Chapter 91

My Spirit speaks and utters My voice constantly—how many among you can know Me? Why must I become flesh and come among you? This is a great mystery. You think of Me and yearn for Me all day long, and you praise Me, enjoy Me, and eat and drink of Me every day, and yet today you still do not know Me. How ignorant and blind you are! How little you know Me! How many among you can be considerate of My will? That is, how many among you can know Me? All of you are devilish types, yet you still want to satisfy My will? Forget it! Let Me tell you: No matter how good Satan’s actions are, they are meant to demolish My construction and to disrupt My management. No matter how good its actions, its substance does not change—it defies Me. Therefore, many people are unwittingly struck down by My hand and unwittingly driven out of My family. Today, not one thing (whether great or small) is orchestrated by man; all is in My hands. If someone says that all things are under man’s control, then I say that you defy Me, and I will surely chastise you severely and leave you forever without a foothold. Of all events and things, what is not held within My hands? What is not set by Me, or determined by Me? And still you talk of knowing Me! These are devilish words. You have cheated others, so you think you can cheat Me too? You think that if no one knows what you have done, then nothing will come of it? Do not think you will get off lightly! I must make you kneel before Me and speak it out. It is unacceptable not to speak; this is My administrative decree!

Do you truly understand who My Spirit is, and who My fleshly self is? What is the significance of My incarnation? Who among you has carefully pondered this great matter and received some revelation from Me? You are all fooling yourselves! Why do I say you are the offspring of the great red dragon? Today, I reveal to you the mystery of My incarnation, a mystery that man has been unable to unravel since the creation of the world, that has brought so many objects of My hatred to ruin. And so it is today. Because of My flesh, many whom I love have been perfected. Why exactly must I become flesh? And why do I appear as I do (in all things, including My height, appearance, stature, and so on)? Who has anything to say about that? There is so much significance in My incarnation that it simply cannot all be said. I will tell you now just a part of it (as the steps of My work have made it this far, I must do this and say this): My incarnation is primarily directed at My firstborn sons, in order that I may shepherd them and that they can converse and speak with Me, face-to-face; it further shows that I and My firstborn sons are intimate with each other (meaning that we eat together, stay together, live together, and take action together), in order that they may be fed by Me in reality—these are not empty words, but reality. Previously, people believed in Me but could not grasp reality, and this was because I had not yet been incarnated. Today, My incarnation allows you all to grasp reality and allows those who sincerely love Me to know Me—the wise God Himself—through My speech and behavior and the principles behind the way I handle matters. It also allows those who do not sincerely seek Me to see in My imperceptible actions the aspect of Me that is My humanity, and thereby defy Me, and then die for “no reason at all,” being struck down by Me. In humiliating Satan, the incarnation bears the most resounding witness for Me; not only am I able to come forth from the flesh, but I can also live within the flesh. I suffer no spatial or geographical restriction; for Me, there are no obstructions whatsoever, and everything flows smoothly. It is in this that Satan is most shamed, and when I come forth from the flesh, I still do My work in My flesh, and am not affected at all. I still stride over mountains, rivers, lakes, and every corner of the universe and all things. I have been incarnated in order to reveal all those who were born of Me but have risen to defy Me. If I did not become flesh, there would be no way to reveal them (referring to those who act one way to My face and another behind My back). If I remained a Spirit, people would worship Me in their notions, and would think that I am a formless and unreachable God. My incarnation today is quite the opposite of people’s notions (speaking of My height and appearance), as He looks ordinary and is not very tall. It is this point that most humiliates Satan and is the most powerful counter to people’s notions (Satan’s blasphemy). If My appearance were different from everyone else, that would be troublesome—everyone would come to worship Me and understand Me through their own notions, and they would not be able to bear beautiful witness for Me. Thus, I adopted the image I have today, which is not hard to understand at all. Everyone should step outside of human notions and not be tricked by Satan’s cunning schemes. I will tell you more in the future, piece by piece, in accordance with the needs of My work.

Today, My great work has achieved success, and My plan is accomplished. I have gained a group of people who cooperate with Me with a single, unified mind. This is the most glorious time for Me. My beloved sons (all those who love Me) are able to be of one heart and mind with Me in completing, together with Me, all the things I need to do. This is a wondrous thing. After today, those whom I regard unfavorably will not have the work of the Holy Spirit, meaning that I will discard those who do not conform to what I have said in the past. People must conform perfectly to what I say. Remember this! You must conform perfectly. Do not misunderstand; all is up to Me. People—do not talk terms with Me. If I say you are qualified, then it is written in stone; if I say you are not, do not look pained and blame Heaven and earth. It is all My arrangement. Who said you should disrespect yourself? Who said you should commit that shameful folly? Even if you say nothing, you cannot hide the truth from Me. For whom are My words meant when I say I am the God Himself who examines the innermost heart of man? I say it to those who are dishonest. How shameless—doing such a thing behind My back! Do you want to pull the wool over My eyes? It is not that easy! Get out of here, immediately! Son of rebellion! You do not love yourself, and you do not respect yourself! You do not care about yourself, yet you still want Me to love you? Forget it! I do not want even a single wretch of such a likeness. Get away from Me, all of you! This brings the most serious shame upon My name; if you do not see this clearly, it will not do. You must protect yourselves from being contaminated by any filth in this evil and promiscuous old era; you must be completely holy and unblemished. Today, those who are qualified to rule as kings with Me are those who are uncontaminated by any filth, for I am the holy God Himself, and I do not want any who shame My name. Such people are sent by Satan to test Me, and verily, they are all lackeys of Satan that must be beaten back (casting them into the bottomless pit).

My family is holy and unblemished, and My temple is magnificent and majestic (meaning those who possess what I am and what I have). Who dares to enter and cause trouble as they please? I will certainly not forgive them. They shall be utterly destroyed and made greatly ashamed. I act wisely. Without a sword, without a gun, and without lifting a finger, I shall utterly defeat those who defy Me and shame My name. I am magnanimous, and I continue My work at a steady pace, even when Satan creates disturbance to such an extent; I pay it no mind and I will defeat it with the completion of My management plan. This is My power and My wisdom, and more than that, it is a small part of My unending glory. In My eyes, those who defy Me are like bugs crawling in the dirt that I can crush to death underfoot in accordance with My intentions, at any time. However, I do things with wisdom. I would have My firstborn sons deal with them; I am in no rush. I act methodically, in an orderly fashion and without the minutest error. Those firstborn sons who are born of Me should possess what I am, and be able to see My unending wisdom in My deeds!

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