5. Why God does not save those with the work of evil spirits in them or those possessed by demons

Relevant Words of God:

I have long seen clearly the various deeds of evil spirits. And people used by evil spirits (those with wrong intentions, those who lust after flesh or wealth, those who exalt themselves, those who disrupt the church, etc.) have also each been seen through by Me. Do not assume that everything is finished once the evil spirits have been cast out. Let Me tell you! From now on, I shall dispose of these people one by one, never to use them! That is to say, any person corrupted by evil spirits shall not be used by Me, and will be kicked out! Do not think I do not have feelings! Know this! I am the holy God, and I will not reside in a filthy temple! I only use honest and wise people who are completely loyal to Me and can be considerate of My burden. This is because such people were predestined by Me, and absolutely no evil spirits are working on them at all. Let Me make one thing clear: From now on, all those without the work of the Holy Spirit have the work of evil spirits. Let Me reiterate: I do not want a single person whom evil spirits work on. They shall all be cast down into Hades along with their flesh!

Excerpted from “Chapter 76” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

People often mention hell and Hades. But what do these two words refer to, and what is the difference between them? Do they really refer to some cold, dark corner? Human minds are always interrupting My management, thinking that their own random ponderings are perfectly good! But these are all nothing but their own imaginings. Hades and hell both refer to a temple of filth that has previously been lived in by Satan or by evil spirits. That is to say, whosoever has been occupied before by Satan or by evil spirits—it is they who are Hades and it is they who are hell—there is no mistake! This is why I have stressed repeatedly in the past that I do not live in a temple of filth. Can I (God Himself) live in Hades, or in hell? Would that not be ridiculous nonsense? I have said this several times, but you still do not understand what I mean. Compared to hell, Hades is corrupted more severely by Satan. Those who are for Hades are the most serious cases, and I have simply not predestined these people; those who are for hell are those whom I have predestined, and then eliminated. Put simply, I have not chosen even one of these people.

Excerpted from “Chapter 90” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Some antichrists are very clearly evil spirits, while some antichrists do not go so far as to present themselves as evil spirits, so they cannot be defined as such. For those antichrists who clearly are evil spirits, once someone else follows them, would God still acknowledge that person, considering God’s essence and disposition? God is holy, and He is a jealous God—He rejects those who have followed evil spirits. Even if, on the surface, this person seems to you to be good, God is not looking at that aspect. What is “jealous”? What does “jealous” mean here? If it is not clear from the word itself, see if you can understand from My explanation. Starting from when a person is selected by God up until when they determine that God is the truth, that He is righteousness, wisdom, and almightiness, that He is the one and only—once they understand all of this, they gain a basic understanding deep within their heart of God’s disposition and essence, as well as what He has and is. This basic understanding then becomes their faith, and it becomes what drives them in following God, expending themselves for God, and doing their duty. This is their stature, right? (Yes.) These things have already taken root within their life and they will never again deny God. But if they do not have true knowledge of Christ or of the practical God, they may still worship and follow an antichrist. This sort of person is still in danger. They may still turn their back on Christ in the flesh to follow an evil antichrist; this would be openly denying Christ and cutting off ties with God. The subtext of this is: “I won’t follow You anymore, but I am following Satan. I love Satan and wish to serve it; I want to follow Satan, and no matter how it treats me, how it ruins, tramples, and corrupts me, I am more than willing. No matter how righteous and how holy You are, I don’t want to follow You anymore. I don’t want to follow You in spite of the fact that You are God.” And they leave just like that, following someone who has nothing to do with them, someone who is an enemy to God or even an evil spirit. Would God still want that kind of person? Would it be reasonable of God to spurn them? It would be perfectly reasonable. From common sense, people all know that God is a jealous God, that He is holy, but do you understand the actual situation of what really lies behind this? Is what I am saying here not accurate? (It is.) If it is, then would God giving up on that person count as cruelty on His part? God acts on principle—if you know who God is but you do not want to follow Him, and you know who Satan is and you still want to follow it, then I will not insist. I will let you follow Satan forever and I will not ask you to come back, but I will give up on you. What sort of disposition is this on God’s part? Is it obstinance? Is He acting on emotion, or being dignified? This is not dignity, nor obstinance, but part of God’s “jealousy.” That is, if you, as a created being, are happy to become depraved, what can God say? If you wish to become depraved, that is your personal choice—ultimately you will bear the consequences, and you will have only yourself to blame. God’s principles for dealing with people are immutable, so if you are happy with depravity then your inevitable end is to be punished. It does not matter how many years you may have followed God before; if you wish to be depraved, God will not help you with your choice, nor will He force you. You yourself are willing to follow Satan, to be misled and defiled by Satan, and so in the end you have to bear the consequences. That is why nothing works on these people no matter how others may try to help them. God does not want them anymore, so what could a human do? This is the real reason behind it. But people should do what they ought to, carry out their obligations and responsibilities, and once they have done that, the ultimate outcome is up to God’s leadership. With My detailed explanation, have all of you gained a bit more understanding of the saying, “God is a jealous God”? This is one aspect of it, that is, God rejects those who have been sullied by evil spirits. And why does God reject them? It is because they chose Satan. How could God want them after that? Could God still have mercy on them, move them so that they will come back? Is that something God could do? He certainly could, but He would not. This is what is meant by “jealous.”

Excerpted from “They Are Evil, Insidious, and Deceitful (II)” in Exposing Antichrists

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