Chapter 82

Upon hearing My words, all are terrified; every single person is filled with trepidation. What are you afraid of? I am not going to kill you! It is that you have a guilty conscience; what you do behind My back is so frivolous and worthless. This has made Me hate you so much that I fervently wish I had thrown everyone I had not predestined and selected into the bottomless pit, to be smashed to pieces. However, I have My plan; I have My goals. I shall spare your petty life for the time being, and refrain from kicking you out until after your service to Me is finished. I do not want to see such creatures; they are a disgrace to My name! Do you know this? Do you understand? Worthless wretches! Get this through your head! When you are put to use, it is I who do so, and when you are not put to use, this, too, is because of Me. Everything is orchestrated by Me, and in My hands, everything is well-behaved and orderly. Whoever dares move out of turn will be immediately struck down by My hand. I often say “struck down”; do you think that I really do that with My own hand? I do not need to! My actions are not as foolish as humans imagine. What is meant when it is said that everything is established and accomplished by My words? Everything is accomplished without My even lifting a finger. Do you understand the true meaning of My words?

I shall never bring salvation to any of those who do service for Me; they have no share in My kingdom. This is because these people only busy themselves with external matters, rather than follow My will. Although I am making use of them now, in reality they are the people I hate the most; the people I most detest. Today, I love whomever can follow My will, whomever can show consideration for My burdens, and whomever can give their all for Me with a true heart and sincerity. I will constantly enlighten them, and not let them slip away from Me. I often say, “To those who sincerely expend for Me, I shall surely bless you greatly.” What does “bless” refer to? Do you know? In the context of the current work of the Holy Spirit, it refers to the burdens I give to you. For all who are able to carry a burden for the church, and who sincerely offer themselves up for My sake, their burdens and their earnestness are both blessings that come from Me. In addition, My revelations to them are also a blessing from Me. This is because those who do not currently have a burden were not predestined and selected by Me; My curses have already come down upon them. In other words, those whom I have predestined and selected have a share in the positive aspects of what I have said, while those whom I have not predestined and selected can only share in the negative aspects of My utterances. The more My words are spoken, the clearer their meaning; the more I say them, the more transparent they become. Every one of those who are crooked and deceitful, and whom I have not predestined, was cursed by Me prior to the creation of the world. Why is it said that the year, the month, the day, and even the hour, the minute, and the second of your births were all appropriately planned by Me? I long ago predetermined which ones would attain the status of firstborn sons. They are in My eyes; they have long been deemed by Me to be precious, and have long had a place in My heart. Every word I speak has weight and carries My ideas. What is man? Except for those few whom I love, who hold the status of firstborn sons, what few show any consideration for My will? What are My sons worth? What are My people worth? In the past, the term “My sons” was an appellation for My firstborn sons, but those of My sons and My people who knew no shame thought it was an honorific title for themselves. Do not shamelessly play the role of My firstborn sons. Do you deserve this title? Today, the only ones to have been verified are those who have been placed in important positions before Me; these people have obtained the status of firstborn sons. They already have a share in My throne, My crown, My glory, and My kingdom. Everything has been meticulously arranged by Me. All those who have today received the status of firstborn sons have all undergone great pain, persecution, and adversity, including what they have experienced in their families since birth, their own individual prospects, work, and marriage. These firstborn sons have not won this status without paying a price; rather, they have already undergone all aspects of life: the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. All those who were previously held in high esteem by the people of the world, and who were living in comfort at home, have no share in the firstborn sons. They do not deserve to be the firstborn sons; they bring shame to My name, and I absolutely do not want them. My sons and My people, whom I have chosen, also have a good reputation in the world, but they fall far short of My firstborn sons. I am currently using certain people, but among them many do not even qualify to be My people. They are but objects of eternal perdition; they are being used to render service to Me for a time, but are not meant for long-term use. I have, deep in My heart, already decided which ones are to be used in the long term. That is, those whom I put in important positions are the ones I love, and I began using them long ago. In other words, their functions have already been set. As for the people I detest, at the current stage, they are merely being used on a temporary basis. When the foreigners come, that is when the firstborn sons will be clearly revealed to you.

Right now I require you to quickly grow up and show consideration for My burden. This burden is not too great, and I will only have you do what is within your capabilities. I know your stature; I know what functions you can perform. I know all of this, and I understand these things; I just wish you, My sons, would willingly deny yourselves and genuinely manage to love what I love, hate what I hate, do what I do, and say what I say. Do not be constrained by space, geography, time, or any other person. It is My wish that your spirits be free, everywhere, and that each of you can stand in the position of My firstborn sons. Who offers their entire being up to Me today? Who loyally expends for Me? Who is up day and night for My sake? Who runs My household affairs for Me? Who alleviates the burdens on My shoulders for Me? Are they not My sons? Everything I do is to perfect My sons and done in service to My sons. Do you understand? All is for My firstborn sons, and I make no mistakes. Do not labor under the misapprehension that I misjudge people, and do not think that I look down on you. Do not assume that I underutilize great talent, or that I made a mistake in not predestining you. It is not that; it is that you do not deserve it! Do you know that? Now I shall confirm some things for you: Whoever frequently arouses My ire and is often the target of My criticism or pruning, is certainly the target of My hatred. Such people will surely die—this is set in stone. I have said that I will no longer prune My firstborn sons, because these people have already undergone My severe tests and have gained My approval. Whomever I look at with a dour expression is in danger. Are you not afraid? Many shall die as soon as My words issue forth from My mouth. However, some will still maintain their flesh; it will simply be that their spirits are dead. Their clearest indicator is that they do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit and they have nothing holding them back. (They have already been corrupted by Satan, to a deep degree.) Whenever their flesh is extinguished, it happens after the appropriate planning by Me and at a time I have specified. Their spiritual deaths can do no great service for Me; I will make use of their flesh to demonstrate the wondrousness of My deeds. From this, people shall be convinced; they shall give unending praise, and there shall be none who does not fear and dread Me. I do not treat any detail lightly; all must live or die for Me, and none can leave until they have performed their service for Me. Even Satan cannot retreat into the bottomless pit until it has performed its service for Me. Every step I take is steady and secure, and on solid ground; no step I take is impractical—not in the least.

Who would dare to compare with Me? Who would dare to oppose Me? I shall strike you down immediately! I will leave no trace, and your flesh will be obliterated; this is absolutely true. When I say these things, I act on them instantly, and there will be no going back. The world is crumbling day by day, and day by day mankind is perishing. With each passing day, My kingdom is taking shape and My firstborn sons are growing up. Day by day, My rage is growing, My chastisements are becoming more severe, and My words are growing harsher. You are still waiting for Me to speak to you more softly, and My tone to lighten up, but think again! My tone depends on what people I am dealing with. To those I love, My tone is gentle and always consoling, but to you, I can only show harshness and judgment, on top of which I add chastisement and rage. Without anyone’s being aware of it, the situation in every country of the world is becoming increasingly tense, crumbling and falling into chaos day by day. The leaders of each country all hope to win power in the end. It really has not occurred to them that My chastisement is already upon them. They seek to seize My power—but theirs is but a pipe dream! Even the leader of the United Nations must beg for My forgiveness. The evil deeds he has committed are numerous. Now is the time for chastisement, and I will not let him off lightly. All those in power must take off their crowns; only I deserve to rule over all things. Everything depends on Me—all of it, including even a handful of foreigners. I shall immediately strike down any who scrutinize Me, because this is how far My work has come. Every day sees a new revelation; every day there is new light. All is becoming increasingly complete. Satan’s last day is getting closer and closer and more evident.

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