The Path … (6)

It is because of God’s work that we have been brought to the present day, and thus are we the survivors in God’s management plan. That we remain today is a great elevation from God, for according to God’s plan, the country of the great red dragon should be destroyed. But I think that perhaps He has established another plan, or He wishes to carry out another portion of His work, so even today, I cannot explain this clearly—it is like an unsolvable riddle. But overall, this group of ours has been predestined by God, and I continue to believe that God has other work in us. May we all beseech Heaven thus: “May Your will be accomplished, and may You once again appear to us and not conceal Yourself so that we may see Your glory and Your countenance more clearly.” It is My constant feeling that the path God guides us along does not go straight up, but is a winding road full of potholes; God says, furthermore, that the rockier the path is, the more it can reveal our loving hearts. Yet none of us can open up such a path. In My experience, I have walked many rocky, treacherous paths and I have endured great suffering; at times I have even been so utterly grief-stricken that I wanted to cry out, but I have walked this path to this day. I believe that this is the path led by God, so I endure the torment of all the suffering and continue onward. For this is what God has ordained, so who can escape it? I do not ask to receive any blessings; all I ask is that I am able to walk the path I ought to walk according to God’s will. I do not seek to imitate others, walking the path that they walk; all I seek is that I may fulfill My devotion to walk My designated path until the end. I do not ask for the help of others; to be frank, I cannot help anyone else, either. It seems that I am terribly sensitive on this matter. I do not know what other people think. This is because I have always believed that the amount an individual must suffer and the distance they must walk on their path is ordained by God, and that no one can really help anyone else. Some of our zealous brothers and sisters may say that I am without love, but this is just what I believe. People walk their paths relying on God’s guidance, and I trust that most of My brothers and sisters will understand My heart. I also hope that God provides us with much greater enlightenment in this aspect, so that our love may become purer and our friendship more precious. May we not be confused on this topic, but only gain greater clarity, so that interpersonal relationships may be built upon the foundation of God’s leadership.

God has worked in mainland China for a number of years, and He has paid a great price in all people to finally get us to where we are today. I think that in order to guide everyone onto the right path, this work must begin where everyone is weakest; only then can they break through the first hurdle and continue onward. Is that not better? The Chinese nation, corrupted for thousands of years, has survived until today, every manner of “virus” advancing without cease, spreading everywhere like the plague; just looking at people’s relationships is enough to see how many “germs” lurk within people. It is extremely difficult for God to develop His work in such a tightly closed and virus-infected area. People’s personalities, habits, the way they do things, everything they express in their lives and their interpersonal relationships—they are all in tatters, to the point that human knowledge and cultures have all been condemned to death by God. Not to mention the various experiences they learned from their families and society—these have all been convicted in the eyes of God. This is because those who live in this land have consumed too many viruses. It is like business as usual for them, they think nothing of it. Therefore, the more corrupted people are in a place, the more abnormal their interpersonal relationships. People’s relationships are rife with intrigue, they plot against each other and slaughter each other as if in some cannibalistic citadel of demons. In such a terror-filled place, where ghosts run rampant, it is extremely difficult to carry out God’s work. I pray without cease to God when I have to meet people, for I am terrified of meeting them, and deeply afraid that I will offend their “dignity” with My disposition. In My heart, I am ever fearful that these unclean spirits will act recklessly, so I always pray to God to protect Me. Every manner of abnormal relationship is evident among us, and seeing all of this, there is hatred in My heart, for among themselves, people are always engaged in the “business” of man, and never spare any thought for God. I despise their behavior to My very bones. What can be seen in the people in mainland China is nothing but corrupt satanic dispositions, so in God’s work in these people, it is nearly impossible to find anything worthwhile within them; all the work is done by the Holy Spirit, and it is only that the Holy Spirit moves people more, and works in them. It is nearly impossible to utilize those people; that is, the work of the Holy Spirit moving people coupled with people’s cooperation cannot be done. The Holy Spirit just slogs away to move people, but even so, people remain numb and insensate, and have no idea what it is that God is doing. So, God’s work in mainland China is comparable to His work of creating the heavens and earth. He causes all people to be born again, and changes everything about them, for there is nothing worthwhile within them. It is so heartbreaking. I often pray in sorrow for these people: “God, may Your great power be revealed in these people, so that Your Spirit may greatly move them, and so that these numb and dull-witted sufferers may awaken, no longer in lethargic slumber, and see the day of Your glory.” May we all pray before God and say: Oh God! May You once again take mercy on and care for us so that our hearts can fully turn to You, and so that we are able to escape from this filthy land, stand up, and complete what You have entrusted us with. I hope that God may once again move us so that we may gain His enlightenment, and I hope that He may have mercy on us so that our hearts are able to gradually turn to Him and He may gain us. This is the desire we all share.

The path we walk is entirely ordained by God. In short, I believe that I will surely walk this path to the very end, for God always smiles on Me, and it is as if I am ever guided by His hand. Thus is My heart untainted by anything else, and thus am I ever mindful of God’s work. I carry out all that God commissions to Me with all My strength and with devotion, and never do I interfere in tasks not allotted to Me, nor do I involve Myself in who else does it—for I believe that each person must walk their own path, and not intrude on others. That is how I see it. Perhaps this is a product of My own personality, but I hope that My brothers and sisters understand and forgive Me because I never dare to go against the decrees of My Father. I dare not defy the will of Heaven. Have you forgotten that “the will of Heaven cannot be defied”? Some people may think Me self-centered, but I believe that I have come particularly to carry out one part of God’s work of management. I have not come to get involved in interpersonal relationships; I will never learn how to get on well with others. In God’s commission, however, I have the guidance of God, and I have the faith and tenacity to see this work through. Maybe I am being too “self-centered,” but I hope that everyone will take it upon themselves to try to feel God’s just and selfless love, and to try to cooperate with God. Do not wait for the second advent of God’s majesty; that is no good for anyone. I always think that what we should consider is this: “We must do everything possible to do what we ought to in order to satisfy God. God’s commission of each of us is different; how should we accomplish it?” You must perceive just what the path you walk is—it is imperative that you are clear about this. Since you all wish to satisfy God, why not give yourself over to Him? The first time I prayed to God, I gave My whole heart to Him. The people around Me—parents, sisters, brothers, and colleagues—they were all pushed far to the back of My mind by what I had resolved, it was as if they did not exist to Me at all. For My mind was always on God, or God’s words, or His wisdom; these things were always in My heart, and they took the most precious place in My heart. Thus, for people who brim with philosophies for worldly dealings, I am someone who is cold-blooded and emotionless. Their hearts are pained by how I comport Myself, by how I do things, by My every move. They cast strange glances at Me, as if the person that I am were some unsolvable riddle. In their minds, they are secretly taking the measure of the person that I am, not knowing what I will do next. How could anything they do stand in My way? Maybe they are envious, or appalled, or mocking; regardless, as if with great hunger and thirst I pray before God throughout, as if it were just Me and Him in the same world, and there was no one else. Ever do the forces of the outside world crowd closely around Me—but so, too, does the feeling of being moved by God surge within Me. Caught in this dilemma, I bowed down before God: “Oh God! How could I be indisposed toward Your will? Your eyes look upon Me as honorable, as wrought gold, yet I am unable to escape from the forces of darkness. I would suffer for You My whole life, I would make Your work My life’s occupation, and I beg You to give Me a proper place of rest to devote Myself to You. Oh God! I wish to offer Myself up to You. You know well man’s weakness, so why do You conceal Yourself from Me?” Right then, it was as if I were a mountain lily, its fragrance stirred by the breeze, unknown to all. Heaven though, wept, and My heart kept crying; it felt like there was even greater pain in My heart. All forces and the besiegement of man—they were like a thunderclap on a clear day. Who could understand My heart? And so I came before God once more, and said, “Oh God! Is there no way to carry out Your work in this land of filth? Why is it that others cannot be mindful of Your heart in a comfortable, supportive environment that is free of persecution? I want to spread My wings, yet why is it so difficult to fly away? Do You not approve?” For days I wept over this, yet I always trusted that God would bring comfort to My sorrowful heart. No one has ever understood My anxiousness. Perhaps it is a direct perception from God—I have always had a fire within Me for His work, and have barely had time to take a breath. To this day, I still pray and say, “Oh God! If it is Your will, may You lead Me to carry out even greater work of Yours so that it may spread throughout the universe, and that it may open up to every nation and denomination, so that a little peace is brought to My heart, and so I may live in a place of rest for You, and I may work for You without disturbance, and can serve You, with My heart at peace, for My whole life.” This is My heart’s desire. Maybe the brothers and sisters will say that I am arrogant and conceited; I, too, acknowledge this, for it is fact—young people are nothing if not arrogant. Thus do I tell it how it really is, without contravening the facts. In Me you may see all the personality traits of a young person, but you can also see where I am different from other young people: My calmness and quietude. I am not making a topic out of this; I believe that God knows Me better than I know Myself. These are words from My heart, and I hope that the brothers and sisters will not take offense. May we speak of the words in our hearts, look at what it is that each of us pursues, compare our God-loving hearts, listen to the words we whisper to God, sing out the most beautiful songs in our hearts, and give voice to the pride in our hearts, so that our lives become more beautiful. Forget the past and look toward the future. God will open up a path for us!

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