned at the meeting that some gospel preachers were staying at the home of a sister of her church. Exasperated, she led the people of her church to pray with her, “Curse ‘the Eastern Lightning,’ curse these devils and satans, and curse these heresies and cults.…” On the next morning, her younger brother went to her home, and saw that she was writhing about on the floor and unable to say a word, with vomit all over the floor. He rushed her to the hospital for emergency treatment. Though her life was preserved, she lost the ability to take care of herself and could only move slowly with the support of a stool. On September 18, 2002, Qi fell headlong in the bathroom and died. She resisted God and was punished!

191. Zhang XX, male, aged 31, from Guanshan Town in Danjiangkou City, an elder of the Praise Church. In May 1998, Zhang accepted God’s end-time work, but half a month later, he was dragged back by the people of his church. When the gospel preachers went to preach to him again, he refused and said, “I will not accept this way. Go away!” As it was already dark and was raining hard, the gospel preachers asked to stay overnight, but he refused and stubbornly drove them out. So they had to wade across the thigh-deep river near his house and went back in the rain. The next day, the gospel preachers returned to his house to get the book of God’s word, but he lied to them, “The book is somewhere else, and we have to climb over a hill to get there.” Then he intentionally led them into a roadless wooded hill. Halfway up the hill, he shook them off and sneaked away, which caused the gospel preachers to have great trouble finding their way back. In August 1998, Zhang’s epilepsy recurred. On January 21, 1999, while he was warming himself by a fire, he fell into it and burned his right leg so badly that the bones and tendons were exposed. Then he became lame and had a big lump left on his knee. Thereafter, Zhang’s epilepsy became increasingly serious, and whenever he lost his mind, he wandered about everywhere. On February 25, 2001, Zhang fell into the river some eight meters wide near his house and drowned. His life of doing evil thus ended!

192. Chen XX, male, aged 64, from Zhuogang Town in Huangmei County, a junior leader of the Justification by Faith Church. In June 1997, some people preached God’s end-time work to him, yet he not only did not accept, but condemned it as a false christ, a false prophet, and a deceiver. He also threatened the gospel preachers and said, “If you come again, I will report you.…” Then he sealed the meeting places. He also tailed and spied on those who had accepted the end-time work of Almighty God. In early October 1997, Chen got sick. He had blood in his stools, which made his stools black-gray. In late October, after an examination at the hospital, he was found to have pancreatic cancer. On December 19, 1997, Chen had an operation at the county hospital, and after that, he was kept on intravenous fluids, but did not improve. In February 1998, when he went to the hospital for another check, the doctor said that he was already beyond cure. On April 17, 1998, Chen died.

193. Fu XX, male, aged 46, from Fangxian County in Shiyan City, whose family was a host family of the Three Grades of Servants Church. In July 1999, when some people went to preach the end-time work of Almighty God to him, he slandered God as soon as he opened his mouth, and in the end, he even said, “You believe in your God, and I’ll believe in mine. Even if I am wrong, I’d rather be wrong to the end.” On September 6, 1999, Fu suddenly had a sharp pain in his abdomen. Upon examination at the hospital, he was found to have stones and accumulation of urine in both kidneys. As the stones were big and blocked the ureters, the urine could not be discharged, and his abdomen swelled like a drum. On September 10, the doctors performed a surgery on him for more than seven hours. Although the stones were taken out, yet because one doctor accidently cut through Fu’s duodenum and scratched his bile duct and pancreas with the scalpel, Fu was still unable to get rid of his urine, and he had to have six catheters inserted into his abdomen. Eighteen days later, Fu again suffered a sharp abdominal pain. On October 4, he had another operation. After his belly was cut open, his intestines were found to be infected and rotted, which were beyond cure. On October 15, 1999, Fu died. This man, who would rather be wrong to the end than accept the true way, thus ended his life in haste.

194. Li XX, male, aged 69, from Jingzhou City, a pastor of the Three-Self sect. In April 1999, when God’s end-time work was spread to his sect, he resisted and condemned it vehemently, and he also restricted and bound the people in his sect, forbidding them to hear the end-time gospel. Not only so, he also personally informed the Public Security Bureau and the Religious Affairs Bureau, and many times he brought these devils that resisted God into his sect to find the gospel preachers through open or secret investigations. His sins were truly piled up to heaven! In the second half of 1999, Li suddenly became sick and bedridden. He went to many hospitals for examinations, but no diagnosis could be made. On January 1, 2001, Li passed blood and died. This devil was cut off!

195. Yao XX, female, aged 55, from Longhe Township of Tuguanya Town in Danjiangkou City, a believer of the Justification by Faith Church. In March 1999, a sister went to preach God’s end-time work to her, but she said that the sister was believing in a wrong way, and then drove the sister away. On April 22, 1999, the sister went to preach to her again, but she drove the sister away a second time. On May 9, 1999, the sister visited her once again, but she still said, “You’re believing in a wrong way. I have nothing to say to you.” The next evening, Yao said proudly in the meeting, “Yang XX (referring to the sister who preached the gospel) has come to persuade me three times, but I would rather die than believe with her.” On that night, Yao dreamed that she walked into a dark cave, and the further she went, the darker it became. When she woke up, she told her husband this dream. Her husband advised her to join sister Yang, but she refused. On May 16, Yao was bitten in the right heel by the mad dog of her mother-in-law. She had injections and took medicine but in vain. On May 19, her condition began to deteriorate and her mouth was distorted. She was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment by her family and stayed there for one day and two nights. When the doctor saw there was no hope, he let her go home. On May 24, a little past nine in the morning, Yao died. God fulfilled her words that she would rather die than believe!

196. Wang XX, male, aged 39, from Suizhou City, whose family was a host family of the Third Redemption sect. On January 7, 1999, several brothers went to that area to preach Almighty God’s end-time work. When Wang learned of that, he ganged up with a group of people to disturb them. On seeing the brothers who preached the gospel, Wang stepped forward and gave a brother two slaps on the face, and then he took another brother away with him. Afterward, this brother testified God’s end-time work to him, and he accepted then. But later, because God’s family did not put him in an important position, he many times abused God as unrighteous. On October 31, 2001, Wang went to a meeting of the Praise Church. When the people of that church cursed the false christ in prayer, though he knew they were cursing God’s end-time work, he still said “Amen.” Immediately he was seized with an unbearable headache. The next early morning, Wang suddenly became short of breath, and then with a loud cry, he went rigid, and died. Forsaking the true way and abusing God, he was punished!

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