The Path … (5)

In the past, no one knew the Holy Spirit, much less were they aware of the path walked by the Holy Spirit. That is why people have always made fools of themselves before God. It is fair to say that almost everyone who believes in God does not know the Spirit, and that their faith is muddled and confused. Clearly, people do not understand God; and though their mouths may say they believe in Him, in essence, based on their behavior, they believe in themselves, not God. In My own actual experiences, I have seen that God testifies of the incarnate God, and from the outside it appears that people have been compelled to acknowledge the testimony of God, it can only barely be said that they believe that the Spirit of God is completely without error. I say, however, that what people believe in is not this person, much less the Spirit of God, but their own feelings. Are they not just believing in themselves by doing that? What I say is true. I am not labeling people, but there is one thing I have to clarify: For people to have been brought to today, whether they have clarity or are confused, is all down to the Holy Spirit. It is not something over which humans have any control. This is an example of what I have mentioned before about the Holy Spirit forcing people’s belief; this is the way that the Holy Spirit works, and it is the path taken by the Holy Spirit. No matter whom, in essence, people believe in, the Holy Spirit forcefully gives people a type of feeling, making them believe in the God in their hearts. Is that not how you believe? Do you not feel that your belief in God is a strange thing? Do you not think it odd that you are unable to escape this stream? Have you not put any effort into thinking about this? Is this not the greatest of all signs and wonders? Even if you have had the urge to escape many times, there is always a powerful life force that attracts you and makes you reluctant to walk away. And every time you find yourself in such circumstances, you invariably start weeping and sobbing, at a loss as to what to do next. Some of you do try to leave, but when you try to go, it feels like a knife to your heart, it feels as if your soul has been taken from you by some earthly ghost, leaving your heart restless and without peace. After that, you cannot help but brace yourself and return to God. … Have you not had this experience? I have no doubt that the younger brothers and sisters, who are able to open up their hearts, will say: “Yes! I’ve experienced this so many times, it makes me ashamed to think of it!” In My own daily life, I am always happy to treat My young brothers and sisters as My intimates, because there is so much innocence in them—they are so pure and lovely. They are like My own companions. That is why I am always looking for the chance to bring all of My intimates together to talk about our ideals and our plans. May God’s will be carried out in us so that we are all like flesh and blood, without any barriers or distance between us. May we all pray to God: “Oh God! If it is Your will, we beg that You give us the right environment, so that we may fulfill the wishes in our hearts. May You have mercy on we who are young and lacking in reason, and allow us to exert the strength within our hearts!” I trust that this is God’s intention, for long ago I prayed to God and said: “Father! On earth, we cry out to You without cease, wishing that Your will may soon be done on earth. I would seek Your will. May You do what You want to do and complete Your commission in Me with all haste. I am even willing for You to open up a new path among us, if it means Your will is fulfilled soon! I ask only that Your work may be completed soon, and I trust that no rules can hold it back!” Such is God’s work today; do you not see the path that the Holy Spirit walks? Every time I meet older brothers and sisters, I have this indescribable sense of oppression. When I meet them, I see that they reek of society; their religious notions, their experience of handling things, their manner of speaking, the words they use, and so on—they are all exasperating. They are supposedly full of “wisdom.” I always keep as far away from them as I can, because for Me personally, I am not equipped with philosophies for worldly dealings. Every time I meet these people, they leave Me exhausted, My head covered in sweat; sometimes I feel so oppressed I can hardly breathe. So at this perilous moment, God gives Me a great way out. Perhaps that is just My misconception. I only care about what benefits God; following God’s will is what is most important. I stay far away from these people, but if God requires Me to meet them, I still obey. It is not that they are detestable, but that their “wisdom,” notions, and philosophies for worldly dealings are so abhorrent. I am there to complete God’s commission, not to learn how they do things. I remember how God once said to Me, “On earth, seek only to follow Your Father’s will and complete His commission. Nothing else concerns You.” Thinking of this gives Me a little peace. That is because human affairs always feel so complicated to Me; I cannot wrap My head around them, and I never know what to do. So countless times have I been left distraught by this and have hated mankind; why do people have to be so complicated? Why cannot they be simple? Why bother trying to be so clever? When I meet people, for the most part it is based on God’s commission to Me. There may have been a few times when that was not the case, but who knows what is hidden in the depths of My heart?

Many times have I advised the brothers and sisters with Me that they should believe in God with their hearts, that they should not look out for their own interests, but be considerate of God’s intentions. Many times have I wept in anguish before God: Why are people not considerate of God’s intentions? Surely God’s work cannot just disappear without a trace for no reason? Nor do I know why—this has almost become a riddle in My mind—why people never recognize the path walked by the Holy Spirit, yet keep holding on to the abnormal relationships they have with others? Seeing people like this nauseates Me. Instead of looking to the path of the Holy Spirit, they focus on the deeds of man. Could God be satisfied by this? I am often saddened by this. It has almost become My burden—and it perturbs the Holy Spirit, too. Do you not feel any reproach in your heart? May God open the eyes of our spirits. Many times have I, who guide people to enter into God’s work, prayed before God: “Oh Father! I would that Your will be the core, I would search for Your will, I would that I am faithful to Your commission, so You may gain this group of people. May You take us to the land of freedom, so that we may touch You with our spirits, and may You awaken the spiritual feelings within our hearts!” I would that God’s will be done, and so I pray without cease for His Spirit to keep enlightening us, that we may walk the path led by the Holy Spirit—for the path that I walk is the path of the Holy Spirit. And who else could walk this path in My stead? This is what makes My burden even heavier. I feel as if I am going to fall, but I have faith that God would never delay His work. Perhaps, we will only part ways once His commission has been completed. So maybe it is because of the effect of God’s Spirit that I have always felt different. It is as if there is work God wants to do, but I still cannot grasp what it is. Yet I trust that no one on earth is better than My intimates, and I trust that they will pray for Me before God, for which I am immeasurably grateful. I wish for the brothers and sisters to say with Me: “Oh God! May Your will be made fully manifest in us, the people of the final age, so that we may be blessed with the life of the spirit, and behold the deeds of the Spirit of God, and look upon His true face!” Once we have reached this step we will truly be living under the guidance of the Spirit, and only then will we be able to look upon God’s true face. Which is to say, people will be able to understand the true meaning of all truths, not understanding or comprehending according to human notions, but according to the enlightenment of the intentions of God’s Spirit. This is entirely the work of God Himself, there is nothing of human ideas in it; it is His plan of work for the deeds He wishes to make plain on earth, and it is the last portion of His work on earth. Do you wish to join in this work? Do you want to be part of it? Do you aspire to be made perfect by the Holy Spirit and share in the life of the spirit?

What is key today is to go deeper from our original foundation. We must go deeper into the truth, the visions, and the life—but first I must remind the brothers and sisters that to enter this step of work, you must discard your previous notions. That is, you must change the way you live, make new plans, turn over a new leaf. If you still cling to what was precious to you in times past, the Holy Spirit will not be able to work in you, and He will barely be able to sustain your life. Those who do not pursue, or enter, or plan will be utterly abandoned by the Holy Spirit—and so they are said to have been forsaken by the age. I hope that all the brothers and sisters are able to understand My heart, and I hope that more “new recruits” will stand up to cooperate with God and complete this work together. I trust that God will bless us. So, too, do I trust that God will give Me many more intimates, so that I may walk to every corner of the earth, and there may be greater love between us. Moreover, I trust that God will extend His kingdom because of our efforts; I would that these efforts of ours reach unprecedented levels, allowing God to gain more young people. I want us to spend more time praying for this, I want us to pray without cease, so that we spend our whole lives before God, and are as close as can be to God. May there never again be anything between us, and may we all swear this oath before God: To work hard together! To be loyal to the very end! To never part, and always be together! I hope that the brothers and sisters all make this promise before God, so that our hearts will never change, and our determination will never waver! For the sake of meeting God’s intentions, I say again: Let us work hard! Let us strive with all our might! God will surely bless us!

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