Question 2: The truths in the Bible are already complete. Having the Bible is enough for our belief in God. We don’t need any new words!

Answer: The content recorded by the Bible is limited. The Old Testament only recorded the work of Jehovah God, while the New Testament only recorded the work of the Lord Jesus. But regarding God’s work of the last days, the Bible only contains prophecies. The precise details are not recorded in the Bible. This is because the work of God in the last days is judgment work, it is new work outside of the Bible. God is the Expressor of truth, and moreover the Ruler of all things in the universe. His richness is inexhaustible and always in supply. He cannot be fathomed by any created being. Therefore, the content of the Bible cannot completely explain all of God’s deeds. Let’s read a passage of Almighty God’s word! Almighty God says, “The things that are recorded in the Bible are limited; they cannot represent the work of God in its entirety. The Four Gospels have fewer than one hundred chapters altogether, in which are written a finite number of happenings, such as Jesus cursing the fig tree, Peter’s three denials of the Lord, Jesus appearing to the disciples following His crucifixion and resurrection, teaching about fasting, teaching about prayer, teaching about divorce, the birth and genealogy of Jesus, Jesus’ appointment of the disciples, and so forth. However, man values them as treasures, even comparing the work of today against them. They even believe that all the work Jesus did in His life amounted only to so much, as if God were only capable of doing this much and nothing further. Is this not absurd?(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Mystery of the Incarnation (1)). “No one knows the reality of the Bible: that it is nothing more than a historical record of God’s work, and a testament to the previous two stages of God’s work, and that it offers you no understanding of the aims of God’s work. Everyone who has read the Bible knows that it documents the two stages of God’s work during the Age of Law and the Age of Grace. The Old Testament chronicles the history of Israel and Jehovah’s work from the time of creation until the end of the Age of Law. The New Testament records Jesus’ work on earth, which is in the Four Gospels, as well as the work of Paul—are these not historical records? Bringing up the things of the past today makes them history, and no matter how true or real they might be, they are still history—and history cannot address the present, for God does not look back on history! And so, if you only understand the Bible, and understand nothing of the work God intends to do today, and if you believe in God but do not seek the work of the Holy Spirit, then you do not understand what it means to seek God. If you read the Bible in order to study the history of Israel, to research the history of God’s creation of all the heavens and earth, then you do not believe in God. But today, since you believe in God, and pursue life, since you pursue the knowledge of God, and do not pursue dead letters and doctrines or an understanding of history, you must seek God’s will of today, and you must look for the direction of the Holy Spirit’s work. If you were an archeologist you could read the Bible—but you are not, you are one of those who believe in God, and you had best seek God’s will of today(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Concerning the Bible (4)).

From the word of Almighty God we can see that the Bible is just a historical record of God’s past work and cannot save man. The Bible cannot be compared to God at all. God is the source of the living water of life; His words and utterances have no end, never stopping flowing, whereas what is recorded in the Bible is very limited. This is a fact nobody can deny. Brothers and sisters, God is always new and never old. He performs new work and expresses new words in every age. During the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus performed new work and expressed new words, but the Jewish priests and Pharisees at the time held on to the Old Testament and not only rejected and condemned the Lord Jesus’ work but even nailed Him to the cross and committed a monstrous sin. Now, Almighty God—Christ of the last days—has expressed all truths that save and purify mankind, which are not recorded in the Bible at all. Since they are not recorded, then the Bible cannot represent God’s work of the last days and all His words. we cannot keep holding on to the Bible. We must seek God's present will and the work of the Holy Spirit. Only that conforms with God’s will. God has once said these words, allow me to read them to everyone! “If you had eaten and drunk the Old Testament during the Age of Grace—if you had put into practice what was required in the time of the Old Testament during the Age of Grace—Jesus would have rejected you, and condemned you; if you had applied the Old Testament to the work of Jesus, you would have been a Pharisee. If, today, you put the Old and New Testament together to eat and drink, and practice, then the God of today will condemn you; you will have fallen behind the Holy Spirit’s work of today! If you eat and drink the Old Testament and the New Testament, then you are outside the stream of the Holy Spirit!(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Concerning the Bible (1)). Almighty God's words tell us that if we had held on to the Old Testament during the Age of Grace then the Lord Jesus would not have praised us, and we would not have received God's grace and God's redemption of man, and moreover we would not have enjoyed the peace and joy after God redeemed our sins. Today, Almighty God has come. If we still hold on to the New and Old Testaments of the Bible, then we will not receive God's praise and moreover we will not receive God's salvation of the last days!

—The movie script of Disclose the Mystery About the Bible

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