Chapter 83

You know not that I am the almighty God, nor do you know that all events and things are under My control! What does it mean that everything is established and completed by Me? The blessings or misfortunes of every person depend on My fulfillment and on My actions. What can man do? What can man accomplish by thinking? In this final age, in this debauched age, in this dark world that Satan has corrupted to a certain degree, what scant few can be in harmony with My will? Whether it be today, yesterday, or the near future, the lives of all are determined by Me. Whether they receive blessings or suffer misfortunes, and whether they are loved or hated by Me, everything was precisely determined by Me in a single stroke. Who among you dares to assert that your steps are self-determined and that your fate is in your control? Who dares to say so? Who dares to be so defiant? Who isn’t afraid of Me? Who is, at heart, disobedient toward Me? Who dares to act as they please? I will chastise them on the spot, and will have absolutely no more mercy on humankind or grant any further salvation. This time—that is, the moment you have accepted My name—is the last time I will show any lenience toward humanity. That is to say, I have selected a portion of humankind who, though their blessings may not be eternal, have enjoyed a good deal of My grace; therefore, even if it is not predestined that you will be eternally blessed, it does not follow that you will be mistreated, and you are much better off than those who will suffer direct misfortune.

Truly, My judgment has already reached a peak, and is entering unprecedented territory. My judgment is upon every individual, and now it is a wrathful judgment. In the past it was a majestic judgment, but now it is very different. In the past, people did not feel an ounce of dread until they encountered My judgment being delivered; now, though, as soon as they hear just a single word, they are frightened out of their wits. Some even get scared when I but open My mouth. If My voice but issues forth, when I begin to speak, they are so afraid that they know not what to do, desiring earnestly at that time to secrete themselves in a hole in the ground or remain hidden in the darkest of corners. Such people cannot be saved because they are possessed by evil spirits. When I judge the great red dragon and the ancient serpent, they grow timid and are even afraid of being seen by others; truly, they are descendants of Satan, born in the darkness.

I often used to utter the words, “predestination and selection.” What do they mean, exactly? How do I predestine and select? Why would someone not be among the predestined and selected? How can you understand this? These things require some clear explanation from Me, and they necessitate My speaking to you directly. If I revealed these things within you, then the obtuse would falsely believe it was a thought given by Satan! I would be unfairly vilified! Now I will speak bluntly, and not hold anything back: When I created all things, I first created those materials that serve mankind (flowers, grass, trees, wood, mountains, rivers, lakes, the land and the ocean, all manner of insects, the birds, and the animals; some are for humankind to eat, and some are for humankind to look at). Various types of grains were created for humankind according to the differences between different areas; only after making all of these things did I begin to create humans. There are two types of people: The first are My selected and predestined; the second possess the caliber of Satan, and this type were created before I created the world, but since they were completely corrupted by Satan, I have abandoned them. I then created a type selected and predestined by Me, each of whom possesses My caliber to different degrees; therefore, those selected by Me today each possess My caliber to varying degrees. Although they have been corrupted by Satan, they still belong to Me; each step is a part of My management plan. The honest rule in the kingdom because this was planned in advance by Me. Those who are crooked and deceitful can never be honest, because they are Satan’s spawn and are possessed by Satan; they are its servants and are under its command from beginning to end. However, the purpose of all of this is to fulfill My will. I have made it clear so as to obviate your guessing. Those whom I perfect, I will take care of and protect; as for those whom I detest, once their service is at an end, they shall get out of My place. When these people are spoken of, I am enraged; at the very mention of them, I very much wish to deal with them forthwith. Nevertheless, I am restrained in My actions; I am measured in My actions and speech. I can oppress the world in a fit of anger, but those I have predestined are the exception; after calming down, I can hold the world in the palm of My hand. In other words, I control everything. When I see that the world has been corrupted to such an extent that people cannot bear it, I will immediately destroy it. Could I not simply do it with the utterance of a single word?

I am the practical God Himself; I do not perform supernatural signs or wonders—but My marvelous works are everywhere. The road ahead will become incomparably more radiant. My revelation of each step is the way that I point out to you and it is My management plan. That is to say, in the future, these revelations will become even more numerous and increasingly clear. Even in the Millennial Kingdom—in the near future—you must advance according to My revelations and following My steps. All has taken shape and all has been prepared; eternal blessings await you among the blessed, whereas the scourged have eternal chastisement awaiting them. My mysteries are too numerous for you; what to Me is the simplest of words are to you the most difficult. Therefore, I utter more and more, for you understand too little and need Me to explain each and every word. Do not worry too much, though; I will speak to you in accordance with My work.

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