I see that The Church of Almighty God does nothing more than spread the gospel and testify to God’s work of the last days, asking that people be honest and walk the right path of human life. But the CCP is disseminating information saying that the church’s ultimate aim in spreading the gospel is to overthrow CCP rule. How can I know whether the CCP’s words are true or false?

Relevant Words of God:

God does not partake in the politics of man, yet the fate of a country or nation is controlled by God. God controls this world and the entire universe. The fate of man and the plan of God are intimately connected, and no man, country or nation is exempt from the sovereignty of God. If man wishes to know his fate, then he must come before God. God shall cause those who follow and worship Him to prosper and shall bring decline and extinction upon those who resist and reject Him.

Excerpted from “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

What is the purpose of propagating the gospel? As has been said continuously since this stage of work began, God has come to do His work this time to inaugurate a new era, to bring in a new era and end the old one, a fact that can now be seen in those of us now here and that has already been fulfilled. That is, God is doing new work, and the people here have already accepted this and have already emerged from the Age of Law and the Age of Grace, no longer reading the Bible, no longer living under the cross, no longer crying out the name of Lord Jesus the Savior, but at once praying to the name of God of the present day and accepting the words God now expresses and taking them as the principles of survival, the methods, and the objectives of human life. In this sense, have the people here not already entered a new era? In what era, then, do the many more people who have not accepted this gospel and these words live? They are still living in the Age of Grace. It is now your vocation to bring these people out from the Age of Grace and have them enter this new era. Can you accomplish this commission merely by praying and calling out God’s name? Is it enough merely to preach a few of the words of God? It is certainly not; this requires all of you to shoulder responsibility for the duty of spreading the gospel, of propagating the words of God, of spreading them forth and extending their reach. What does it mean to “extend their reach”? It means to spread God’s gospel beyond just the people who are here; it means to make more people aware of God’s new work, and then to preach God’s words to them. It means to use your experience to bear witness to the work of God and to bring them also into the new era. Then, they will be the same as you. God’s intention is quite obvious—He would not have only you who have heard and accepted His words and begun to follow Him enter the new age; He wants to lead the entire human race into the new age. This is God’s intention, and this is a truth that every person who currently follows God should understand. God is not leading a batch or a small tribe of people into the new age, but leading the whole of humanity into the new age. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to propagate the gospel, and to use many methods and channels to do so.

Excerpted from “For Leaders and Workers, Choosing a Path Is of Utmost Importance (1)” in Records of Christ’s Talks

All people need to understand the aims of My work on earth, that is, what I ultimately wish to gain, and what level I must achieve in this work before it can be complete. If, after walking with Me to this day, people do not understand what My work is all about, then have they not walked with Me in vain? If people follow Me, they should know My will. I have been working on earth for thousands of years, and to this day, I continue to carry out My work thus. Although My work contains many projects, its purpose remains unchanged; though I am filled with judgment and chastisement toward man, for example, what I do is still for the sake of saving him, and for the sake of better spreading My gospel and further expanding My work among all the Gentile nations once man has been made complete. So today, at a time when many people have long since sunk deep into dismay, I still continue with My work, I continue the work I must do to judge and chastise man. Despite the fact that man is fed up with what I say, and he has no desire to concern himself with My work, I am still carrying out My duty, for the purpose of My work remains unchanged, and My original plan will not be broken. The function of My judgment is to enable man to better obey Me, and the function of My chastisement is to allow man to more effectively be changed. Though what I do is for the sake of My management, I have never done anything that was without benefit to man, for I wish to make all the nations beyond Israel as obedient as the Israelites, to make them into real human beings, that I might have a foothold in the lands outside Israel. This is My management; it is the work I am accomplishing among the Gentile nations. Even now, many people still do not understand My management, because they have no interest in such things, and care only for their own futures and destinations. No matter what I say, they remain indifferent to the work that I do, instead focusing exclusively on their destinations of tomorrow. If things go on in this way, how can My work expand? How can My gospel be spread throughout the world? Know that when My work spreads, I will scatter you, and smite you just as Jehovah smote each of the tribes of Israel. All this will be done so that My gospel may spread across the earth, so that it may reach the Gentile nations, so that My name may be magnified by adults and children alike, and My holy name exalted in the mouths of people from all tribes and nations. It is so that, in this final era, My name may be magnified among the Gentile nations, so that My deeds may be seen by the Gentiles and they will call Me the Almighty on account of My deeds, and so that My words may soon come to pass. I will make all people know that I am not only the God of the Israelites, but also the God of all the nations of the Gentiles, even those that I have cursed. I will let all people see that I am the God of all creation. This is My greatest work, the purpose of My work plan for the last days, and the only work to be fulfilled in the last days.

Excerpted from “The Work of Spreading the Gospel Is Also the Work of Saving Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Previous: Since the CCP came to power, it has been unceasing in its persecution of religious belief. Its suppression of The Church of Almighty God, in particular, has become increasingly severe. The CCP has not only used television, radio, newspapers, the internet and other media to slander, frame and discredit The Church of Almighty God, but has also conducted wide-scale arrests of its members, resulting in many Christians being imprisoned and cruelly tortured, and even being tortured to death. Why is the CCP’s persecution of The Church of Almighty God so severe?

Next: You testify that Christ of the Last Days, Almighty God, is the return of the Lord Jesus, and that He is expressing all truths for the judgment, purification, and salvation of mankind. Yet the CCP claims that the “Almighty God” you believe in is just an ordinary person. The CCP knows everything about this person’s family background, and has even posted this person’s photo, name, and family address online. I can’t get this straight—is what the CCP says true or false?

The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.
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