Chapter 84

Because of their lack of knowledge of Me, humans have disrupted My management and undermined My plans countless times, but they have never been able to obstruct My advancing steps. This is because I am a God of wisdom. In Me there is infinite wisdom, and in Me there are boundless and unfathomable mysteries. From time immemorial, humans have never been able to fathom and completely understand these. Is that not so? Not only is there wisdom in every word I utter, but each word also contains My hidden mysteries. With Me, all is mystery; every part of Me is mystery. Today you have merely seen mystery, which is that you have seen My person—but you have yet to unravel this mystery that is hidden within. Humans can only enter My kingdom by following My lead; otherwise, they shall perish along with the world and become ashes. I am the complete God Himself; I am nobody but God Himself. Previous sayings, such as the “manifestation of God,” are already outdated; they are worn-out old things that are not applicable anymore. How many of you have come to understand this? How many of you have been certain of Me to this extent? All must be clearly explained and instructed by Me.

Satan’s kingdom has been destroyed, and its people will soon be finished doing their service for Me. One by one, they will be driven out of My house, which means that those who have been masquerading in various roles have all had their true colors revealed, and all of them will be cut off from My kingdom. Do not forget! From today on, all those I forsake, including those I have forsaken in the past, are the ones who are just acting, and are just shams; they have merely been putting on a show for Me, and once this play is over, they must leave the stage. Those who are truly My sons will officially be in My kingdom to receive My love and enjoy the blessings that I have already prepared for you. Blessed are the firstborn sons! Because you were trained by Me in advance, you are now fit for My use. Believe that I am the almighty God. The things that people cannot accomplish, I can do without a hitch, and there is absolutely no room for contest. Do not assume that you cannot do anything or that you are not fit to be My firstborn sons. You are absolutely worthy! This is because all things depend on Me to be done; they all rely on Me to be accomplished. Why do you now feel that you are of such a stature? This is simply because the time for Me to truly use you has not yet arrived. Great talents cannot be used for trivial purposes; do you understand? In all the universe world, are you merely confined to a tiny China? That is, all the people in the entire universe world will be given to you to shepherd and lead, for you are the firstborn sons, and leading your brothers is your duty to fulfill. Know this! I am the almighty God! I stress once again that I am allowing you to enjoy yourselves. I am the One who is working—the Holy Spirit is working everywhere, and is personally taking the lead.

In the past, people had no understanding of My salvation. Now do you understand? There are several aspects to My salvation: One is that for some people, there is absolutely no predestination, which means that they cannot enjoy My grace at all; another is that there are those who are initially predestined, who enjoy My grace for a period of time, but after some time, which is a time that I have predetermined, I will cast them out, and then their lives will be completely over. Yet another aspect is that there are those whom I have predestined and chosen, and who enjoy eternal blessings; they enjoy My grace from the beginning until the end, including the hardships they have suffered before and after accepting Me, as well as the enlightenment and illumination they have received after accepting Me. From now on, they will start to enjoy blessings—that is, they are the ones whom I am thoroughly saving. This is the most obvious expression of the completion of My great work. What, then, do blessings refer to? Let Me ask you: What do you most want to do? What do you hate the most? What do you most hope to obtain? You have gone through pains and hardships in the past, all for the sake of gaining Me and so that your lives can grow; those comprise a part of grace. “Blessings” means that in the future, you will no longer have the things that you hate, which means that these things will no longer be present in your actual lives; they will have been removed completely, right before your eyes. Family, work, wife, husband, children, friends and relatives, and even the three meals a day that you hate every day, will be gone. (This means not being restricted by time, and walking out of the flesh completely. Only your sated spirit can maintain your body, but this refers to your body, not the flesh. You will be completely free and transcendent. This is the greatest and most evident miracle that God has manifested since the creation of the world.) All particles of soil will be removed from your body, and you will completely be spiritual bodies that are holy and untainted, able to travel throughout the universe and to the ends of the earth. From that time onward, you will also be rid of all that troublesome washing and scrubbing, and you will simply enjoy yourselves to the fullest. From then on, you will no longer think about marriage (because I am ending an age, not creating the world), and there will be no more labor pains that are so torturous for women. Neither will you work or labor any longer in the future. You will immerse yourselves completely in My embrace of love, enjoying the blessings that I have bestowed upon you. This is absolute. While you are enjoying these blessings, grace will continue to follow you. All that I have prepared for you—that is, rare and precious treasures from all over the world—will be given to you. Right now, you can neither conceive of nor imagine all of these, and no one has enjoyed them before. When these blessings come upon you, you will be ecstatic without end—but do not forget that these are all due to My power, My actions, My righteousness, and, even more so, My majesty. (I will be gracious to those to whom I choose to be gracious, and I will be merciful to those to whom I choose to be merciful.) At that time, you will have no parents, and there will be no blood relations. You are all people whom I love, My beloved sons. From that time on, no one will dare to oppress you. It will be a time for you to grow into adults, as well as a time in which you rule the nations with an iron rod! Who dares hinder My beloved sons? Who dares attack them? All shall fear My beloved sons, because the Father has gained glory. All the things that no one could ever imagine will appear before your eyes; they will be unlimited, inexhaustible, and endless. Before long, you will certainly no longer need to be scorched by the sun or endure the torturing heat, nor will you have to suffer the cold or feel the touch of rain, snow, or wind. This is because I love you, and it will be entirely a world of My love. I will give you everything that you want, and I will prepare for you everything that you need. Who dares claim that I am not righteous? I will kill you immediately, because I have said before that My wrath (against the evil ones) shall last into eternity, and I will not relent even one bit. However, My love (for My beloved sons) will also last forever; I will not hold it back in the least.

Today, people who hear My words as judgment are those who are not in the right state. However, by the time they discover that, the Holy Spirit will already have abandoned them. Out of the entire universe world, the firstborn sons are chosen from among you, whereas the sons and people only make up a small portion of you. My emphasis is on the entire universe world, which means that the sons and people are chosen from all the nations of the world. Do you understand? Why do I keep emphasizing that the firstborn sons should grow up quickly and go out to lead those foreigners? Do you understand the true meaning of My words? This is because China is a nation that I have cursed; it has persecuted Me the most, and I hate it the most. You must know that My firstborn sons and I come from heaven and are the universal people; we do not belong to any one nation. Stop clinging to human notions! This is because I have revealed My person to you. Everything is up to Me. Can you remember My words? Why do I say that there are fewer and fewer people among you, and that the population has become more and more refined? It is because My salvation is turning gradually toward the universe world. Those who are cast out, who have accepted My name, are the ones who did service for the sake of perfecting the firstborn sons. Do you understand? Why do I say they are all ones who have done service for My sons? Now you genuinely understand, do you not? The number truly is scant; there certainly are few. However, those people have benefited considerably because of My sons, and have enjoyed much of My grace—and that is why I said that I am saving the human race for the last time. Now you know the true meaning of My words! I will severely chastise anyone who resists Me, and I will turn My face toward whoever defends Me. This is because, ever since the beginning, I have always been a majestic and righteous God, and everything will be revealed to you. I work swiftly in wonderful ways, and soon, wondrous things that are unimaginable to humans will occur. I do mean immediately and soon. Do you understand? Seek life entry, without delay! My beloved sons, all things are here for you, and all things exist for your sake.

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